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Battlefield Education

Battlefield Education is a roleplaying plot created September 17, 2016 by GM Reynolds.

It's current GM is club24

Characters and Players

This is a list of students and staff at Zenjinkaze Fighting High School.




School Administration

Open Positions

See Characters Wanted for more information.

NPC Student Information

Name Species Appearance Personality
Piano Mezzo Forte Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A Tall, long legs, long black hair, bancho-style uniform Arrogant, disrespectful, bully, petty
The Twins Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Athletic, short black hair with blue (Seki) or red (Nerai) streaks Playful, troublemakers, cowardly, cruel
Maki Takara Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Short, petite, black hair, green eyes Naive, gullible, reckless, brash
Skuld Asakaki Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Tall and muscular (for a Neko), red skin Proud, sensible, tough, diligent
L'kulra Tooye Iromakuanhe Beige skin, orange hair, blue eyes, symbiote hand Eyr Ranr, outgoing, friendly, protective, speaks somewhat broken Yamataigo
Lobsang Minkan Bald, slender, often smiling (with eyes closed) Acts like a kind, pacifistic ascetic but hides a wicked, cruel side seen by his opponents
Eir Miyagi Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Chocolate colored skin, long white hair Level headed, friendly, reasonable
Damu Keita Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Leggy, wiry, short purple hair, amber skin Attempts at showing dominance often misconstrued as playful, acts and speaks before thinking, slow but not stupid
Hiroe Akita Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Average size, shoulder length orange hair with red and yellow streaks, warmly tanned skin Friendly but not polite, rude to anyone she feels is beneath her, would rather insult and bully than have a fair fight
Defa Urutobai Minkan Average height, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses Quiet, easily overlooked, easy going, dependable
Airi Nodachi Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A Average height, busty, orange-skinned with black hair and silver eyes Pessimistic, arrogant, fiercely protective over plushie collection

This is where the RP Links & GM Info go, and this sentence only exists because Wes forced me to write it!

Status: This plot is currently open for any character to join after being approved by club24.

Plot Overview

Zenjinkaze specializes in educating students who show skill and interest in Martial Arts, with an emphasis on styles that take full advantage of the unique abilities of Nekovalkyrja. The school also specializes in educating the growing NH-33Y (Youngling) population, working within the Neko Academy guidelines.


Zenjinkaze Fighting High School (known locally as β€œThe Big Z”) is an Upper Secondary school located in Ward 5 of Tsubomi on Yamatai (Planet). It began operation in YE 37 as the relative peace and influx of refugees following the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War increased the need for schools that could cater to the unique needs of Yamatai's incredibly varied inhabitants.

In YE 40 the latest class of students were treated to a (mandatory) field trip, organized by the school Principal. They were accompanied by two teachers for a night of Love And Wrestling.

Zenjinkaichi Budokai

This competition is generally held once each semester. During the first half of the school year, a tournament is held featuring the new first year students. During the second half, an open tournament is held.

YE 38 First Semester

Round 1 Results Round 2 Results
Zoia Sivaro O Zoia Sivaro
Skuld Asakaki X Sutauto Kunio
Sarena O Sarena
Maki Takara X Brynhildr Nishizaki
Brynhildr Nishizaki O Brynhildr Nishizaki
Eir Miyagi X Sarena
William O William
Hiroe Akita X Yuu Sakaki
Yuu Sakaki O Yuu Sakaki
Damu Keita X William
Sutauto Kunio O Sutauto Kunio
Defa Urutobai X Zoia Sivaro

General Rules and Pacing

These are the general rules and pacing for this plot, and I don't know why I had to explain this, since the section title is pretty clear about it.

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as they can however the schedule can be adapted to fit the activity levels of those involved
  2. RPG Rating: Language-2, Sex-1, Violence-3

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