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Personnel Synthesis Facility

A personnel synthesis facility (PSF) is a large factory and personnel equipment depot that mass-produces soldiers for service in the Star Army of Yamatai or Yamatai Star Empire. The product of a PSF is generally Nekovalkyrja. Some PSFs, such as the one on the “Nekovalkyrja homeworld” of Nataria, produce well over 1.5 million soldiers per month.


In the the war-torn universe, there is a constant need for soldiers. Because of this, many factions (particularly the Uesureyan Star Empire from which Yamatai and Nepleslia originate) have been raising clone armies for as long as anyone can remember; mass cloning is a historically common and accepted practice.

Soldiers were created in bulk, required to serve their term as repayment, and then are given their freedom. As soldiers leave the army, they are replaced by a combination of recruits and newly-created soldiers. In Yamatai, these are typically Nekovalkyrja, a post-human artificial species with greater strength, mobility, and mental facilities than any Human.

In the past, there was contention over the Nekovalkyrja species's status as a species or as a weapon. In YE 35, this was resolved when Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai, declared Nekovalkyrja to be a species, but still required to serve for 3 years. In her decree, she also order that “the Star Army must continue to produce new Nekovalkyrja in any manner it sees fit.” This was seen by high-ranking members of the Star Army as a sort of “blank check” to more aggressively mass-produce Nekovalkyrja.

During the International Relations Conference of YE 36, Taisho Ketsurui Yui gave international diplomats a tour of a personnel synthesis facility, including showing off an enormous formation of four million newly-created Nekovalkyrja.


Personnel synthesis facilities contain large numbers of synthesis vats in which the Nekovalkyrja Creation Process takes place, as well as issue facilities where the soldiers are given their initial set of standard issue gear that they will bring with them to their initial entry training (IET. See Star Army Training Methods and Times).

A personnel synthesis facility is usually described in terms of how many Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 it can produce in a day. For example, the Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30 was a type of personnel synthesis facility could make 6,000 Nekovalkyrja per day.

The inside of these places are bustling with activity. Large halls are filled with Nekovalkyrja in various states of dress. As the Nekovalkyrja emerge from the cloning areas they are given their initial programming and move in organized lines with workers guiding them along to the supply station where the new soldiers get their first clothing, dressing themselves on the spot and stuffing the excess into duffel bags. Soon they will get their first assignments and transportation to their socialization courses and basic military training.

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