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OSO Historical Article

The OSO was a small dictatorship run by an ex-SAOY Nekovalkyrja on the planet Planet Osman.

More about the OSO

Below is a brief history of the OSO. More can be found by reading the many threads archived in this article.

The beginning

The OSO was formed in YE 38 or so by an ex SAOY Neko who saw the opportunity to take over a vulnerable planet and did so with the aid of some mercenaries. Soon afterward, the planet was under her rule, which led to many unforeseen circumstances in which she had to for once in her life take responsibility. Of course, she didn't, and instead went galivanting on many adventures, much to the delight of some of her companions, and the dismay of everyone she now ruled. Under the ex-SAoY Neko's rule, Planet Osman turned into a sort of anarchist dictatorship, with no organization and everyone reporting straight to her. Along the way, she picked up stragglers which began to form the basis of any sort of proper organization. Alex Patton was adopted by her, and soon formed what became the Sky Guard. After that, Jack Pine (at the time a soldier in the Sky Guard) created Section 6, which did much to advance the planet's technology in many fields, the foremost of which was military technology. For a time, things seemed to be going well, but disaster was around the corner.

The economic crisis

The OSO first major crisis began with the purchase of two battlecarriers by Section 6, which bankrupted the planet in YE 39. In the ensuing crisis, the benevolent local corporation, the Frontier Service Corporation, morphed into an economic syndicate to attempt to ensure stability. During this time, several other companies chose to leave the OSO in order to escape the chaos.

War with Psychopomp

In early YE 40 the OSO went to war with Psychopomp LLC, which had been conducting various shady activities within OSO borders, as well as having wronged many high ranking members of the OSO in the past. A multi-pronged attack took place, with Section 6 assaulting a base on a frozen planet, and Alex going after a manufacturing plant. Section 6 was met with a staunch resistance from Psychopomp, which had allied itself with NMX remnants. Section 6 forces were outnumbered and fighting a pitched battle until the timely arrival of the Sky Guard, led by Alex. While the battle ended and Section 6 evacuated its troops, Alex and the Skyguard took the pressure off of Section 6 forces by fighting off the massive flagship of the enemy fleet.

The Fracturing

Archived OSO threads

Arc 1: Osman

The future leader of OSO hires some muscle, and heads out to the Frontier to take over a local world. The local resistance coming to an end during a massive fight during a sandstorm, ending with the survivors deciding to work with the leader of OSO and Ragnarok. A spacer ship landing on the planet and attempting to harvest the population for parts goes a long way toward convening the locals that not everyone will be as easy going as the leader of OSO and Ragnarok.

Arc 2: Star Wasp

The Gang meet the I'ee, and decide to help save their home-world in exchange for the I'ee's help in building up Osman.

1Meet the team, againThe survivors and new hires gather together to discuss how they will save the I'ee from the NMX YE 38
Thinky Bits YE 38
2The Hunt BeginsWerner takes the Necromancer to the I'ee home system to investigate the size of the NMX fleetYE 38
3Making Money, Beds, Dates YE 38
After Action Report YE 38
I need a light YE 38
Aashi: Twin bottles and old Battles YE 38
Sand World Dig YE 38
Dawns Twilight YE 38
Aashi: meeting of the minds YE 38
Aashi: swiper no swiping! YE 38
Aashi: There and back again YE 38
A deal struck YE 38
Family Issues YE 38
Mad Corgan YE 38
Lewdy Patootie YE 38
Work for the restless wicked YE 38
The Best Laid Plans YE 38
Can I show you the world? YE 38
Arccos and Akemi budding buds YE 38
A stroll through town YE 38
Aashi: Veks on the becah YE 38
White Lament Lizard Friends YE 38
4The Beach episodeThe mandatory beach episodeYE 38
5Milk Run YE 38
Psyche Pumped YE 38
6Hart Issues YE 38
Lewdy Pa2tie YE 38
Date Nights Akemis jucy cockfight night YE 38
Akemi and Sammy: Bosom Violence Mediation YE 38
Aashi: Look what the stork dragged in YE 38
Foreboding Alexs job interview Alex goes to interview for Van Banning's military outfit, and has his head messed with without knowing. YE 38
Rooster rings and other things YE 38
Cuddles with a side of brain cancer YE 38
Intermission beach episode garden of glass YE 38
Princess of motoring YE 38
Paging Dr. Torr YE 38
Road Trip YE 38
Akemi and Gutty Huggles and Huffs YE 38
Hate Machine Intermission: What Ronin and Rubi do YE 38
Send in the ClonesThe leader of OSO purchases a fresh Alex-Clone while investigating PsychopompYE 38
Akemi and Kiri slices of life YE 38
Can I get a ride YE 38
Scouting the Doomfort YE 38
Booze and Tazers and Mechs YE 38
Brief Aside: A shocking idea YE 38
The Lizards do doomfort YE 38
Field Trip YE 38
Field Trip: Arccos fingers Jace YE 38
Simple Life YE 38
Foursome YE 38
Akemi worries about things YE 38
Aashi: Bounty of Bullets YE 38
Booze Battle Brothers and Begging YE 38
Sweet Sweet Sugar YE 38
Mindbreak Misery YE 38
7The Hate Machine The gang starts their largest Hiest yet! YE 38
7.1The Debriefing MachineA discussion is held about the last operation.YE 38
Holsters and MoreAlex and Jason get some new clothes, Finally.YE 38
Nadia's first adventure YE 38
Ronin's Aside: something smells silly YE 38
Guns and Money YE 38
Sandworld Surveillance YE 38
Who ordered the robot? YE 38
The Rodia less traveled YE 38
Anime, Alcohol, and an Aromantic YE 38
Vekimen don't feel appreciated YE 38
Does truffleclub dream of electric mushrooms? YE 38
Job Posting: Looking for Healer The leader of OSO attempts to hire another doctor YE 38
Corgan and Akemi: Sauna Meetup and More YE 38
Plumb the Void YE 38
8The Briefing BeforeThe leader of OSO holds a briefing on the upcoming operation to save the I'ee homeworldYE 38
Groundbreaking Diplomacy YE 38
Santa Zahen YE 38
A Family Man YE 38
Selling Out YE 38
9Operation Bright Venom The mission to save the I'eeYE 38
The Pumpkin Eater YE 38
Polysentience YE 38
Nadia Life YE 38
Dead metal Clubhouse YE 38
Akemi's Comfort Fortress YE 38
10Star Wasp 10: Afterwards: Hound Squadron Hound Squadron Mercenary leaders Werner and Hazel discuss the last operation YE 38
Free Station DoomstarJason and Arccos share some feelsYE 38
11HEY, SAINTGUY!THe leader of OSO speaks with Candon, covers up her actions with SAINT, and gets her shopping doneYE 38
Continued Co-operation Candon has another discussion with the leader of OSO YE 38

Arc 3: AdVenture Capital

The Gang continues to build up their world, and it turns out they aren't the only group interested in setting up colonies out in the West.

1Nath TowerAashi and Co start planning for rebuilding The Palace on 188604 YE 38
Don't Tell YuiThe leader of OSO presents a gift to Gut-Stripe YE 38
2Mecha BuildingMecha Team starts planning the U1 Mecha YE 38
Pumpkin Eater AdventureAashi and Werner start transporting Vekimen back to their homeworld YE 39
3Not Trying too hardThe leader of OSO takes a break from important things for a while YE 39
4Meanwhile...Raphael's Mother discusses a large buy of soldiers with Psychopomp. YE 39
5March on TolmaschCorgan and his Reavers march to restore order to Tolmasch YE 39
6Play Stupid GamesAashi receives an offer to be on a gameshow! YE 39
7The CouchThe leader of OSO provides Van Banning with the Product she hired OSO to aquire. YE 39
8Aashi Says Goodbye Aashi is determined to find her ship and must leave Osman, saying goodbye to the leader of OSO and Ulysses as she goes YE 39
I'm still in the murder business The crew runs into the YSS Heartbreaker while helping the I'ee fleet rebuild YE 39
9Lets blow up a planet!The leader of OSO decides she wants to blow up a planet and strip-mine the aftermath. YE 39
10Nepleslian MarketsThe leader of OSO and Arccos discuss, then implement, a plan to get the Nepleslian Sky Marshal on their side YE 39
11bumming for moneyCandon and Jax from the YSS Eucharis Plot plan some side action! YE 39
ST: Serious Trouble Spacecase uncovers the Alien Soul-Transfer-Virus plot with some help YE 39
12A Fresh StartCandon from the YSS Eucharis Plot instructs Flynn on his upcoming work. YE 39
13 New Recruits The mecha corps gets a new recruit. YE 39
CavalonWhile on a simple Smuggling mission, Van-Banning springs her plot to take over YE 39
No More NecromancersHound-Squadron's backers decide to take on Van-Banning and the leader of OSO. Werner tries to stop them YE 39
No More RaphRaphael and Ivory are abducted by Raphael's mother YE 39
14No More PlanetIn the face of overwhelming odds, the leader of OSO considers giving up YE 39
Hero ModeJulie has a chat with Alex while installing a phase-organ on the U1 YE 39
Angel InvestorThose remaining launch their attack against the aliens YE 39

Arc 4: 4x

Alex Does HR The leader of OSO forces Alex to talk to a new hire YE 39
Alex goes to a swamp to make a space friendAlex goes to a swamp. Makes a space friend. YE 39
State of the OSO Address The leader of OSO talks to everyone about the events of the last few weeks YE 39
Flight of the Dove: Royal FlushFlynn takes the Dove out on its first Dove-Specific adventure YE 39
Subterranean DreamsAlex talks with the Spacers regarding making new robots for OSO YE 39
About that WatertowerThe gang discusses building utilities for Osman City YE 39
Angel BusinessRaphael's mom cuts him a deal YE 39
Psychopomp and Circumstantial EvidenceThe leader of OSO investigates Alex's past on her own YE 39
Raphael ReturnedRaphael's mom returns him to Osman with some conditions YE 39
Fight School: The Onion ModelThe leader of OSO teaches a short class about the Onion Model, and Jay makes his first appearance. YE 39
OSO X Heartbreaker Crossover! Party on Ee'eeThe I'ee conspire to reunite the Heartbreaker crew and OSO's Gang! YE 39
Greeting the AliensA crew of an alien ship land on Osman and make themselves at home YE 39
Raphael ReturnedRaphael's mom returns him to Osman after striking a deal regarding how he will use the OSO to help her. YE 39
Ultimate RepresentationThe leader of OSO, Alex, and Candon discuss Candon's plan to attack a Kuvexian freighter. Errowyn stops by and the conversation takes a turn for the 'what do we do about her?' YE 39
Lake IslandCandon, Errowyn, and The leader of OSO retire to Errowyn's island. Candon and Errowyn have a discussion about her status as MIA in the SAoY YE 39
OSO x Heartbreaker Crossover Episode!: Recreational KillingThe I'ee invite the Heartbreaker and OSO's crew on a fun hunting adventure. YE 39
The Narrow PathThe Skyguard embark on the first major operation with Candon to attack a Kuvexian freighter YE 39
Jack Pine Starts a Band Jack mentions he wants to start a band, the leader of OSO runs with the idea, other less important things are also discussed YE 39
Close Encounters Corgan and his android lover investigating mysterious disappearances involving crop circles YE 39
Cavalon Mission PlanningThe time has come for the leader of OSO to discuss the operation to save Cavalon from the Rixxikor, and in the process buy Osman some more time to prepare for the aliens. YE 39
Operation Roach HotelThe Rixxikor have checked in, OSO, Ragnarok, and the Skyguard arrive to ensure they don't check out. YE 39
Technically, we're being diplomatic The OSO crew investigates the newly established alien diplomatic station and meets both an alien ambassador and a trader YE 39
Come blow up some spaceships Nosves asks The leader of OSO to come join the alien's combined fleet YE 39
Nepleslia, FireSaleAn AI cuts a deal with Nepleslian Leadership for fire supression ships YE 39
Cavalon DiplomacyDonavan and Alex attempt diplomacy with the locals of Cavalon YE 39
Nekos and NinjitsuThe leader of OSO invites the gang on vacation to the Nekos and Ninjitsu resort! YE 39
LEt there be creatureAn alien gets into trouble, and tries to take over some of the seedy aspects of Osman YE 39
Osman Universitysection 6 starts a private school to further education and to look for promising potential recruits for Ragnarok, SkyGuard, and Section 6. YE 39

Arc 5: Collapse

Economic Collapse part 1 The fallout of Section 6's new purchase is felt YE 39
Economic Collapse part 2 The fallout of Section 6's new purchase is felt YE 40
For a Few Psychopomps More The leader of OSO meets with a Psychopomp executive YE 40
Unseen forces Some unknown force disables the freespacer computer network on Planet Osman YE 40
Economic Collapse part 3 The fallout of Section 6's new purchase is felt YE 40
Welcome Home/Return of the Prodigal Meme Alex returns to OSO space, and promptly has to go save Cavalon from a Mishhuvurthyar invasion YE 40

Extra Credit

Fight School: The Onion Model The leader of OSO explains the Onion Model to the class
Fight School: Who Prepares, WinsThe leader of OSO lectures the class on a general overview of how to win a fight

OOC Notes

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