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PEARL (Personnel Extraction, Accounting, Recovery, and Location) is a specialized division of the Star Army of Yamatai's Star Army Personnel Command that is devoted to accounting for Star Army soldiers who are missing-in-action (MIA) or unaccounted for, held by the enemy as a prisoner of war (POW), or killed in action (KIA) with the aim of returning them home.


Historically the Star Army of Yamatai has had problems with consistently recovering lost soldiers. There have been multiple times where the Star Army took months or even years for any rescue attempt to be made for lost starships, including with the YSS Yuurei and YSS Freedom.

In YE 42 during the Kuvexian War, Chujo Hanako, the Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel Command, began working on the creation of a new agency under Star Army Personnel which would be focused on the recovery of missing personnel such as Motoyoshi Tachiko, a Nekovalkyrja that Hanako recovered in YE 41, who had been in stasis for 13 years, and the Kuvexian capture of planets like Hanako's World and Planet Himiko, leaving thousands of soldiers stranded behind enemy lines. The name PEARL is also a reference to Hanako (whose names have included Shinjuku, meaning little Pearl).

Hanako was hoping to get Takagawa Hitomi to serve as the first director of the new organization, due to her experience in being a police detective, her vast wealth of experience in psychology, and her people skills, but was unable to bring her out of retirement.

In YE 42, Park Hana was transferred to PEARL to serve as a communications secretary.

In YE 43, PEARL created a new award, the Rescue Ribbon as a way to recognize those taking part in rescue missions. Later that year, Ketsurui Yui asked Anzai Saya to become the director of PEARL1).

In YE 43.5, PEARL recovered Rachel Woofer2),

In YE 43.8, Task Force 1 was formed and attached to PEARL3).

In YE 44, PEARL was working on recovery of soldiers from Jun4).


The mission of PEARL is to provide trustworthy and accurate accounting for missing personnel to their families and to the the Star Army of Yamatai, to the highest possible extent. PEARL will do everything it can to find soldiers or their remains and bring them home. PEARL creates and follows procedures for determining of the status of missing personnel and for systematic, comprehensive, and timely collection, analysis, dissemination, and periodic reviews and updates on missing personnel. It works and communicates with recovery teams, forensic scientists, family organizations, veterans, academic institutions, government diplomats, and foreign governments.

Major initiatives include:

  1. Finding individuals caught behind enemy lines and coordinating their extraction
  2. Accounting for missing soldiers in present wars such as the Kuvexian War.
  3. Accounting for missing in previous wars such as the First Mishhuvurthyar War and Second Mishhuvurthyar War

Major partners include:

PEARL operates by tracking the whereabouts of all soldiers, past and present, with a focus on those whose locations have become unknown. It then will attempt to ascertain the whereabouts of the soldiers and coordinate with the Star Army for their safe return. PEARL coordinates rescues either through diplomatic channels or by finding suitable units to complete the rescue operation, and usually contacting them directly.

PEARL provides Star Army representation to diplomatic envoys of the Yamatai Star Empire for negotiating return of POW/MIA/KIAs.


The contacts for PEARL are as follows.

PEARL Directory
Picture Name Description
Park Hana Star Army Clerk, Ittô Heisho
Anzai Saya Anzai Saya Star Army Command Staff, Taisho

Case Files

Some open POW cases that PEARL is currently investigating are:

PEARL is also attempting to locate these missing soldiers:

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