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Benefits of Serving the Star Army

As a member of the Star Army of Yamatai, you are part of a special, vital community that protects and defends the people of the Yamatai Star Empire. You are part of the greatest military in the universe, the army that all other nations strive to imitate, and part of a time-honored profession: you are a warrior. You will continuously earn the respect of not only our nation, but the nations around us and our enemies as you follow The Star Army Creed.

Star Army Cap, Type 32

Material Benefits

Soldiers are eligible for the benefits below after signing an enlistment contract.

Base Housing

Housing is available at most major Star Army facilities for use by married service members and their families. See Star Army Base Housing.


Members of the Star Army of Yamatai will receive, upon request, property with a house (such as a Star Army Cabin, Type 39) on it (or a condo in the city if preferred) after serving 3 or more consecutive years. These houses cannot be sold but can be traded for other SAoY/YSE housing lots. Each soldier can choose his/her preferred planet and city for the house to be in.

Soldiers leaving the Star Army must file a claim for the housing benefit within 1 year of their honorable or general discharge or the benefit will expire.

Life Insurance

Members of the Star Army of Yamatai have the option to be insured for 100,000 KS each. This insurance is free but must be requested in the soldier's orders thread, along with the recipient. The money is paid in the event a soldier dies and no mental backup is available to bring him/her back.

Medical and Dental Care

Members of the Star Army of Yamatai receive free medical and dental care both from the Star Army itself and from all government run and government-sponsored hospitals. This includes up to 3 cosmetic procedures per calendar year. Retired soldiers may still visit Star Army facilities for their medical needs.


See Star Army Pay for pay rates.


Soldiers of the Star Army have access to the various resorts exclusive to the Ketsurui Clan and the Star Army.


After 15 or more years of service, a Star Army soldier is eligible to retire. Retired soldiers receive their retirement pay for a number of full years equal to that which they served. This payment is also available in a lump sum, or as half-payment for double the years. The amount of retirement pay is equal to 50% the amount of basic pay the soldier was getting at the time they were discharged.

Note: Some soldiers who joined prior to YE 37 will be eligible for a “grandfathered in” 6-year version of the above retirement benefit, but they will lose this on reenlistment/contract renewal, so that option will be gone for all soldiers by YE 40.


Members of the Star Army of Yamatai, of all ranks, and former members with an honorable discharge are eligible for free transportation (on a space-available) basis aboard most Star Army starships. Since Star Army ships typically move all around the known universe, this gives soldiers an easy and cost-free way to move around the Empire.

Loss of Benefits

Former Star Army veterans can lose their benefits if they commit major crimes or move to foreign countries. Loyal suzerains of Yamatai are not counted as foreign countries.

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