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Star Army Caretaker

A Star Army Caretaker is a soldier in the Star Army of Yamatai whose occupation consists of duties centered around the upkeep and maintenance of bases, buildings, starships, storefronts (such as the Star Army Clothing Store), cemeteries (such as Nataria Cemetery), and other facilities. In this sense they are the military equivalents of maids or facility custodial staff.

The caretaker occupation also includes care and of the staff and guests for the aforementioned facilities, also making them the equivalent of butlers, shopkeepers, barbers, and so on. They have a major emphasis on crew morale. Starship crews may often be away from home, in space, for months or years at a time, so the caretakers are there to make their experience more pleasant and relaxing. A caretaker's domestic functions may include cooking, cleaning, laundry, basic counseling, and bolstering crew morale through entertainment.

Officers ranked Shôshô and above are assigned caretakers as their personal valets, who attend to the admiral's uniforms and such.

They are easily recognizable by their coral-pink-paneled uniforms.

Caretaker Coral #FF8080


The caretaker occupation was created in YE 27 (OOC: 2005)1).

In YE 28, Nepleslia broke from the Yamatai Star Empire and the caretaker occupation made its way to there as well (see: Nepleslian Caretaker).

In YE 29 (OOC: 20062)), the description for the caretaker occupation was: “These valuable soldiers, while sometimes few and far between, are vital to the ship. They take care of their fellow crew by making sure everyone gets fed, has a clean place to sleep, and isn't going crazy. Caretakers have a large effect on crew morale, and have to be sensitive to the each crew member's needs.” Early Star Army caretakers received their combat training with a special emphasis on close-quarters combat.

These were the listed skill area descriptions for the caretaker occupation.

  • Domestic (Cooking): This character knows how to cook foods of all types, from pastries to main course. He knows how to experiment with ingredients to create palatable dishes. He knows how to set up and clean tables for a variety of functions and present food in an appealing manner.
  • Humanities: This character is familiar with psychology and counseling.
  • Hair styling

Caretakers theoretically could be enlisted, warrant officers, or officers, but in practice it appears there were only enlisted caretakers and even they were noted as being considered rare.

The Star Army discontinued the caretaker occupation (probably around YE 30 and definitely by YE 34) and their food-preparation role was taken back by the older Star Army Cook occupation.

By YE 36, much of the cleaning on Star Army ships and bases was done by robots such as the Service Android, Type 36A "Emma".

In mid-YE 41, the Star Army started working on bringing the caretaker occupation back, starting with barbers and hairstylists for their Barber Shops.

In YE 42, Mikaela Maryamu became the first caretaker to serve as the primary communications secretary for a starbase.


Currently caretakers are limited to enlisted ranks only.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Jôtô Heisho.


Basically, caretakers are combat maid astronauts or tactical butlers.

A caretaker character could do things in the roleplay like:

  • Visibly provide help by collecting and doing laundry
  • Cleaning things
  • Working with the cooks to provide snacks and treats
  • Talk to everyone in the crew and be a good listener
  • Arrange fun events for the crew like plays, puppet shows, parties, and game nights


A caretaker's skills include:

  • Safely and effective cleaning building and starship interiors
  • Domestic and housekeeping expertise
  • Basic psychology and active listening
  • Event planning

Player Expectations

Playing a caretaker is a great RP opportunity for players who are genuinely interested in making the world for fun for their fellow players. You've got a very interesting character that lets you pamper the characters around them, so make them feel appreciated and make sure that everyone is getting some attention. Help characters develop emotionally by giving people opportunities for their characters to vent and speak their minds.

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