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Sarena is a player character played by Navian.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE 23
Age: 15
Height: 6'1โ€œ (186 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Organization: None
Occupation: None
Rank: None
Current Placement: IMC Sakura

Physical Description

Sarena is a tall, lanky and hypermuscular adolescent with very large hands and feet. Though softer, less fit, and weaker than she looks, this isn't saying much. Her skin colour is 'cantaloupe' (tan), her hair is dyed 'cherry' (red), and her eye colour is 'orange' (amber). Her ears and face are round, and not particularly large in proportion to her head, but then again, her head is large is well. Her hair is straight and waist-length, smoothly brushed, but only cut at the ends. Despite good grooming and hygiene, her body odour is a perennial complaint. Her voice is breathy and higher-than-average pitch, though this is due to her very reluctant manner of using it. Her natural voice is clearer, if she ever uses it.


Sarena is short-tempered, but brittle, feigns a math phobia despite being a genius in this area, has an extreme love of music that she also tends to hide, and is very shy. She's also very fond of fruit, especially tropical varieties, and is not very shy about this interest. She tends to work the names of fruit into her speech and snacks on them when possible, and can barely imagine a meal without them. Like most teenagers, she seeks approval. She can be outspoken when she feels an authority figure is not living up to their role.


Sarena was born in YE 23 in the city of White Harbor Station.

Sarena is a mercenary brat. Her origins are Nepleslian, but her family was not loyal, and defected from the independence movement. Her father was doting, but not wise, and he vanished around this time.

From YE 29 on, Sarena was raised as a cabin girl on an all-female mercenary starship, within a macho culture that included a strict martial code, honour duels, and leadership challenges. She was unable to conform to their personnel standards, and was effectively dumped into Tsubomi in mid-summer of YE 38.

She was enrolled in the Zenjinkaze Fighting High School purposefully, with paid tuition, and brief support from her mother to help her with registration. She lived alone in an apartment for two weeks before the beginning of classes.

Her first two months at ZHS were not too eventful, though common threads included bullying from the Yamataians in her dorm, and increasing discomfort with her exchange student roommate, Zoia, which led to her abandoning the dorms entirely in favour of sleeping wherever she could outside the school, and stowing her possessions in a changing room locker to avoid having any reason to return to the south dorms.

To the great surprise of the school, and Sarena herself, she defeated both Maki Takara and Brynhildr Nishizaki to become a finalist in the school's autumn fighting tournament. The final fight, however, was a disaster of unsportsmanlike conduct and hyper-violence that boiled over into a full-scale political incident, due to the involvement of the school's VTDF exchange student. In the resulting carnage, ZHS was no longer a safe place to be, and when word got out (along with video footage), Sarena was 'rescued' by her mother's ship during the winter break, in what was something of a legally grey maneuver.

Sarena was given space to crash and a bit of leeway by the crew, given their approval for her performance in the tournament. Still, she clearly needed training that the crew couldn't provide, and they began to search for alternatives, including among their prospective employers.

Skills Learned

Sarena has the following notable skills:

  • Entertainment: Sarena isn't always content to just listen to music, sometimes she remixes it. She also plays electronic keyboard instruments. She is fond of popular culture, in general.
  • Culinary: Sarena's passion for fruit extends to a passion for food preparation. She is so often unsatisfied with the amount and variety of fruit in most meal portions that she tasks herself with creating her own, improved versions that incorporate many fruits, in important roles.
  • Domestic: As a former cabin girl, Sarena has years of experience as a domestic servant. Her recent growth spurt was a major cause of her loss of employment, as cleaning and clumsiness go very poorly together. She is accustomed to using these skills aboard a mercenary cruiser, not on a planet.
  • Mathematics: Sarena is incredibly gifted in this field due to genetics. Her interest in it is tepid.
  • Fighting: Sarena has four years of martial arts training already, ranging from 'Nep-Fu' unarmed combat, to the use of knife, sword, beam, stun, and thrown weapons. Due to her eclectic set of instructors, her techniques are drawn from the repertoires of Nepleslian marines, Yamatai sharpshooters, and adaptations of the brutish style used by the Lorathi House Fyuunen. Her technique isn't good, but it's often surprising. She's talented at using thrown weapons in a rotating or accelerating reference frame.
  • Strategy: Sarena has basic training in squad tactics, for what little use it's been.
  • Technology Use: Sarena has no trouble using computers, or operating remote sensors. She mainly uses the former for her musical hobbies, and mainly uses the latter for 'covert surveillance'.

Social Connections

Sarena is connected to:

  • Zoia Sivaro (Old Enemy)
  • Maki Takara (Schoolfriend from ZHS)

Inventory & Finance

Sarena has the following items:

  • Summer Seifuku
  • Winter Seifuku
  • Exercise Uniform
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Starkwerk Touchcomputer, with a civilian Kessaku OS and PANTHEON access connecting to Tsubomi's server network
  • Several outfits of Western desert-style clothing
  • A silver-trimmed black and purple cheongsam, with star and flower patterns
  • Basic equipment for dojo training and target practice (e.g., headset, laser-resistant goggles, pads, gloves)
  • Cheap, mass-produced katana her mother is pranking her with, by telling her it's an ancient heirloom
  • A bit of fruit

OOC Information

In the case Navian becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameSarena
Character OwnerNavian
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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