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Norka (The Exodus)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

The Norka (Exodus) was a momentous event in the history of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo which occurred in -50 CY as they now reckon time, or YE -769. It refers to the exodus of a portion of the Poku'vonai from their Otâgolisoy (Birth world) aboard the Arks, as their Qaktoro Empire fell during a destructive losing war against the Ryasou'temygo (Death Wraiths). The Norka event spanned roughly fifty years from the launch of the ships from the Homeworld, to their eventual arrival in the Hidden Sun System.

The Norka was led by the heroic Qaktoro leader Kotoz Mui.

The word 'Norka' is also used to refer to the exodus fleet historically during its 50-year voyage. The Arks are not referred to as the 'Norka' in the present tense. Most of the surviving Arks now are a part of the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station), or they have been deployed to a colony.

Full details about the events of the Norka can be found in the History page for the Clan.

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