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Star Army Forms

Star Army Forms stand as a crucial element in maintaining order, coherence, and meticulous documentation within the sophisticated structure of the Star Army of Yamatai. They are a manifestation of procedural precision and administrative diligence that ensure the seamless operation and interaction of various components within the universe.


The inception of Star Army Forms can be traced back to the foundational days of the Star Army in YE 21, where the need for systematic documentation and reporting became apparent. Over the years, these forms have evolved, embracing technological advancements to become more user-friendly, interactive, and efficient, allowing for impeccable record-keeping and communication within the diverse and dynamic environment of the Star Army universe.

List of Forms

The Star Army of Yamatai uses a variety of forms to collect, transfer, and store information in an organized and complete way. The current list is available below. Each has a number. Some of them may have links to the actual form and are usable as forum post templates.

Form NumberForm TitleDescriptionPage
SA Form 201Request For OrdersUse for requesting new assignmentsSAoY Request For Orders
SA Form 202Request for AwardUse to request awardsSAoY Request For Award
SA Form 203Request for PromotionUse to get soldiers or officers promotedSAoY Request For Promotion
SA Form 204Request For LeaveUse to request a period of time away from duty station
SA Form 205Request for Benefit
SA Form 206Request for Pay Update
SA Form 209Request for StaffingUse to get crew members or personnel for a ship, base, or unit
SA Form 210Enlistment Qualification Survey
SA Form 211Enlistment ContractAgreement between the Star Army and the soldierStar Army Enlistment Contract
SA Form 212Reenlistment Contract
SA Form 213Oath of OfficeWritten copy of oath of office
SA Form 214Certificate of Discharge
SA Form 215Occupation Qualification
SA Form 216Graduation Certificate
SA Form 221Personnel EvaluationUse for performance reviewsSAoY Personnel Evaluation
SA Form 222Counseling Statement
SA Form 230Life Insurance
SA Form 231Power of Attorney
SA Form 250Identification Card
SA Form 280Exchange Program
SA Form 299PEARL Request
SA Form 301Operation Order
SA Form 301Basic Intelligence ReportUse to report intelligence
SA Form 302Duty Officer's Log
SA Form 401Request for EquipmentUse for requesting items from Star Army Logistics
SA Form 402Inventory ListUse for recording/verifying inventory
SA Form 403Hand ReceiptUse to make a record of items transferred
SA Form 404Request for Issue or Turn-In
SA Form 405Equipment LabelBasic label stenciled on Star Army equipmentStar Army Equipment Labels
SA Form 4515-Year Equipment Review
SA Form 490Grave Marker
SA Form 501Equipment Inspection
SA Form 801Medical Evaluation
SA Form 802Medical Appointment
SA Form 803Certificate of Death
SA Form 1001Request for ShipFor requesting a starshipSAoY Request For Ship
SA Form 1101Police Report
SA Form 1102Sworn Statement
SA Form 1301Flight Log


Star Army Forms are meticulously designed documents, either digital or physical, structured to capture essential information accurately:

  • Variety of Forms: Ranging from personnel records to equipment logs, each tailored to its specific purpose.
  • Interactivity and User-Friendliness: Modern forms often feature interactive fields and automated calculations for user convenience.
  • Uniformity and Consistency: Standardized layouts and structures ensure coherence and uniformity across the board.
  • Security Features: To protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of data.


Star Army Forms play a pivotal role in various facets of Star Army operations:

  • Personnel Management: For maintaining detailed records of personnel, including their service history, medical records, and evaluations.
  • Logistical Documentation: Keeping track of equipment issuance, maintenance logs, and supply requisitions.
  • Operational Reporting: Documenting mission details, situational reports, and after-action reviews.
  • Administrative Procedures: Facilitating requests, approvals, and various administrative processes within the organization.

OOC Notes

Star Army Forms bring a layer of realism and immersion to the role-playing experience in the Star Army universe, providing players with a tangible interaction with the administrative and procedural aspects of military life. They serve as a tool to delve deeper into character development, explore interpersonal dynamics, and engage with the Star Army setting more authentically. Players are encouraged to incorporate these forms innovatively in their narratives, respecting the established guidelines and lore available on the wiki for a coherent and enriching role-playing experience.

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