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YSS Heartbreaker

YSS Heartbreaker, NS-U1-107427, is a modified Yui 7-class Scout upgraded from a Yui-class Scout found derelict but intact in YE 36 by the YSS Eucharis. She is commanded by Taii Tsukisaki Valesti.

Current Location

The Heartbreaker has traveled to the homeworld of the I'ee to repel NMX forces with the unexpected aid of Independent.

Current Mission

The newly repaired and refitted Heartbreaker is on an exploration and intelligence gathering mission into unexplored space, following data left behind by Uesu's Fleet. Officially Yamatai has had no contact with Kitsurugi Uesu or his followers, and they have been tasked with discovering their fate. Secretly, Uesu has been in contact with Yamatai and the Ketsurui Clan for years, and Ketsurui Yui has started to worry about the new empire he may be constructing. Considering the two-time Emperor's connection to Empress Himiko I, she has concerns he may attempt to retake the throne yet again, or otherwise use his connections and holdings to upset the balance of power.

Mission History

The Heartbreaker emerged from Gemini Star Fortress in 1/37 after undergoing repairs and refitting, immediately jumping to UX-29 AKA UX-HB-0 'Vagabond' with its new crew. After explaining the importance of their mission, the Taii sent them to explore a supposedly abandoned Mishhuvurthyar base as a sort of training exercise. Although the enemy ships and other defenses in orbit had been destroyed and the installation stripped of all useful equipment, they still found a surprise waiting for them. Evidence of experimentation on captured Neko, along with a dormant parasite swarm and zombified Neko. Escaping the awakened threat with only two relatively minor injuries, the main entrance was collapsed as the crew members returned to the ship. Judging further exploration to not be worth their time and limited resources, the Taii ordered the Heartbreaker on to their next stop, UX-HB-1 'Juggler'. The remains of the base were thoroughly destroyed several months later by orbital bombardment.

Once arriving in system, a Star Army distress beacon was detected. Its location was traced to a nearby inhabitable jungle planet, UX-HB-1 I 'Owan to Tama'. Captain Tsukisaki had her First Officer select an away team to investigate the distress call, although most were aware that this could all be a trap. The team was ordered to forgo armor for the mission, to minimize loss of equipment in a worst case scenario. The crew members were deemed easier to replace than the equipment by the Taii, which did not sit well with most. After landing and investigating a crash site, they found the wreckage showed signs of salvage, suggesting possible survivors. With the thick vegetation hindering both scans and movement, the team attempted to brave the jungle, before being ambushed by a Crab-Type Mishhuvurthyar. The team suffered injuries but managed to prevail, even with their lack of armor, and were surprised by the assistance of two surviving Neko sprites.

After a few days of interrogation and debriefing, the sprites were officially returned to Star Army and added to the Heartbreaker's roster. The crew enjoyed a day of shore leave on an area of the planet the two Neko had safely secured before continuing to their next destination, UX-HB-2 'Shekhinah'. Upon their arrival, they detected a cloned Star Army distress call broadcasting from an unknown alien craft. Two members of the insectoid I'ee, ambassadors, were on board, along with a third alien.

The ambassadors had discovered the lone alien in hibernation on board her personal craft, which had drifted far off course. The trio were forced to flee from the aggressive and territorial Thoot family of I'ee, and the ambassadors' ship had become damaged in the process. Surprised by the aliens broadcasting in Yamataian, the Heartbreaker intervened under the assumption that the heretofore unknown I'ee had gained their information by either studying or interacting with Uesu's Fleet. After destroying several Thoot ships in order to escape with their new allies, the Heartbreaker rendezvoused with the Seisenkyo to transfer the aliens back to known space.

Acting upon information from the I'ee the crew journeyed to UX-HB-3 'Refuge of Sinners' to investigate the last known location of a derelict Ayame-class Cruiser. They discovered that the crew members on board the cruiser had been infested with Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar who had then taken control of the ship. Uesu used his overrides to leave the ship powered down and immobile, then left a prototype combat android on board to gather data on its effectiveness as an anti-parasite weapon. The android viewed the alien as an alien threat, reactivated, and attempted to eliminate her. Skade Masashiga and the alien managed to use the ship's computers to temporarily disable the android, although it injured the alien before it could be brought to a halt by new orders from the Taii. Kinzoku no Byakko was more than willing to fall in line under the officer's command, and assisted in evacuating the crew from the cruiser, including the civilian it had attacked moments before.

After securing the cruiser for later recovery by other Star Army forces, the Heartbreaker continued onward to UX-HB-4 'Kerata Anathema'. Detecting a strange transmission while en route, the alien discovered it was an alien distress signal. With the broadcast increasing in strength and clarity as they approached the next UX system Uesu had encountered, they realized an alien station had drifted into their path, and had likely been in the system when Uesu's Fleet had originally passed through. Judging by the name he had given to the system, the lack of any interaction with the aliens was most likely intentional.

The Heartbreaker discovered they had been beaten to the Station by the I'ee, who already had a small fleet surrounding it when they arrived. Sally Ee'ith and Yui Ee'ith soon arrived in a shuttle borrowed from the YSS Soyokaze. The Ambassadors boarded the Heartbreaker to act as liaisons, revealing that several I'ee had already perished attempting to enter the Station. An away team from the Heartbreaker breached the Station's automated defenses, discovering that Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar infected aliens had been running rampant. With backup from the I'ee, crew members infiltrated the Station and contacted the leader of the surviving aliens. Through a joint effort, the infected were rooted out and pushed back from critical areas of the station…although the leader revealed that a majority of the infected aliens had fled the Station on scout ships shortly before the I'ee had arrived.

After leaving the aliens and their Station in the care of the Seisenkyo, the Heartbreaker travelled to UX-HB-6 'Antipode' along with representatives from the I'ee. While the crew enjoyed some long awaited shore leave on the implausibly hospitable planet, the officers aided representatives from Star Army Command in meeting with the I'ee to begin negotiating the yamatai-i_ee_non-aggression_treaty. Although it was not immediately approved by either side, the drafting of the document enabled both sides to better understand the other.

With relations between the Yamatai Star Empire and the I'ee steadily improving, the Heartbreaker was ordered to temporarily break from their mission to pursue reports of Mishhuvurthyar activity near the I'ee homeworld. However, there were also reports that the OSO had already handled the NMX in the area, leading to an unexpected meeting…

Ikoi Light Starbase Seisenkyo

The Heartbreaker is followed, at quite a distance, by the Ikoi-Class Light Starbase YSS Seisenkyo. It carries extra supplies and possible replacement crew members. It travels at low speeds and in stealth, and is unable to respond in time to be of any use during emergency situations. It is mainly used to bounce communications back into known space, and the Heartbreaker docks inside of it once every few months to restock the Yui's limited cargo space and allow the crew a form of shore leave.

Deck Layout

Crew Roster and Cabin Assignment

Officers and Warrant Officers


Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes
Nitô Heisho Cosima Medici Star Army Medical NPC Neko
Nitô Heisho Sunny Linn Star Army Technician NPC Minkan

Enlisted Personnel

Civilian Passengers

Name Occupation Player Notes
Sally Ee'ith Ambassador Littlewasp I'ee liaison.
Yui Ee'ith Ambassador Littlewasp I'ee liaison.

Cabin Assignments

A total of six crew cabins are available, along with one communal Nekovalkyrja Nest and one Standard Star Army Officers' Cabin.

If your character isn't on the room list, feel free to grab an unoccupied room. If there are no open rooms, you will have to share with another player. Ask permission in the OOC thread or through PM.

Room Occupants Notes
Cabin 1 Cosima, Sunny
Cabin 2 Kiko
Cabin 3 Ingrid
Cabin 4
Cabin 5 Skade, Sara
Cabin 6 Veronika, Bettie
Captain's Suite Tsukisaki
Officer's Cabin Rin
Nekovalkyrja Nest Usagi, Kiwi, Pecan, Kayoko
Cargo Hold Kinzuko no Byakko Recharging Station

Current Away Teams

  • Jodan:
  • Chudan:
  • Gedan:

Open Positions

We're always looking for new crew members! Here's positions we currently need filled, but feel free to contact me with any other ideas (we have had several aliens native to the systems we have explored temporarily join the crew, for example).


The Heartbreaker inherited its MEGAMI from the unnamed Yui-class Scout that forms its core. Named Ochiko, she manifests as a traditionally dressed Neko seated upon zabuton, stacked high enough to be at eye-level with whomever she is speaking with. Having missed some cultural advancements while spending six years floating in space alone, she is considered somewhat eccentric, but possesses important firsthand knowledge of Uesu's Fleet.

NPC Crew Members

Name Occupation Appearance Personality
Cosmia Medici Head Medic Neko with pale skin and red hair in a braid. Quiet, skittish, easily worried.
Sunny Linn Chief Engineer Tall, blonde ponytail, grease smudges. Warm, friendly, optimistic.
Funabashi Usagi Bridge Bunny Small, cute Neko with pink hair. Easily frustrated, weapons enthusiast; dislikes name, busywork.
Kiwi Tart Cook Bright green Neko with short white hair. Talkative, hard-working, messy.
Pecan Tart Logistics Light brown Neko with curly dark brown hair. Distracted, perpetually late, disorganized (seemingly).
Veronika Technician Average Neko with long, blonde hair. Serious, cold, untrusting.
Bettie Infantry Average Neko with short, black hair in a poytail. Outgoing, warm, easily excited.

Vehicles and Inventory

Shuttle Bay

Power Armor Bay

Cargo Bay

General Rules

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits…
  2. …and at least once every 5-7 days.
  3. Do not wait on another player to post for more than four days.
  4. If you will be absent or cannot post as often as required, post notice in the OOC thread.
  5. Players who have not posted in more than four days may have their characters' actions posted or chosen by the GM to keep the plot moving.
  6. Players who have not posted in more than ten days, without any notice to the GM, may be removed from the RP. Your character may fade into the background, be sent home, or get killed off in spectacular fashion.
  7. Characters should follow the standard Star Army Regulations or expect IC punishment. If rules are not followed due to lack of knowledge OOCly - or players are OOCly ignoring or flouting rules their characters would ICly know to follow - OOC coaching, assistance or punishment may be required instead of IC consequences.
  8. We will generally work along these guidelines and Readiness Conditions.
  9. RPG Rating: Language-2, Sex-1, Violence-3

Former Crew Members

Kayoko Shii Transferred to Orochi Squadron.
Kondo Yuko Removed after Mission 4 for inactivity.
Ylva Ōkami Removed after Mission 4 for inactivity.
Hoshitomo Rin Removed after Mission 3 for inactivity.
inukai_sayoko Removed after Mission 3 for inactivity.
Carlos Luna Removed after Mission 2 for inactivity.
Eir Hidaka Removed during Mission 2 for inactivity.
Nakane Kamatari Removed again during Mission 2 for inactivity.
Darren Leverton Removed during Mission 2 for inactivity.
Nakamaru Miho Removed during Mission 2 for inactivity.
Matonaka Yumi Removed after Mission 1 for inactivity.
Baek SeonJi Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.
Gunshin Kyoufuu Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.
Nakane Kamatari Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.
Skirnir Josva Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.
Yjara Dust Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.
Nora Shinako Removed after Mission 0 for inactivity.

OOC Notes

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