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Nekovalkyrja, Type 33

First manufactured and available in late YE 33, The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is the latest in the line of Nekovalkyrja created by Ketsurui Zaibatsu for use in military service to the Yamatai Star Empire. This model of Nekovalkyrja also served to further integrate the species of Yamatai by taking into account post-military life. To accomplish this, the NH-33/Type 33 Nekovalkyrja has a “default” and a more powerful “weaponized” state that is active during military service.

For NH-33 History, see the main article for the Nekovalkyrja species.

NH-33 Subtypes

The Tennyo “Celestial Maiden” is the replacement for the NH-29 used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

NH-33 Physical Characteristics

This page contains details on the physical characteristics of the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33.

The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja are a species of bio-synthetic humanoid life forms. They share the following physical features.

Feature Details
Hand Four fingers and a thumb (default) Three fingers and a thumb (optional)1)
Fingers Have fingerprints and nails
Teeth Normal human denture, full set of replacement teeth
Pelage Head, mons (hair optional), eyebrows, ears (hair optional), tail (tail optional)
Height 145cm (4' 9”) to 170cm (5' 6”)
Weight 45kg (99lbs)
Eyes Almond-shaped (Asian) Round (Nordic)
Ears Human-style Neko-style Elf-style

Their body pigmentation ranges as follows:

  • Eye color – (Common) Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Violet; (Uncommon) Orange, Yellow; (Rare) Red, White.
  • Hair color – (Common) Black, Brown; (Uncommon) Green, Blue, Violet; (Rare) White, Red, Orange, Yellow.
  • Skin color – (Common) White, Gray, Pink; (Uncommon) Black, Brown; (Rare) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. Skin color should be generally SOLID COLOR. No patterns, dots, or stripes.

Typically transferred NH-33s resembles the original form. But an individual can choose to accessorize their new body.

Since YE 37, Nekovalkyrja once again have the option of having a tail.

NH-33 Abilities

This page contains details on the abilities of the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33.

Note: As with other Nekovalkyrja their regenerative abilities prevent them from using cybernetic implants. It also prevents them from scarring.


The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja boasts a lifespan of, approximately 125, barring unnatural death. Their physical appearance only starts changing around their 75th, when they start showing signs of aging.

Cardiovascular system

The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is equipped with a complete cardiovascular system. This includes a high efficiency four chamber heart. The typical resting heartbeat for a NH-33 is 40 beats per minute. Major blood vessels have a built in fail-safe to reduce the chance of bleed out. When severed the vessel will twist and constrict at the damaged point pinching off the blood flow.

Internal respiration

The NH-33 is equipped with a pair of engineered lungs for supplying oxygen to the body. Typical rate of respiration is 8 - 10 per minute. The lungs have a lower section that stores oxygen in nodules. These can be released to prevent Hypoxia, an NH-33 possesses enough stored oxygen to hold their breath comfortably for a maximum of ten minutes under normal operation, or augment their breathing for twenty minutes in a low oxygen environment.

Solid Bio-Metabolism

A NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is equipped with a robust metabolism that makes them nigh impervious to disease and toxins. They process food much better than a human, which means they do not require as much food. NH-33's require only 1/3 of the food a human needs, and produces 1/2 of the waste products that a human would for eating that much food. They can however eat as much as a normal human but this means that they will produce more solid waste than they would eating what they actually require. To maintain optimum performance it is important for a NH-33 Nekovalkyrja to stay well hydrated. Typically a NH-33 Nekovalkyrja will sleep about six hours a night. If necessary, a NH-33 can stay awake for up to three days before being impaired. Because the NH-33 has very little body fat; this means that the NH-33 has very limited reserves. NH-33's when engaged in heavy activity or prolonged physical activity will often have small meals or snacks to keep their levels up.


The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is equipped with a pair of engineered kidneys. Under normal circumstances they perform the same function as they do in humans. They have a second mode which is to purge the blood stream of harmful chemicals. This mode causes them to release a number of counter agents. This includes a drug that breaks alcohol in the blood down into a harmless form.

Enhanced Senses - Eyesight

Nekovalkyrja normal eyesight is typically equal to that of a human. However NH-33 can use its hemosynthesis to adapt its eye in the following ways:

  • infrared vision - see out to sixty feet based on heat
  • ultra-violet vision - able to see clearly at night by starlight
  • x20 zoom for distance vision
  • x100 milliscopic vision for detail work

It takes three seconds to change from one vision to another

Enhanced Senses - Hearing

  • Human-style: normal human
  • Neko-style: The distinctive neko-ears are more than just fuzzy and cute; they are sensitive, can move to perceive sounds in three dimensions and even their small hairs can help gauge wind speed and humidity.
  • Elf-style: Allows the individual to pick up sounds from a greater distance, unidirectional

Digital Memory

The Nekovalkyrja has a computer-like mind that allows her to store information in an organized recording of video, audio as well as the documentation of thoughts and data. Through telepathy, they can share information, transferring to other Nekovalkyrja, computers or even portable media. At the onset of a built NH-33’s life, their main source of initially learned material is stored before birth, including general knowledge and some military training information.


The Nekovalkyrja have to ability to speak mind to mind via telepathy. This is different than the wireless communications. Nekovalkyrja can control the range of their telepathy out to 48km or 30 miles. Telepathy can used to transmit their thoughts, and sensations. As such it is considered a somewhat intimate form of communications.

Telepathy has three modes of operation, there is private which is done touching. This form of communications can not be intercepted. The second mode is unidirectional line of sight; this requires the Nekovalkyrja be able to see the recipient. This form of communication can be intercepted if someone passes between the two.

The third mode is omni-directional, as such it is a general broadcast and anyone with telepathy can intercept the message.

Nekovalkyjra can encrypt their thoughts, but the person they are sending to must have the encryption key.

Wireless Communication

The NH-33 also have the ability to project or perceive wireless transmissions over a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles) as easily as it would be with vocal speech. A NH-33’s computer-like mind can encrypt their transmissions to make them undecipherable by anyone but the intended recipient. Nekovalkyrja can transmit text, audio, and/or video. This feature also allows them to download information from any Psionic Signal Controller equipped device.


The NH-33 Tennyo are equipped with sweat glands, this allows their body to better maintain optimum operating temperature when subjected to elevated temperatures or workload.


The NH-33 series spleen is where old blood cells are taken to be absorbed by the body and it where the body stores a supply of hemosynthetic fluid with a high concentration of nanomachines. In the event of serious trauma to the body, this supply is forced into the blood stream to help repair the body.

Sense Electrical Activity

The NH-33 hand is sensitive enough that it can sense electrical activity. Strong electrical activity can be sensed up to a distance of twelve inches, weak electrical activity at three inches.

Reinforced Skeleton

NH-33 Tennyo possess a reinforced skeletal structure. Building upon the increased strength by decreasing the size of the medullary cavity allows the bones to be stronger without making them larger. All major bones are reinforced with carbon nano-tubes. This gives their bones four times the tensile strength of a comparable human bone. In the case of a youngling Tennyo, the nano-tubes do not develop until maturity.


Blood cells and nanomachines are located in the NH-33 bones. When the body is damaged, production of both is increased.

Internal Hemosynthesis Capabilities (Enhanced)

The NH-33 can recover from severe physical trauma thanks to a host of nanomachines whom saturate their bloodstream. This allows them to regenerate wounds, restore organs and even regrow limbs, the process taking as long as 36 hours to restore a crippled NH-33. The NH-33 does not have external hemosynthesis capability and cannot form objects out of its blood for purposes other than that of self-repair.

Increased Strength (Tennyo)

NH-33 Tennyo while not as fabulously strong as the other combat-dedicated Nekovalkyrja types, have an impressive strength for their size, their enhanced muscle density are able match to the brawns of a very well-built human. It is possible (not very difficult) for a Nekovalkryja NH-33 to carry up to 250 kilograms of weight in 1G (550 lbs). Essentially, carrying normal soldier gear is never an issue for them and it's more a matter of how bulky or balanced objects are than how much they weigh.

Feline-like Agility

NH-33 Tennyo possess staggering agility - acrobatics and gymnastics being second-nature to them. Their nimbleness and balance considerably exceeds that of humans.

Inertia Controlling Ability (Enhanced)

NH-33 Tennyo are equipped with the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces to allow a Nekovalkyrja’s body to self-propel itself in zero to two gravities. They can hover around up to speeds of about 110 kilometers per hour (70 mph) in any direction. The emitters for these fields are distributed throughout the body.

Somatic-Projection Interlinked Neural Ensemble

NH-33 Tennyo are equipped with the SPINE; a spinal column augmentation that allows them to mentally interface with properly equipped equipment. This makes it possible for the Nekovalkyrja operator to move a mecha or a vehicle as if it were her own body thanks to near-total neural immersion in the system being used.

Skin-based Holographic Projection

NH-33 Tennyo have the capability to produce holograms in close proximity to their skins. The most common uses for this ability are the projection of illusory clothing, cosmetics, or even the apparent change of one's features such as eye and hair color. Fixed holography like clothing can be maintained indefinitely as long as the neko remains conscious and clear headed. The holograms can be used to conceal small carried objects provided they are kept close to the body and the object is less than two inches thick.

SACN Access Nodule

Enlisted Tennyo have their Wireless Communications and SPINE capabilities upgraded with the SACN Access Nodule. The encryption nodule is necessary to access the Star Army Communications Network. Without this nodule the only access to the SACN the NH-33 would have is unclassified. The SACN Access Nodule is a component in the Type 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System. If the nodule determines that the NH-33 has lost its clearance, it is considered compromised and the discharge protocol will be triggered.

Parasite Contingency

With the advent of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Ketsurui Zaibatsu added a contingency for infection. A small gland was added that stores a unique set of femtomachines. Upon detection of the paralytic drug the NMX parasite injects, this gland releases its contents. The femtomachines trigger an automatic decommission of the NH-33. This removes the SACN Access Nodule and the NH-33 reverts to base Minkan strength.

NH-33 Series Transitions

There are several kinds of transitions involved with the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33.

Transition to a NH-33 Tennyo form

Transitioning to a NH-33 is available at no cost to any NH-29 in the Star Army of Yamatai citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire. It can be performed at any medical facility.

Converting an NH-29 to a NH-33

The individual reports to a medical center and requests to upgrade to a NH-33 Tennyo body. The person is then admitted to the hospital and taken to a treatment room. Once there a genetic sample is taken and the data is applied to a set of femtomachines. While the femtomachines are being prepared, the person is offered the opportunity to make a mental backup.

The person is then offered to be put under anesthesia. This is due to the discomfort experienced as the body is significantly overhauled.

Once the upgrade starts the person must remain in bed. The upgrade involves changes to most systems of the body.

  • NH-29 reconstruction takes two hours.

Transferring to a NH-33

The individual reports to a medical center and requests to transfer to a NH-33 Tennyo body. The individual supplies a genetic sample which is used for the template of the new body's appearance. A volumetric image is provided and the individual then has the option to request alterations or proceed.

Once the new body is approved by the person, construction of the new body begins in a Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube. The person then goes to the hospital's mental backup facility to create a one-time backup for contingency. When the body is complete the person is taken to the transfer center. The person lies on a bed with the new body on one next to it. The person is then put under anesthesia and the digital memories are transferred from the original form to the new body. Once the transformation is complete and the body checks out, the digital memory of the original body is wiped, and the body shut down. The person then awakens in their new body. After the person leaves the old body is taken to a hemosynth vat for recycling.

This process takes 1.5 hours.

Decommissioning a NH-33

When a NH-33 leaves the Star Army of Yamatai; regardless if it is honorably or dishonorably. There is a process they must undergo. This consists of removing their access to the SACN by removing the SACN Access Nodule and reconfiguring the body for standard NH-31 Minkan strength. A discharged NH-33 keeps all other attributes.

This process takes 1 hour.

Discharged NH-33 Tennyo

All NH-33 have a built in discharge protocol, this removes the Nekovalkyrja's security access, and reduces them to base NH-31 strength. This process is performed when a NH-33 exits the military. It can also be initiated by a number of specific conditions.

After leaving the service NH-33 retain the following:

NH-33 Reproduction

  • NH-33 can control their reproduction capability.
  • NH-33 regardless of their fertility status do not have monthly cycles.
  • NH-33 females have only one ovary.
  • Hymens are not present on Type 33 Nekovalkyrja
  • NH-33 can interbreed with NH-1 Geshrin, NH-22C Yamataian, Nepleslian
  • Miscarriages are uncommon, only occurring as result of trauma that critically damages the unborn, or radiation damage that renders the unborn nonviable.
  • Can detect pregnancy within 14-24 hours of occurrence. This is due to changes that occur in the womb when a fertilized or parthenogenesis egg enters the womb and the womb begins the changes necessary to support the unborn.
  • The NH-33 womb contains specialized “care-taker” femtomachines. They monitor the unborn and correct any detrimental issues. They are only active during pregnancy.
  • The NH-33 (Tennyo) can turn ovulation on or off, and can choose between parthenogenesis or natural conception. In the case of parthenogenesis the result is a NH-33Y (Youngling).
  • The gestation period for babies, however, is only 3 months.
    • Once born a Minkan matures at a rate consistent with humans.
  • NH-33Y (Youngling) take 3 months for their bodies to mature to adulthood. The Tennyo can choose to pre-program the Youngling with basic military training, or the basic level.
  • Multiple births are rare but do occur.



The NH-33 womb can sense the type of ovum present in the case of a mixed fertilization; the female can influence the type of child. They can choose between a Minkan, or a NH-33Y (Youngling) which will have attributes of the father.

Father Default Option
Nepleslian NH-31C / NH-33Y Nepleslian
NH-1 Geshrin NH-31C / NH-33Y NH-22C Yamataian
NH-22C Yamataian NH-31C / NH-33Y NH-22C Yamataian
Minkan NH-31C / NH-33Y -
Regardless of the influencing the child will have genetic attributes of both parents.
Typically offered to upgrading NH-29's

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