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Rei is a NPC/player character played by Ametheliana.

She is a member of the The Ketsurui Clan and serves as Aiko's personal protector.

Species & Gender: NH-33 (Eihei) Female
Year of Birth: YE 36
Organization: Ketsurui Clan
Occupation: Ketsurui Samurai
Rank: Yojimbo
Current Placement: Kaiyō

Physical Description

Rei has porcelain colored skin and features, with very narrow eyes. Rei's black hair is parted down the middle and she keeps it in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, wrapped together with a thin strip of black leather. Close to 5“, Rei is diminutive and has little mass in the way of a chest, thighs, or hips, with her 90 pounds of weight being spread evenly throughout her body. She has peculiarly long elf-style ears. She wears a white yukata and red hakama with no accessories or accouterments.

Instead of a serial number, Rei, like all Eihei, has kanji:

After her charge's capture by Kuvexians and subsequent safe return, Rei took it upon herself to reflect on her role as yojimbo. Within a year, her white eyes became a deep red much like her ward's, though Rei's pupil is still undetectable, giving her a look like she has a thousand yard stare. (Privately and with a lack of humility unbefitting samurai, Rei believes this change has made her overall appearance closer to that of Tsuya, Yui's personal samurai and the highest ranking Ketsurui samurai.)


Quite the opposite of relaxed, Rei is stiff and unmovable in her ways, finding a certain peace with the tradition and regulation of things that constrain many others. Rei is oftentimes not capable of completing a conversation fully, but instead will find her own end at her own time. She would rather speak in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) rather than Trade (language), especially when training. She will work to rectify someone's sense of self worth if she sees it breaking. She is hospitable and kind at times when ultimately necessitated, but on the whole is very icy and cold, giving more focus to training than pandering to others.

She has also thought of Yui's personal samurai and the highest ranking Ketsurui samurai, Tsuya, as someone she would like to serve under and has begun measures to disassociate herself with her “unorderly” ronin personality of old to do so.

Likes: Picking fruit from the tree, moonlit walks, listening to animal calls and trying to place them, the tenor of a well placed kiai.

Dislikes: Insubordination, lack of duck shoyu at a ramen house, the color of leaves before they fall, alcoholics.

Completed Goals: Learn every many styles, travel the universe

Goals: Serve the Ketsurui Clan, train under Tsuya, and control chaos.


Rei was created by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and began her life guarding the Imperial Palace for the Ketsurui Clan for a year before being allowed to spend a year outside of it, as a Ronin, after permission was granted from the Daimyo and council of five elders. The reason being, she was unable to treat the changing of guards at the palace as anything but a serious, purposeful event whereas it had grown to become a tourist attraction. She was asked to learn more about the social constructs of Yamatai and open herself up to the common needs of Yamataians throughout the planet, instead of those inherent in samurai, after she spoke her mind about it being too much of a sightseers showplace. The council saw it fit for her to become a tourist herself, to better her understanding of the world she lived in.

RP History

She wandered Yamatai, learning new styles not taught to Ketsurui, such as Neju Koyu and lesser known karate styles not usually employed by the samurai. She trained in those select dojos for several months before being asked to teach at Zenjinkaze Fighting High School There, she learned much and even gained an apprentice. Named Wil, he was an orphan that she adopted from the school and the two began a very familial relationship akin to one of a son and mother.

She was soon asked to leave the school to meet a mysterious new ward.

Quote from Ketsurui Aiko YSS Kaiyō
She wore a traditional jūnihitoe. Its many layered robes were sewn of black silk like a funeral kimono, save for the white yukata closest to her body, and threaded with subtle strands of golden string. Her hair was long and as black as the endless void that the Empire held dominion over but had a lustrous shine like pure obsidian. Two Yamataian bellflowers sat at her temples, keeping the straight black bangs that framed her faced perfectly styled. When Rei and William rounded the corner, they caught the girl's profile for but a moment before she shifted her head and body toward them and locked her glittering crimson eyes with the samurai's. She'd been caught by surprise, too, even though she was there expecting them, but tried not to show it behind an effortlessly furrowed brow fixed above her eyes.

William and Rei paid their respect to the princess and she went on to introduce herself.

Quote from Ketsurui Aiko YSS Kaiyō
“I am Ketsurui Aiko,” the tall Neko with kikyo flowers in her hair said back, lowering her head in a shallow bow as she'd been taught to do. A grin spread across her lips when she rose back up, though her eyes stayed sharp and commanding. “And it is my honor to have the protection of you both.”

The three ran into sixth squadron leader Catherine Ross of the First Expeditionary Fleet, who told them they would be going aboard the YSS Kaiyō.

She has been aboard the vessel accomplishing great things in the name of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Quote from Mission Shi: Komorebi
“And, so, Rei told William a story as they made their way back to the shuttle landing site. 'There was once a hunter out on a hunt that had a bird with him that guided the hunt from the air. When the hunter went to a creek to drink from it during a rest, his bird flew from the air to knock the cup of water from his hands. The hunter, confused, tried to drink again. Again, the bird knocked the water from his lips. It was a hot day and the hunter was quick to upset. He shot the bird out of the sky and drank from the creek. The hunter moved up the creek afterwards to see that a poisonous creature had died farther up the waterbed. This hunter felt his own life slip from his fingers moments later.' Rei went on, 'To be the bird is to protect others and to be the hunter is to worry about ones own self. You must choose who you will be, though neither makes it out alive.'“

Rei has been serving as Ketsurui Aiko's bodyguard for a large part of her professional career. She finds it more relevant to the safety of the Empire than being a part of the changing of the guard all of those years ago. Because of Aiko's position, Rei has gone on more than a few adventures, having ventured to Ayenee and fought and won against a Ghost Mishhu. Rei has lived through battles and moments she didn't think were possible for herself at one time. Currently, she continues to train her adoptive son, Wiliam and watch over the princess simultaneously, on top with protecting the ship she lives on. She is still employed as a yojimbo by the Ketsurui Clan and prefers to speak in clipped, terse Yamataigo rather than any other language.

Skills Learned


  • Rei is capable of sending and receiving telepathic messages, transmissions from and to starships, and power armor, under any conditions. Rei can speak both Trade and Yamataigo and can write calligraphy in both.


  • She is a master of combat in normal and zero-gravity conditions. She can fight with or without weapons. Such weapons include pistols, swords, spears, staves, knives, spring-action sandal daggers, shuriken, and power armor, as well as others. She is trained in use of grenades, rifles, machine-guns, power armor, and more. She knows many styles, such as Mugen'Yoshu Senko, known to all Ketsurui Samurai. She learned Neju Koyu in her first few months as a Ronin wandering Yamatai. She also knows Sora-Mai, and learned some Sesshoku Sentō Ichi-Kai from several Fukei at the Palace.

Information Technology

  • Rei is proficient in using the Kessaku Os.


  • She is familiar with the laws of the Yamatai Star Empire.


  • Rei received basic mathematics training, up to trigonometry.

Social Connections

Rei is connected to:

  • Ikedo Akagi (friend)
  • Ketsurui Aiko (Rei's ward)
  • William (Adoptive Son and Former Trainee)
  • Mao (junior yojimbo to Rei/ Aiko's yojimbo)
  • Crew of the YSS Kaiyō II

Inventory & Finance

Rei currently has 3000 KS

  • Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 27 with with 3 BR-28E Battery Magazines (1 in the pistol and 2 extra)
  • Zesuaium katana blade is 75 cm and inscribed with her blade's name in Yamataigo, 刺します, meaning Sashimasu. It is a semi transparent blue, with a cutout of maple leaf branches on the tsuba. Its 32 cm hilt is long enough for two handed use and short enough for just one. The hilt is unworn and the saya is warm red with gold leaf near where the hilt would rest.
  • Wakizashi short sword made of zesuaium named 殺す, or Korosu, bears a small resemblance to Sashimasu in color, but bears none of the illustrious designs.
  • Pair of nunchaku, two red oak cylinders of wood that are each as long as the length of her forearm connected with a chain just a tad smaller than the width of her hand. They are smooth and well worn with a shiny patina.
  • One red haori jacket, a traditional open front jacket of thigh-length
  • Uwa-obi, which is a black linen and leather sash for securing her sword
  • 2 white yukata
  • 2 red hakama

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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