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Kyoto is a megacity on Yamatai (Planet) and the capital of the Yamatai Star Empire. Over 2.5 billion people make their homes here, usually in micro-apartments. It was built in YE 25 on the site of the destroyed capital of Geshrinopolis.

Kyoto is known for:

  • Some of the universe's best shopping, food, and night life.
  • A high military and police presence.
  • Being relatively clean, at least outwardly.

Most people in Kyoto don't own cars. Even still, on-site parking can be difficult to find but there are many garages and an extensive, efficient public transportation system.

Geography and Climate

Kyoto is located in a flat plain some 415 km west of the Sea of Coriolis and follows the course of the Ketsurui River. The river runs to its east, and the city covers over 50 kilometers to meet it.

Kyoto is in a moist area that results in it having large amount of rainfall. On the eastern continent, the same latitude has a rainforest. However, due to various geographic factors, Kyoto is, on average, abnormally cool for its location relative to the equator. In fact, Kyoto gets surprising amounts of frequent snow during the winter, owing to a complex jetstream system that often brings down artic air from the North to mix with Kyoto's usual moisture. The easy availability of water was a key factor in the location of the original Geshrinopolis.


After the Elysian Celestial Navy destroyed Yamatai's capital, Geshrinopolis, during the Fourth Elysian War, the nation was without a capital. Ketsurui Yui ordered the construction of a new capital city on the same site. Kyoto was built there in YE 25. It sits on a territorial line between a military state and a civilian state, dividing the city in half. Since it was built, it has grown exponentially.

In YE 34, Kyoto's outskirts were attacked in Battle of Yamatai by an overconfident NMX invasion force, leading to the the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. In YE 35, Reikan Park was created for hosting the next International Relations Conferences.

Layout and RP Locations

The megacity has several notable districts:

  1. The Imperial District houses the government offices and palaces.
  2. The Military District is the Star Army of Yamatai's domain.
  3. Downtown is a sprawling area of commercial skyscrapers.
  4. Reikan Park is Yamatai's diplomatic center.
  5. Riverside is Kyoto's eastern edge that runs along the river.


Tall skyscrapers offer sweeping views and endless opportunities for entertainment. At ground-level, millions of shops of every type are lined up with narrow storefronts lined up with signs in several languages, many of which have elevators leading to expansive sales floors in the stories above or below.

At night, Kyoto oozes sex. It's filled with bars and clubs, hotels from the lewdest to the grandest, and erotic services running a gamut from massages to full service brothels.

  • The Chrome Catgirl: A bar and grill
  • Doki Doki YSA!: A maid cafe
  • The Sweet Spot: A popular dance club known for its lovely vocal trance music. This particular club is an addition to the original, which is in Central Uesureya, and shares many similar features.
  • Kyoto Tower Hotel: A luxury hotel set in the center of the civilian side.
  • Kyoto Grand Central Station: The central transport hub of the city.
  • Ketsurui Dome: A massive concert hall in the heart of the city.
  • The Notch: A hidden shiny bathhouse known for its giant punch bowl and glamorous furniture and decorations. Inside there is often a bachelor party going on and there are always salvage sales brochures on each table.
  • The Throne: A dance club.
  • Ypperlig Café and Izakaya: A café and izakaya serving Coffee during the day and sake at night with a large bar and many private booths.
  • The Furious Sound: A live music venue that is very popular with those who are visibly non-human, infamous for cheap drinks and letting anyone with a pulse perform.

Imperial District

Easily recognizable by its white stone buildings and grey stone rooftops, the Imperial District is built in a stately style and is home of the government of the Yamatai Star Empire. There are no skyscrapers in the imperial district and it is considered the “old” part of the Kyoto.

  • Empress' Palace: Home of the Empress
  • Imperial Palace: Home of the Senate
  • Temple Of Chiharu: Home of the spiritualist religion
  • Imperial Theater: A well-known theater and opera house
  • Kyoto Modern Art Museum: A well-known modern and contemporary art museum
  • Imperial Stock Exchange: Location of the local stock exchange
  • Imperial Archives: Home of the Empire's Knowledge and Information
  • Samurai House: The base campus for the Ketsurui Samurai in Kyoto. It is connected to the two palaces via underground tunnels.
  • Star Army Armory (Imperial District): The armory that the Empress uses and is frequently used for demonstrations of new weapons and technology. If it's a weapon or armor, it can probably be found here.

Old Shopping District

The Old Shopping Districts is located close to the Imperial District and is filled with shorter buildings built in a historic style with brick or wooden frames and tiled roofs.

  • Rosenthal's: A clothing store that specializes in formal clothing for combat professionals.
  • Dress, Appropriately: A dress store that also sells blouses and footwear.
  • Mom's Country Cookin': A restaurant that serves authentic old-style Nepleslian cuisine.

Military District

The military district of Kyoto is not normally accessible to civilians (unless they work there), although veterans may be allowed in when the security level is not elevated. Its buildings are made of stone, brick, concrete, and metal and tend to have a fortress-like look to them.


The Riverside district is located in the east of the city, alongside the Ketsurui River, and houses the more wealthier people of the city. Its buildings feature many artistic influences, and it distinguishes itself from the skyscrapers in the main city by its bigger houses and lack of skyscrapers.



Kyoto Spaceport is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has flights to Fort Minori Reserve Center, Nataria for military personnel and White Harbor Station, Anisa System for everyone.

Kyoto also has rail lines to Central Uesureya, Uesureyan Fields, and Pagoda No Uesureya.



These characters are currently located in Kyoto

Senator A. WinsburySenatorSenate of YamataiMaleNepleslian
Anslen VolontanySenatorSenate of YamataiMaleSepara'Shan
Anzai SayaFleet AdmiralStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Eileifr O CuanaCommunications SecretaryStar Army of YamataiFemaleMinkan
HanakoDirector of Star Army PersonnelStar Army of Yamatai, Star Army Personnel CommandFemaleNekovalkyrja
Honora MuirinYeoman for Admiral HanakoStar Army of YamataiFemaleMinkan
Iemochi JonnexRetiredMaleMinkan
Ikigai MajimeStar Army Starship CaptainStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Ise KataeDeputy Director of Star Army PersonnelStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Jambavan ErsusStar Army Military PoliceStar Army ReserveMaleKodians
Kari SundeMedicStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Katchu ShiArmorerStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Kessaku AnriDirector of Star Army Information TechnologyStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Kessaku ErisSoldierStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Mizumitsu BenjiRikugun Chief of StaffStar Army of YamataiMaleMinkan
Oasae AyomeriExecuative ChefTsenlanese Cultural CenterMaleNorian
Russ TychoStar Army PilotStar Army of YamataiMaleMinkan
Sonoda AkiraInvestment Fund ManagerMaleMinkan
Sonoda TakashiScientistStar Army of YamataiMaleNepleslian
Tatsugami KozakuraStar Army JournalistStar Army of YamataiFemaleMinkan
WularuSenator for GashmereSenate of YamataiMaleKodians
Yoshinaga NarumiStar Army Personnel ClerkStar Army of YamataiFemaleNekovalkyrja
Youko FiruzehPizza DeliveryKikyo Pie CompanyFemaleNekovalkyrja

These Star Army of Yamatai characters are currently assigned to Kyoto.

OOC Notes

The artworks used on this page were purchased from Adobe Stock by Wes.

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