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Ketsurui Clan

β€œIn Yamatai, talent has a brand name - and it's Ketsurui.”

The Ketsurui family has maintained somewhat of a dynasty within the Yamatai Star Empire thus far, with its members serving as Emperor and Empress of Yamatai. The Ketsurui's major holdings are Ketsurui Zaibatsu, a large manufacturing network that produces the Nekovalkyrja, and Ketsurui Fleet Yards, builder of starships for the Star Army of Yamatai.

The clan also maintains a small army of personal warriors and bodyguards, the Ketsurui Samurai; the samurai were officially a branch of the Star Army of Yamatai until YE 40.

Chinomai Minori Ketsurui Hanako Ketsurui Himiko Ketsurui Rikou Ketsurui Katsuko Ketsurui Yui Ketsurui Yuumi Ketsurui Kotori Ketsurui Aiko


Membership in the Ketsurui Clan can be from having a Ketsurui parent, or by adoption.

Living Members

  1. Ketsurui Aiko, Star Army soldier
  2. Ketsurui Chiaki, Mercenary/Adventurer
  3. Ketsurui Chiharu, Living Kami
  4. Ketsurui Hanako, Admiral
  5. Empress Himiko I, Current Empress
  6. Kotori, Starship Captain
  7. Ketsurui Michiko, Red Tsubaki Doctor
  8. Ketsurui (Kitsurugi) Mizuki, sister to Mayame, PNUgen s/n B-0340
  9. Ketsurui Rikou, Star Army soldier
  10. Ketsurui Sora, Doctor, Public Relations/Diplomatic Officer
  11. Ketsurui (Kitsurugi) Susi, B-0321
  12. Kitsurugi Uesu, Emperor
  13. Ketsurui Wakako, Star Army soldier
  14. Ketsurui Yui, Empress, Fleet Admiral
  15. Ketsurui Yuumi, Empress and Imperial Premier of Yamatai

Deceased Members

  1. Ketsurui Ayame, Empress, Fleet Admiral
  2. Ketsurui Kohana, Princess
  3. Ketsurui Mayame, Fleet Admiral
  4. Ketsurui Saito, Emperor
  5. Ketsurui Sharie, Fleet Admiral

Available Occupations

Additional Information

This section contains specific details about the Ketsurui Clan.

  • Ketsurui means β€œtears of blood” in Yamataian
  • Ketsurui in Kanji is θ‘€ζΆ™
  • Was originally called Kitsurugi
  • Changed to Ketsurui in YE 25, in memory of Ketsurui Chiharu
  • Maintains its own private Samurai




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