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Uesureyan Fortress

The Uesureyan Fortress is an old castle-like building located in central Kyoto. It was once the headquarters facility for the Army Of Uesureya. It is currently in use by the Star Army of Yamatai for Star Army Recruiting.

Patch art by Yuuki


The Uesureyan Fortress was originally constructed between 500 and 900 years ago.

The Uesureyan Fortress was partially destroyed by orbital bombardment in YE 24 during the Fourth Elysian War and rebuilt in YE 25.

In YE 35, a large political protest occurred outside of the Uesureyan Fortress, which was dispelled with a mix of force and diplomacy1).

In YE 42, Hanako visited the Uesureyan Fortress and participated in the recruiting process for the purpose of familiarization and review. While she was there, she bought 100 pizzas for the recruits from the Kikyo Pie Company. Aliset Kōun became the first Senti to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai and the first Senti citizen of Yamatai. Hanako administered her oath of enlistment2). Other enlistees during that time were Mia Barber, Melanie Spurling, and Leila Rounds. Davonte Lyons enlisted in late YE 42.

In YE 43, the recruiting center continued to induct new members into the Star Army3).


At the edge of Kyoto's military district, where the white marble buildings of governmental Central Kyoto and the glassy skyscrapers of civilian East Kyoto met the blocky gray castle buildings and tall war-spires of military West Kyoto, was a hulking fortress built out of its own rubble in YE 25 after Elysians half-destroyed it in YE 24. Its walls were made of stones the size of cars and it was three stories in height with very defensively-narrow windows, a roofline of jagged parapets and multi-barreled gun turrets, and a large arched entrance with gleaming brass-clad doors large enough to drive a fire truck through and thick enough to stop an nuclear blast. Above the castle's entrance a burn-blacked block was engraved “ARMY OF UESUREYA” but a larger sign out front in a more modern font face said “STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI - RECRUITING DEPOT - MILITARY DISTRICT OF KYOTO.” The areas near the door were plastered with recruiting posters urging people to “ENLIST INSIDE!”

People from all over the Yamatai Star Empire and beyond were joining the Star Army to fight in the Kuvexian War. There were the sons and relatives of veterans who were there to defend Yamatai during its time of need. There were people who wanted to make a difference for good in a dangerous universe. There were people joining for the reliable work, money or education. There were random aliens and immigrants joining to earn their citizenship and the privileges it got them, like housing and universal income. And maybe some just wanted a shot at blowing a Kuvexian or Rixxikor's head off with an aether saber-rifle. Whatever the reason they were there, the recruiting center was a bustling place of activity.

Shuffling through the crowds led to a security screening checkpoint operated by Nekovalkyrja military police including several Nekovalkyrja, some in power armor, and a huge bear-like Kohanian. Those who had been cleared ended up in a large lobby area filled with bored people sitting in moderate musky recycled starship chairs. It was lined with viewscreens showing informational videos about the various available job occupations of the Star Army of Yamatai. A series of electronic signs gave directions to the applicants, who were all assigned ticket numbers, whose numbers were being called over the intercom. A row of vending machines lined one of the walls ready to dispense snacks, soda, or hot drinks, but the Coffee aroma from the vending machine only partially masked the room that smelled primarily like sweat and dusty carpet.

The fortress is one of the many sights visible from the Kitanomaru restaurant.


The following people are associated with the Uesureyan Fortress:

  • Lin Shaoumei was assigned as Chief of Security for the Fortress in YE 42.
  • James Guerrero - Star Army Recruiter, Chief of Recruiting
  • Santo Hei Yamazaki Chinatsu was a slender chocolate brown NH-29 military police officer with cryptic teal eyes and feathered blue hair. She was dressed in a worn Type 35 Duty Uniform with a skirt and boots and equipped with a Type 33 NSP and a Type 32 Trauma Kit.
  • Ticket Guy is an old Nepleslian with a cybernetic arm

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Patch art by Yuuki.

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