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YE 45

YE 45 is an in-character Yamataian Calendar year. It began on January 1, 2023 and ended on December 31, 2023.

IC/OOC Schedule

IC Month OOC Months Events
YE 45.1 Jan
YE 45.2 Feb & Mar Love Day
YE 45.3 Apr Hanami, Hinamatsuri
YE 45.4 May & Jun
YE 45.5 Jul Kikyō No Sekku
YE 45.6 Aug Ocean Day
YE 45.7 Sep Keiro No Hi
YE 45.8 Oct & Nov Candy Festival
YE 45.9 Dec Year-End Traditions


The events of this year will be determined by what's happened in the roleplay in previous years.

Notable Events


Star Army Events



  • The Kuznyetski frontier world of Stenkagorad enters into a period of extreme civil unrest between Kuznyetski settlers and a forcefully appointed nepleslian senator.
  • The NSN 4th Fleet migrates the Big Green Starbase to the Ukk system.
  • A shuttle carrying a dozen Marines and close to 200 Kuznyetski mercenaries crashes on Svodog by means unknown. The survivors of the crash survive two days in sub-zero conditions, aggressive megafauna, and with a lack of supplies. Mercenaries belonging to the appointed government detain Kuznyetski mercenaries before departing, abandoning the surviving marines, some with life-threatening injuries, at the crash site.
    • The surviving marines leave the crash site after refusing a ploy from the rescuing mercenaries to move towards a distant detected signal with their injured and two mercenaries in tow.
    • The marines and mercenaries are ambushed by the Governor-appointed mercenaries from the day before and are nearly wiped out.
    • Mercenaries belonging to the Strays wipe out nearly all attacking hostile mercenaries before handing off anonymously


  • Under a majority vote of the powers that de-facto rule over the freespacer outpost of Freehold Factory, The Shasta No Sekai corporation is cut off from all local support and evicted from Freehold.
    • Expecting this from the start, Warmaster Alpha-Beta launches a suprise-attack against the conspiring salvage corporation responsible, eliminating them in the span of 100-minutes. With the instagators gone the SnS corporation is allowed to stay on Freehold and secretly secure a valuable Macro-junker in the process.

Products Released

These are some products released in YE 45. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.

Advancer Omni Cardia Stasis PumpAdvancer Enterprises
Type 45 FSDF Dress UniformFujiko Development Corporation
Pest Tracked DronePest Tracked Drone
Steiner Era UniformsIron Company
Knucklehead Standard-Issue Battle RifleIron Company
Lavandula StardustKagayaki Cosmetics
NanoInk VeilLo'ken Institute
Dommuk VuolLo'ken Institute
Gemstone OrchidMining Guild Emporium
Mining Guild EmporiumMining Guild
Reforged-Class Capital Ship “Durandium Phoenix”Mining Guild
Pegasus-Class Starship: Yume no Kaseki (Fossil of Dreams)Yugumo Fleetworks, Mining Guild Contingent
NH-T1 Dragonfly-class ShuttleNoval Heavy Industries
AquaGenesis Fluid (Suaryoradone)Advancer Enterprises
OHI Standard Starship Crew BunkOsman Heavy Industries
MiniMotoOrigin Industries
Spade DroneOrigin Industries
Shin Mental Backup ImplantAdvancer Enterprises
TheraGel (Suaryoradone-2)Advancer Enterprises
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Individual First Aid KitZhenren Human Upgrade Package
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Smart TourniquetRyu Heavy Industries
Type 45 Standardized Field Medical KitAdvancer Enterprises, Yugumo Corporation
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Vehicle First Aid KitAdvancer Enterprises, Yugumo Corporation
"Megumi" Abyssal Underwater Operations ModuleRyu Heavy Industries
Kamasu Data ChipRyu Heavy Industries
Magathiel Mini-Missile CellRyu Heavy Industries
"Megumi" Diving SuitRyu Heavy Industries
Xuanwu Class Trans-atmospheric ShuttleRyu Heavy Industries
Sakura Machinery Small Forge and Die KitSakura Machinery
SnS 35mm Guass RoundsShasta No Sekai
Hacking CommlinkShasta No Sekai
'Mega' Macro MissilesShasta No Sekai
All-Terry Class Mecha TankShasta No Sekai
Shasta No Sekai Brawler Class MechShasta No Sekai
Dynamiteon Class MechShasta No Sekai
Flyswatter Class MechShasta No Sekai
SnS Highwayman Medium MechShasta No Sekai
Shasta No Sekai Lancer Class MechShasta No Sekai
Moon Spider Class MechShasta No Sekai
Pathfinder Class MechShasta No Sekai
SnS Skirmisher Class MechShasta No Sekai
Sun Scorpion Class MechShasta No Sekai
Devils Death Bell 'Unguided' Tactical NukeShasta No Sekai
SnS Arc DisruptorShasta No Sekai
SnS Freehold Pattern LaslockShasta No Sekai
SnS Macrowave PanelsShasta No Sekai
SnS Plasma BreakerShasta No Sekai
Shasta no Sekai Pulse WeaponryShasta No Sekai
Sns Guass HammerShasta No Sekai
Super Rocket GunShasta No Sekai
KAIMON/Ascendant CarrierYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
KAIMON/Ascendant: Nightshade Stealth QuadcopterKAIMON/Ascendant
OrchidGear Backpacks and ToolbagsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
OrchidGear Gravity BootsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Starshield Programmable Matter MultitoolYugumo Corporation
Starshield AstralBlaze FoamYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Starshield GelYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Starshield Graviton Clamp AnchorsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Starshield Multipurpose Plasma ToolYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Starshield Nanofabric Hull PatchesYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Starshield Nanoflare BarrierYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Starshield Portable Power SolutionsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Tengumo-Class Space StationYugumo Fleetworks
Yugumo Standard BridgeYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Combined Launch BayYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Fabrication and Factory AreasYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Interior Transportation SystemsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Laundry FacilityYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Licensed Crew QuartersYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Modular Crew Entertainment LoungeYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Rated Crew BunkroomYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and BathhouseYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Shipmaster's CabinYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard WardroomYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Celestial OasisYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Harmony of Paper and StarsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Nohscape OdysseyYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Sakura Serenity HavenYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo NBY Banking BoothYugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity GymYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard ArmoryYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Cargo BayYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Damage Control AlcovesYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Dining HallYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard GalleyYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Housekeeping LockersYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Yugumo Standard Medical BayYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
The Pillars Of CommunityYugumo Fleetworks
Hoshi III Series Multi-stage Turbo Plasma DrivesYugumo Corporation
Yugumo Fabrication SystemsYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Chōuryū Subsurface Torpedo/Sensor PlatformYugumo Corporation
Chōuryū Torpedo, HeavyYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Chōuryū Torpedo, LightYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Njord Slayer's MeadIron Company
AlioradoneAdvancer Enterprises
AniuzalineAdvancer Enterprises
ApiabinAdvancer Enterprises
ArievadineAdvancer Enterprises
AruonabinAdvancer Enterprises
AxalirineAdvancer Enterprises
BaipilineAdvancer Enterprises
BronkalithAdvancer Enterprises
BroplarineAdvancer Enterprises
CiozainoAdvancer Enterprises
CnalsiumAdvancer Enterprises
GailicaineAdvancer Enterprises
HemaspanolAdvancer Enterprises
JuimosilAdvancer Enterprises
KardivinAdvancer Enterprises
MetabovinAdvancer Enterprises
MyazakascinAdvancer Enterprises
NeuropazineAdvancer Enterprises
NioriprofenAdvancer Enterprises
OnaiziasianeAdvancer Enterprises
OriemelinAdvancer Enterprises
OxironeAdvancer Enterprises
OxyazineAdvancer Enterprises
OxydexanilAdvancer Enterprises
OxyethcinAdvancer Enterprises
PiafyrcaineAdvancer Enterprises
PlateletineAdvancer Enterprises
ProstadirAdvancer Enterprises
RiopiavireAdvancer Enterprises
RuomilineAdvancer Enterprises
RyaliamacinAdvancer Enterprises
Skinseal SunscreenLo'ken Institute
SuolaifenAdvancer Enterprises
SynaptineAdvancer Enterprises
ThermazineAdvancer Enterprises
VenalineAdvancer Enterprises
ViapanaseAdvancer Enterprises
ViequirilAdvancer Enterprises
ViroxetineAdvancer Enterprises
VoaxiesanarAdvancer Enterprises
XiorisinAdvancer Enterprises
ZolirinAdvancer Enterprises
ZuetaseAdvancer Enterprises
ZuopitranAdvancer Enterprises
Komorebi Foods Individual Sustainment Field RationKomorebi Foods, Yugumo Corporation
NMX Field Ration, Type 45NMX


Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date01/01/2023
OOC End Date12/31/2023
Neshaten EoEEE 006v
ElysianAD 4016
HSC (Poku)764 CY
IromakuanheAR 946.5
Abwehran263 AF - Third Quarter

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