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Osman Heavy Industries

Osman Heavy Industries is a manufacturing and construction company that operates out of the Yamatai Star Empire, as well as a satelite location on planet Hope. Its primary products are vehicles, starships, and components/equipment for vehicles and starships.

About Osman Heavy Industries

Osman Heavy Industries was created in YE 40 by Leo Gerrick, a mechanically inclined local who decided that with the amount of mecha, starships and other construction work being done by the Sky Guard and the OSO that there was a decent amount of money to be made in providing those services.


Partway through YE 40 the OSO's local currency fluctuated violently in value, followed by the Frontier Service Corporation's transition into a ruthless economic syndicate. This prompted the company to follow deserters from the Skyguard out to a new home, and more importantly a new headquarters.

Osman Heavy Industries now has its main headquarters in the Yamatai Star Empire, as well as a branch headquarters located on Hope in the Pacifica system and Sanctum System, where it provides services to the Exodus Fleet and New Dusk Conclave.

Now it provides the Yamatai Star Empire and New Dusk Conclave with affordable and durable vehicles and weaponry and more recently, having sensed an untapped market, OHI provides affordable construction services, distinguishing itself by being able to operate its fleet of construction mecha in conditions that might deter or cause price increases for other companies.


โ€œWe bear the heavy weight of progress.โ€

General Information

Osman Heavy Industries
CEO Leo Gerrick
Faction Yamatai
Product Symbol OH
Headquarters Planet Phaeton, Murf System


The headquarters of Osman Heavy Industries is located within Yamataian space. It was relocated there in an attempt to escape the stifling corruption and the economic syndicate in charge of industrial matters on Planet Osman.


  • Several mobile factories onboard 10 Heavy Freighters, bought shortly before the move to Yamatai.
  • Mobile manufacturing vessels1)
  • Headquarters in Yamatai space.
  • Manufacturing facilities in the Pacifica system.
  • Branch offices in the New Dusk Conclave


The company's structure is fairly simple, with a few major branches under it's banner. First, there is the department of Research and Development, responsible for researching and developing technologies necessary for new products and testing them.

Secondly, there is the Marketing Department, responsible for finding out what products are useful and profitable and coming up with rough ideas for the Engineering Department to flesh out.

Thirdly, there is the Engineering Department, responsible for integrating the technology developed by the R&D department into pre-existing products as well as designing new products based on ideas from Marketing.

Lastly, there is the Public Relations department, responsible for maintaining relationships with the public and other business entities. This includes branches such as Sales.


Current Products and Projects


Generation 1

Type Name Description Price
Mecha; multipurpose Oxen Multipurpose Mecha A light utility mecha, best suited to utility and construction work, but can able to fight in a pinch. 22,000 KS
Mecha; general combat Spartan General Combat Mecha A general purpose combat unit, viable in all situations but excels in ground combat 37,000 KS
Mecha; heavy combat Cyclops Heavy Combat Mecha A long-range heavy combat unity, best suited to medium to long range combat or bombardment but able to maneuver quickly and fight up close in a pinch 42,000 KS

Generation 2

Mecha; general combat, upgraded Super Spartan Upgrade Package A general purpose combat unit, upgraded with additional thrust and with missile pods 42,000 KS


Tank K-1 Bulldog/Type 41 Main Battle Tank A mid-weight main battle tank. 30,000 KS
Variable Frame VF-41 Sparrowhawk An advanced Variable Frame designed for intercepting fighters and dealing with small ships 100,000 KS


Industrial Starship Hephaestus Class Industrial Vessel A large industrial starship, able to serve as a mining and production platform 1,500,000 KS


Weapons system Hardsell Coilcannon A simple rotary coilcannon, firing shaved pieces of tungsten from an internal ammo block 2,000 KS
Weapons system Desert Wind autocannon A 25mm conventional autocannon, firing conventional high explosive armor piercing shells 5,000 KS
Weapons system 50mm Rotary Assault Rifle An assault rifle analogue for mecha firing 50mm rounds, effective at close to medium-range 7,000 KS
Weapons system 110mm Tank Cannon A gauss tank cannon firing 110mm rounds, effective at medium to long-range 10,000 KS
Ammunition type HEAAP round A gyrojet in a ferromagnetic casing, designed to work on its own or with railguns and to vary in purpose depending on caliber and exact design Varies from weapon to weapon
Ammunition type 25mm Autocannon rounds A family of 25x137mm autocannon rounds 10ks/round APDS, 20ks/round HEF and HEP
Ammunition type OHI Mini Missile Mini missiles, developed for deployment on fighters 2000 KS per case of ten
Ammunition type OHI Standard Missiles Standard sized missiles, developed for deployment on fighters 4000ks per case of ten
Ammunition type OHI Long Range Missiles Larger longer ranged missiles, developed for deployment on fighters (WIP) 8000ks per case of ten


Power and Fuel generator Hyperspace Fuel Generator A system which generates helium 3 fusion fuel and power Varies by class
Thruster Vortex Plasma Thruster A thruster design which uses gravity effects to improve thrust Varies by class
Tool MultiStruct Multitool A multitool designed to simplify mining and construction efforts by vaporizing materials and serving as a mobile large scale 3D printer Varies by class
Housing OHI Standardized Housing Unit A container-based one-bedroom apartment, designed to be installed in buildings printed onsite or used stand-alone N/A
Starship Component OHI Standard Starship Crew Bunk A fully-integrated starship bunk, designed for both privacy and utility. It can also serve as a lifepod N/A
Sensor OH-V1-E4400 Unified Small Craft Sensor Package A small craft grade sensors and electronic warfare array, based on the sensor array built by the now-defunct Axis Mechworks N/A

Past Products and Projects

Information about past products and projects.

Financial information

Osman Heavy Industries records financial information on a 365-day financial year, a practice brought with them from their planet of origin.

YE Balance Gross profit expenses Reason
40 (Feb) 100,000 KS 100,000ks 0 KS Start-up Funds
40 (Feb) 50,000 KS 0 KS 50,000 KS Land rights buying
40 (Feb) 97,500 KS 57500 10,000 KS Initial sales of Hardsell Coilcannon to Section 6
40 (Mar) 4,097,500 KS 5,000,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Mass production and sales of Hardsell Coilcannon to S6 Frontier Manufacturing Service, plus Oxen sales to locals
40 (Apr) 8,097,500 KS 5,000,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Mass production and sales of Hardsell Coilcannon to S6 Frontier Manufacturing Service, plus Oxen sales to locals
40 (May) 12,097,500 KS 5,000,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Mass production and sales of Hardsell Coilcannon to S6 Frontier Manufacturing Service, plus Oxen sales to locals
40 (Jun) 9,087,500 KS 0 KS 3,010,000 KS Purchasing 10 freighters and supplies in preperation for leaving the OSO
40 (Jul) 8,987,500 1,500,000 KS 1,400,000 KS General sales in Yamatai as well as R&D
40 (Aug) 9,087,500 KS 1,400,000 1,500,000 KS General sales in Yamatai as well as R&D
40 (Sept) 10,587,500 KS 3,500,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Successful marketing campaign centered around presenting Generation 1 OHI mecha as a lower cost alternative to current generation Origin Armor Works mecha results in increased sales in Yamatai
40 (Oct) 12,087,500 KS 3,500,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Successful sales in Yamatai
40 (Nov) 12,140,500 KS 2,053,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Severely reduced sales as rampup for holiday season starts
40 (Dec) 12,150,500 KS 1,010,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Nearly catastrophically reduced sales during the holiday season

OOC Information

Created 2/27/18

All credit for the formats of the finances table and the product table goes to the Galactic Horizon team, because I took the format from their tables since they're really nice looking.

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