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Keiko Surino

Keiko Surino is a player character played by club24.

Keiko Surino
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Date of Birth: Late YE 38
Organization: Zenjinkaze Fighting High School
Occupation: Student
Rank: Four Divine Queens
Current Placement: Battlefield Education

Physical Description

Keiko stands at 5'8β€œ (173 cm) and weighs 110 lb (50 kg). Her measurements are 34D-28-30 and her overall body type is that of a slim, tall young adult.

Keiko's long green hair hangs down well below her hips, around the knees when not tied up. A pair of short, cat-like ears poke out from her hair atop her head, covered in green fur with white fuzz on the inside, adding a light accent to the green.

Her face has a mature look about it with thin lips and piercing violet eyes behind square glasses. Her deep red skin often helps her eyes to stand out, and has more than once drawn some extra glances. While her eyesight is perfect per creation standards and glasses are not required, Kekio wears them to give herself a more intellectual look based on various characters she fangirls over from a variety of anime.


Keiko is generally a quiet person and will only be active in most conversations if she is either particularly interested or is involved as a major part of it. With this overall quiet demeanour she is quite a modest person preferring to let her actions carry their own weight and not bragging about what skills she may or may not possess. However in her own space, usually her room and occasionally when alone in training areas her secret love of anime comes to light. Keiko has been rumoured to dress as an anime warrior princess when training alone on rare occasions and shouts strange lines presumably from a series she has seen.


Keiko Surino was created in late YE 38 but instead of joining basic training with the majority of other Nekovalkyrja, Keiko opted to join the Zenjinkaze Fighting High School to be trained for the war effort as one of the more elite soldiers after graduation. Her decision was largely based on her idolization of the war heroes of the Star Army of Yamatai and her desire to reach and potentially even surpass their achievements in her own life.

Keiko spent her first year perfecting her basics in close quarter weapons and the martial art of Mugen'Yoshu Senko, after increasing her skills and techniques through studies and training, and managing to surpass some of the instructors, she was eventually assigned the rank of one of the β€œFour Divine Queens”. Having this new title was supposed to mean she would help train and oversee the next years students however Keiko more or less remained quiet around others and kept her high ability level under wraps unless she needed to use it.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

Fighting: Keiko is one of the older students at Zenjinkaze and has been studying previously, she possesses a higher level of skill in hand to hand than most who have just begun training in their martial skill. Keiko has also obtained a high level of skill with a sword and other blades through her preferred martial art and study.

Mugen Yoshu Senko: Largely influenced by watching recordings of how her idols fought, and seeing the animated choreography of her favourite princess warrior characters, Keiko decided to work towards mastering this particular art. It contained many instances of poetry and devising movement from words which resonated with her in a special way, as well as being captivated watching masters of the art perform it in real combat.

Knowledge: Keiko takes her theory as seriously as her practical skills and can often be found in a study hall as much as the training areas furthering her knowledge and understanding of techniques.

Survival: Keiko has developed survival skills over the course of her time training and studying with a good sense of direction as well as possessing the skills to utilise maps. She also knows the basic principals of surviving away from a group in an unknown environment with knowledge on the general tactics to survive the nights.

Social Connections

Keiko Surino is connected to:

  • The faculty of Zenjinkaze
  • She possesses no family ties

Inventory & Finance

Keiko has:

Total Additions Subtractions Reason
100 GS Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameKeiko Surino
Character Ownerclub24
Character StatusInactive Player Character
PlotsBattlefield Education

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