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Zenjinkaze Fighting High School

Zenjinkaze Fighting High School (known locally as “The Big Z”) is an Upper Secondary school located in Ward 5 of Tsubomi on Yamatai (Planet). It began operation in YE 37 as the relative peace and influx of refugees following the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War increased the need for schools that could cater to the unique needs of Yamatai's incredibly varied inhabitants.


Zenjinkaze specializes in educating students who show skill and interest in Martial Arts, with an emphasis on styles that take full advantage of the unique abilities of Nekovalkyrja. The school also specializes in educating the growing NH-33Y (Youngling) population, working within the Neko Academy guidelines.

The school features one large main building at the north end of a central courtyard, with several smaller buildings flanking the central area to east, west and south. There is a small training field behind the main school building, and all students reside in dormitories built near their assigned class building. The school gates are at the south end of the campus, within walking distance of public transportation.

Zenjinkaze has a student council that helps oversee the students and allows the school to be run with limited adult assistance, although the council is ultimately overseen by the school's administration. Each class has a class president, while each building is ruled by one of the Four Divine Queens of Zenjinkaze Fighting High School.


Zenjinkaze follows the standard Criteria for Citizenship/Enrollment in Tsubomi.

The school (and this plot) is always recruiting! Potential students (and teachers and other faculty) should submit their information as usual, following the above guidelines, and be aware that students only receive a small stipend of Gakuen Satsu. Potential students will also be expected to provide details about their Martial Arts skills. Any questions should be directed to the School Administration through the usual channels. Students are generally distributed evenly between buildings/dorms to prevent overcrowding, so there is no guarantee new students will always be able to freely choose their destination.

After School Activities

Zenjinkaze offers many different clubs for students to join, and requires all students be a member of at least one club.


All of the expected Extracurricular Activities are represented, although all sports and arts have some sort of martial arts focus. Specific clubs or teams that appear during RP will be noted on this list, along with known members when applicable.

Martial Arts

A multitude of different Martial Arts styles are represented at Zenjinkaze. While some may be practiced by a lone student or a small group, others have instructors on site with dedicated training facilities. Represented styles are listed here as they appear in RP, along with known practitioners and instructors, when applicable.

School Administration


  • East:
  • West:
  • South:

Student Council

  • East: Eir Miyagi, President; Defa Urutobai, Vice President
  • West:
  • South: Lobsang, President
  • North: L'kulra, Assistant; Skuld Asakaki, Assistant

Four Divine Queens of Zenjinkaze Fighting High School

  • Azure Dragon of the East:
  • White Tiger of the West: Keiko Surino
  • Vermilion Bird of the South: Piano Mezzo Forte
  • Black Tortoise of the North:
  • Void of the Center:


The main gate is at the far south, the campus surrounded by a purely decorative fence, while the main building is at the far north end across a large central courtyard. The courtyard has a fountain with benches that surround it, plenty of sakura and maple trees, a paved trail that circles the entire courtyard and extends around several of the nearby buildings, and a large koi pond with a traditional curved bridge.

Beyond the main building is the sports field, which can be easily converted between several different sports and activities. It is also frequently used as an open air sparring arena. There is a large swimming pool to one side of the field, which is open to all students when not in official school use.

The east, west and south sides of the campus feature smaller, two story buildings dedicated to each of the three classes. The first floor features bathrooms, lockers and other necessities, while the second floor is taken up by one large, all purpose classrom. Due to the nature of digital learning and the rapid growth of Nekovalkyrja, the lines between grades are somewhat blurred, as the school is more concerned with social experience and personal growth than memorization of facts.

Public transportation is easily accessible, located within walking distance of the main gate, along with a Tsubomi School Store. Other features of the Ward are just a short trip away.


The entrance to the main building features a large lobby with corridors leading to either side and a main stairway directly in front. The main building is home to things like the teachers' lounge, storage rooms, library, club offices, cafeteria and even a detention room. The main building is four stories tall, with a clock on the front of a tall tower. The face is marked with the school seal, featuring a large, stylized 'Z'.

The class buildings are rather small and narrow, colored and marked to designate which class is assigned there.


The school uses several different types of uniforms, and requires its students to wear the proper uniforms at all times, unless specifically allowed an exception. Uniforms are mandatory, and forgoing or altering the uniform is a punishable offense. Bows, ribbons, ties, belts, jewelry and other similar accessories are allowed. Special consideration is given for alien races or anyone with non-standard features, such as tails. Authorized alterations and special orders can be handled free of charge at the nearby Tsubomi School Store.

Zenjinkaze's school colors are red and gold.

The following are the standard uniforms used by the school:

  • Summer Seifuku
  • Winter Seifuku
  • Summer Gakuran
  • Winter Gakuran
  • Exercise Uniform
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Swim trunks

Seifuku are made up of white shirts and black jackets, with red and gold plaid collars and cuffs. A red kerchief with gold trim is secured with a device featuring the school's emblem. The skirt is red and gold plaid, with many varieties of Socks and shoes available. Gakuran feature black slacks and jackets, also with red and gold plaid collars and cuffs, with a white shirt. A red and gold plaid handkerchief is provided for the breast pocket, which is located on the left side of the jacket, right above a patch featuring the school's emblem. Hats are also available.

Student Life

During school hours students are allowed to travel freely on school property as long as they report to class on time. After school, students are given plenty of different activities to engage in, and are expected to respect the needs of clubs and sports teams, but are otherwise allowed to roam free until curfew. At that time the main gate is closed, although this is just a formality, and students are no longer allowed outside of their dorms.

Students are expected to respect the schools property and keep it clean and tidy. When students aren't in school, during holidays or other breaks, they are allowed to use the sports field, swimming pool, etc. as long as they are treated properly. The only areas that are closed to students are teacher and faculty offices, with places such as the music and home economics rooms requiring permission from the school's administration, teachers, or trustworthy student council members, and students must still be supervised.

The Seven Mysteries of Zenjinkaze

  1. The ghost of one of Hanako's many lives haunts the North Building's girl's bathroom…
  2. A dangerous wild animal of some sort, generally agreed to be a tiger or panther, roams the school grounds near the East Building…


The school's discipline policy affords the school the ability to punish students for misbehavior and for excessive fighting.


Students who are involved in a fight ruled excessive or improper are punished by being made to clean the school, assist clubs with menial tasks, attend detention, perform volunteer work, and other similar punishments.


Students will misbehave for various reasons, but in any case, students who misbehave are typically punished by performing menial tasks for teachers or other employees, given extra homework, asked to perform volunteer work, etc. However, not all students who misbehave are punished - depending on the circumstances, they may receive counseling or other specialized attention.

Dormitories & School Roster

School Roster

Dorm Floor Room A Room B Room C
East Dragon 1 Damu, Defa
East Dragon 2 Maki Skuld, Eir L'Kulra, Hiroe
West Tiger 1
West Tiger 2
South Bird 1 Lobsang
South Bird 2 P. M. Forte The Twins

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