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In the vast and often unpredictable realm of the Star Army universe, coffee stands as a comforting constant, an elixir that fuels soldiers, explorers, and diplomats alike. From the bustling decks of starships to the tranquil cafés on distant planets, coffee is an essential part of daily life and culture in the cosmos.

Price: 1 KS for a cup of coffee


Tracing its origins back to ancient Earth, coffee has traveled through time and space, evolving with each civilization it touched. In the Star Army setting, coffee is more than just a beverage; it's a tradition that has been carried across galaxies, a piece of Earth's heritage that found its way into the hearts of many species in the Kagami Galaxy. Each planet and culture within the Star Army universe has adapted and embraced coffee, adding unique twists to its preparation and consumption.

Starting in YE 29, the Star Army Field Rations, Type 29 contained instant coffee.

In YE 41, the Star Army of Yamatai added Instant Coffee, Type 41 to its Star Army Field Rations, Type 38.

In YE 45, the NMX started making the NMX Field Ration, Type 45, which contained a packet of instant coffee crystals called the NMX Instant Coffee Type 45.

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo have been brewing and drinking their own version of coffee, called Kadamui, since before their exodus from their original homeworld nearly eight centuries ago.


Coffee in the Star Army universe comes in countless forms, reflecting the diversity of the setting:

  • Traditional Brews: Ranging from the strong, black coffee to the delicately flavored, aromatic brews of distant worlds.
  • Specialty Variants: Includes unique blends and flavors, using exotic ingredients only found in specific corners of the galaxy.
  • Synthetic Options: For those environments where traditional coffee is impractical, synthetic variants offer a close approximation, often tailored for various species' dietary needs. Examples include “Midnight Delight” (see: Cassefin Reservoir Drinks).

Coffee is typically sold in four formats:

  • Hot, freshly made coffee sold at restaurants, cafes, and vending machines1)
  • Roasted beans
  • Pre-Ground coffee
  • Instant coffee crystals (very portable, and often found in field rations)


Coffee is used in a few ways:

  • Daily Ritual: For many in the Star Army, coffee is an integral part of their daily routine, a familiar start to the challenges of the day.
  • Social Interaction: Coffee is a social lubricant, facilitating meetings, negotiations, and friendly gatherings.
  • Cultural Exploration: Sampling different types of coffee can be a way of experiencing and appreciating the vast cultural tapestry of the Star Army universe.
  • Performance Enhancer: Beyond its rich flavor, coffee is valued for its stimulating effects, helping soldiers and officers stay alert and focused.


Some coffee shops found in Star Army include:

OOC Notes

Here's some ways you can use coffee in your RP on Star Army:

  • Storytelling Element: Coffee can be a versatile tool in storytelling, used to set scenes, develop characters, or even as a central theme of a plot.
  • Cultural Worldbuilding: The types of coffee and the rituals surrounding its consumption can add depth to the cultural background of a planet or species.
  • Character Development: A character's coffee preference or their habit of coffee consumption can add layers to their personality.

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