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Ketsurui Aiko

Ketsurui Aiko is a player character played by raz.

Ketsurui Aiko [血涙愛子姫1)]
Chusa Ketsurui Aiko in YE 46
A Princess of Yamatai
Species & Gender: NH-33A/E Female
Date of Birth: 26日9月YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai,2) Ketsurui Clan3)
Occupation: Star Army First Officer
Other Roles: Military Diplomat
Uchuugun Kirie Pilot
Trans-universal Intelligence Liaison
Centurion-in-chief of Legion 777
Rank: Chusa
Current Placement: Kaiyō
Voice Examples
Yamataigo sample
Trade sample

Physical Description

The Princess Aiko is 180 centimeters tall (5'11“) and weighs around 71 kg (156 lbs), and is currently utilizing a nekowarukyūre taipu 33A body with standard dimensions and elf-style ears. She has a strong, commanding figure that is nonetheless delicately refined to match her beautiful face, befitting her stature as a member of the Imperial House. Like the Empress she was modeled after, Aiko has long, straight raven black hair and big, almond-shaped eyes that shine a crimson blood-red. Her luminous alabaster skin carries rosy undertones and encapsulates the Nekovalkyrjan perfection she embodies, and is unmarked even by a standard genetic tattoo denoting manufacture information or a Nekovalkyrja serial number. In YE 46, Aiko received a genetic upgrade package that prompted her original Type 33 A body to develop abilities in line with the Eihei model.


Prideful in the Yamatai Star Empire above all, the princess Aiko was born to lead. To her, the noblest pursuit is the good of the Empire and its people.

While brought up with a silver spoon in the Imperial capital, learning to be waited upon at every turn by royal retainers and handmaidens, she is neither lazy nor entitled in any endeavor — and is utterly pure to the core. Her personality tends to be ironhanded, and the princess is almost entirely unwavering in her convictions. In other words, much the same as her mother, Yui, she is a bold and opinionated Neko whose presence can inspire courage in any Star Army soldier or Yamataian citizen. Still, Aiko is intelligent and calculating with a fiery curiosity running through her veins, and she always acts with the same patience honed since her birth.


Ketsurui Aiko's existence began just after Yule Tide festivities in YE 38 in the city of Kyoto, Yamatai. Aiko is Taisho Yui's sixth daughter. She was created as a propaganda tool for the Kuvexian War, intended to become a figurehead who could represent the heart and soul of Yamatai on the front lines. While born as a military-type Neko youngling with all of Yui's core personality and basic training, the princess was given a fully-formed body immediately after birth and spent most of her socially formative days — literally — at the Empress' Palace.

In the time before any major offensive in the Kuvexian War was planned, she rotated through different assignments within the Star Army of Yamatai to learn compassion for her fellow soldiers and what it meant to serve alongside her Empire's best citizens. Almost immediately after her creation, Aiko took a particularly intense interest in learning to pilot a Kirie Thought Armor, but was formally designated as a 02B: Public Relations Liaison.

YSS Kaiyō

Aiko's first assignment in the Star Army was to the YSS Kaiyō, a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship in the old First Expeditionary Fleet's Sixth Squadron. As an officer candidate, her foremost duty was to learn the ins-and-outs of being a Star Army officer from the captain, Teien Eden. In her time there, Aiko faced down the Mishhuvurthyar in personal combat and slayed other enemies of the Empire, but spent most of her time in otherwise uneventful study.

In YE 40 the YSS Kaiyō II, the Kaiyō's new Fuji-class replacement, was assigned to secret Transuniversal Operations following the discovery of an AvaNet Avatar on Yamatai (Planet). By then, Aiko had completed both basic and command officer training and had subsequently been promoted to full Shoi. Because the threat of both internal and external4) subversion against her mother Yui and Empress Himiko's regime, she was permitted to remain on the Kaiyō II in spite of its dangerous and classified mission with additional orders to receive training in Star Army Intelligence fieldcraft under Hime no yōjinbō Saika5). Her absence on SANDRA and YINN nightly volu-reels depicting the Kaiyō and First Expeditionary Fleet heroics was explained away by official assignment to the Office of Public Affairs at Star Army Command for further studies on diplomacy and propaganda.

Skills Learned

Chusa Ketsurui Aiko and her ship's MEGAMI "Boss" at Kaiko Park in YE 45 Aiko has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Aiko is connected to:

  • Ketsurui Yui (Mother)
  • Ketsurui Clan (Extended Family)
  • Rei (Samurai Yojimbo, Sensei, Surrogate Family)
  • William (Friend, Battle Brother)
  • Taiyou Hoshi (Friend, Captain)
  • Nicholas Saiga (Shinobi Sensei, Spy Mentor)
  • Mao (Samurai Yojimbo)
  • Boss, the Kaiyō II's MEGAMI-IES (Friend, Ship, Home)
  • Current and former crewmembers of the YSS Kaiyō or Kaiyō II (friends and acquaintances)

Inventory & Finance

Aiko has the Star Army Standard Issue Items and a custom hand forged ceremonial katana furnished in white. At some point during the Kaiyō's mission to the Ayenee Universe, Aiko obtained a second katana with gold and ivory trappings. In addition to her two personal swords, Aiko has been issued a Star Army Officer Sword, Type 40 and was awarded a Kaiyo Sword for her time aboard the ship. She is known to wear two barrettes adorned with the Yamataian bellflower at her temples, though lately more often wears one bundle of bellflowers over her right ear. The Hinomaru patch on her uniform's right arm is embroidered with a gold border to denote her status as a member of the Ketsurui Clan.6) Aiko has all of the Kaiyō Year-End Traditions gifts and these are counted among her most treasured possessions. Following the YE 43 Battle Of Glimmergold, she was gifted an NSP to match her katana by Legion 777 when the legion's leadership made her an honorary Centurion. The princess commissioned7) a custom Extreme-class Hoverboard from its creator and is an avid rider.

Aiko currently has 3000 KS.

Aiko's Second Katana Aiko's NSP

OOC Information

In the case raz becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

raz created this article on 2016/12/26 18:49.

Roleplay Notes

Aiko's Kirie Thought Armor during the Kuvexian War was named Ryūketsu (竜血), or “dragon blooded” in Trade. It was destroyed during the Battle Of Glimmergold. She fabricated and hand built its replacement to pre-YE 39 specs during downtime after the war.

Over the years, the Princess Aiko has garnered several nicknames from both friends and enemies alike. The YSS Kaiyo II's crew and Legion 777 affectionately call her Karasuhime8) owing in large part to her long, abyssal black hair and its subtle iridescence that brings to mind a raven's feathers. Among the Kuvexians she is known by many derisive sobriquets, but is most commonly disdained as the Red Demon of the Bellflower Empire9) because of her many famous victories — particularly wearing power armor with livery in shades of red — at the expense of the Interstellar Kingdom.

Chusa Ketsurui Aiko in YE 45 Shosa Ketsurui Aiko in YE 44 Shoi Ketsurui Aiko in YE 40 Aiko riding her hoverboard over Kyoto

Character Data
Character NameKetsurui Aiko
Character Ownerraz
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Kaiyō II
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChusa
SAOY OccupationStar Army First Officer
SAOY AssignmentYSS Kaiyō II
Assigned QuartersDeck 4 Flag Suite
SAOY Entry YearYE 38
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month2
Ketsurui Aikohime (Princess Aiko Ketsurui)
read: Shadow Viper bs
In Yamataigo, “姫の用心棒雑賀” translates to “Princess Bodyguard Saiga.“
This is not an authorized uniform modification but nobody has ever stopped Aiko. On the rare occasions in which she has been in the presence of Yui or other high ranking officers rather than around crew mates or the palace, she always wears standard issue.
In Yamataigo, “鴉姫” translates to “Raven Princess.”
Proudly translated into Yamataigo as “桔梗帝国の赤鬼” or “Kikyō Teikoku no Akaoni.”

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