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Star Army Recruiting & Personnel RP

Our Star Army Personnel meta-plot shows the in-character efforts of the Star Army Personnel Command as told from various perspectives: It shows the leadership (Hanako) at the top and also the grunt work at the bottom (the recruiting center at the Uesureyan Fortress in Kyoto). The meta-plot is a β€œfeeder plot” meant to help players develop their characters and then pass them on to permanent RP plots. It is run by GM Wes.

This plot's YE 42 thread was voted Best Individual Post of 2020 by Star Army's members1).

Status: This plot is currently open for any character to join.

Plot Overview

Recruiting center threads typically involve:

  1. Characters walk in and get a number
  2. Characters meet 1 or more NPCs while waiting in the lobby, who give insight in the Star Army universe in a few posts
  3. Characters get called interviewed by a Star Army Recruiter for eligibility requirements
  4. After swearing in their oath, the characters exit the RP thread by entering the medical section.

Other RP involves:

  1. One-on-one career counseling RPs
  2. Showing what Hanako and her staff are up to
  3. Posting orders in the Star Army Orders forum
    1. Implementing the Accelerated Officer Program
  4. Recovering missing soldiers via PEARL

Rules and Pacing

  • Play-by-post forum RP threads in the Open RP forum
  • No character bios required to join the Open RPs
  • Post as often as you like

Characters and Players

See: Uesureyan Fortress for characters based there.

Open Positions

RP Threads

Characters WantedI'm accepting any character who's interested in joining the Star Army. No bio is required for the Open RP thread.

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