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Araena Sutoikku

Araena Sutoikku is a player character played by Arbitrated. NOTE: This is the commissioned officer for the Star Army of Yamatai. If you are looking for the civilian clone, refer to this page: Araena Soriano

  Araena Sutoikku  
  Species & Gender:    Caelisolan Female  
  Date of Birth:    YE 07  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Executive/First Officer  
  Rank:    Chusa  
  Current Placement:    YSS Imperator  

Physical Description


Height: 196cm

Weight: 39kg (86.0lbs)

Wing Details: 413cm span, Cardinal structure.

Feather color: Light grey transitioning into dark grey, with occasional random maroon feathers.

Eye color: Garnet red.

Hair color: Silver with a very slight sheen of blue.

Hair style: Incredibly curly, often kept to shoulder-length.

BWH: 36, 27, 33 (D cup)

Carrying around a surprisingly curvy body for a Caelisolan, this ashen cardinal has not left the attention given to her be unnoticed. Her slender overall frame comined with the general lack of pigmentation in her hair and plumage had for a time assigned Arna nicknames such as 'ghost' or 'spirit', especially combined with her early involvement ins the Caelisolan Project. Despite what may be implied by her more “volumetric” chest and wings, this woman is surprisingly nimble and can climb a variety of objects with relative ease. Despite the relatively cramped conditions she occasionally works in, Araena often wears the long-skirted variation of the standard uniform.


A surprisingly cheerful and social individual, despite her past growing up and her career's nearly eternal monotony and repetition, Araena can be summarized almost immediately as an optimist. Whenever possible, the Elysian will bring forth information of a silver lining, a ray of sunshine, or even something as straightforward as “we are not dead yet, thus we have a chance”. Quick to warm up to others, Sutoikku has a knack for bringing comfort and respite to those around her.

Similarly, the Elysian believes in the idea that one should protect others when possible. Should an argument, heated debate, or fight break out it would not be a surprised for Miss Sutoikku to be caught in the middle trying to disperse the tension with tact and a calm voice.

Eager to be the cutting edge when an opportunity arises, Sutoikku always stays near the front and center if she can. With an age of new technology and more than enough ideas, the cardinal is always willing to take part in one experiment or another.

In accordance with the rest of her, the girl was indeed quite polite and courteous, rarely to show anger even when surrounded by stressors and impatience. Off-putting to some, this politeness had actually been a unique trait in her earlier life.


Araena Sutoikku was born in YE 07, in an unknown city on Yamatai underneath Heavens by the name Araena Serphine.

Born into one of the most heavily deteriorating plebian cities, Araena was barely over a year old when the Plague resulted mass paranoia and chaos throughout society-the body of her mother was never found. Having survived the chaos by what could best be described as pure luck, the child's human father made his way carefully through the partially ruined city, taking his daughter with him as he was taken in by the budding Star Army's military forces; using his status as a survivor of the sudden catastrophe allowed the man and child to be taken to safety despite the war.

For the next several years of her life, Araena was actually raised with a mixture of Elysian and Yamataian customs; her father believed that the only way he could help Araena's late mother in her death, was to raise their daughter as true to Elysian tradition as possible. At about the age of five, Araena and her father returned to what could be considered the remainder of Elysian territory on Geshrintall.

Araena was raised in a small community, a town which primarily contained refugees and survivors of the War, for the next several years of her life-even through the second and third wars; the relative size of the community and the fact that it was not on many maps at the time allowed the civilians there to live a surprisingly peaceful life during the conflicts. As much of Elysian society began to move to a new world, the Serphine family, all two of them, followed along.

Araena, now the age of eighteen, began to develop incredible interest-and concern-at the rapidly re-growing society; at the time, Elysia Novus would not have been prepared for a massive influx of people. Despite her over-caring father's worries for her health, Araena started to volunteer to help the budding society grow and develop even though a fourth war raged on. When the Caelisolan Project was still in very early development, Araena's father-still a human at the time-encouraged her to sign up as a volunteer; at the time, he was afraid that another Plague may happen to elysians who refused to “upgrade”. As the process had also promised a soul transfer based back up to volunteers, Sutoikku's father also convinced himself this was the best way to preserve what family he had left- making his daughter effectively immortal, and even more an Elysian than she could ever have been without her mother.

With her small influence in the community, combined with her relatively healthy physical and mental state for a plebian and her willingness to help Elysia, Araena was accepted as a volunteer for the Caelisolan project near the end of YE 28. Her new body, after a mistake which forced the growth process to be restarted, took a few weeks to prepare for the procedure. A short time into YE 29, Araena's consciousness resided in a new, colorful body. It wasn't until nearly a month later that the woman's lack of coloration became truly obvious; her growing hair had been steadily taking on its distinct silver sheen, while many ash-colored feathers intermixed with her originally crimson plumage. Though her body is genetically supportive of its natural pigmentation, an error in its creation has caused the pigments to not be produced naturally.1)

Aside from her new body, Sutoikku had begun to live a fairly normal life as an Elysian civilian, employed as a machinist on Elysia Novus. Araena, after a time, decided to join the Star Army of Yamatai; her father supported this action reluctantly, influenced positively by the treatment he had received when fleeing the ruins of the Plague.

Araena was stationed on the YSS Tuco, a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship, in the year YE 32, shortly after the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. As one of the technicians on board, Araena was often tasked with the maintenance of the YSS Tuco and any equipment on board such as power armors and shuttlecraft. The vessel was primarily a scout, rarely engaging in prolonged combat, and mostly assisted in the harassment of enemy supply lines and infrastructure rather than full fleet-based combat.

Shortly after her term ended on board the Tuco in YE 352), Araena reenrolled into the Star army training, deciding to become an officer. After spending additional years at the officer academy and a short time of being stationed at Fort Victory, Araena Sutoikku was transferred to the YSS Imperator.

Social Connections

Araena Sutoikku is connected to:

Father: Matthew Serphine, human male

Mother: Unknown plebian female, presumed dead (body never found)

Husband: Kaede Sutoikku

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

During the brief few years of non-independence Elysia endured, Araena began to be fascinated in the sleekness and relatively clean-cut technology of Yamatai's Star Army. Upon reaching the proper age, it was only a jog to the nearest recruitment center before one of the first Caelisolans had began taking up arms.

Starship Operations

Finding the easiest way to learn of technology was to take it apart and look inside, it was a very short time before the bird had been recommended for an engineering-focused training especially revolving around starships and vehicles.


Although of little relative use during much of a military starship's lifespan, the ability to create a safe gathering area or sturdy defensive position is an easy skill to overlook and yet a potent tool when used correctly.

Maintinance and Repair

A relatively obvious core subject for those attempting to run a starship from its heart, being able to hold things together and keep the structure running at peak efficiency was a given; as was keeping weapons and power armors stocked and functional for any situation.


Although only lightly brushed upon during her training, Araena can easily get nearly any vehicle mobile under her influence with the right touches and a bit of manual work. Failing that, she can at least identify any type of useful salvage from one.

Inventory & Finance

Araena Sutoikku has the following items:

Araena Sutoikku has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Araena has 1000 KS available for personal expenditures, typically investing excess out into a savings account for future use3). Her account is also linked to Elysian Aureas, and she often carries her card for them on her person. Unusually intricate for a non-Patrician, Araena's card has a prismatic trim around a body which is photosensitive, changing from green to purple if it is exposed to a significant amount of light.

OOC Information



  • Can this character be killed forever? NO
  • Can this character be killed temporarily? YES

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Nope

  * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? No

Character Data
Character NameAraena Sutoikku
Character OwnerArbitrated
Character StatusActive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusPOW
SAOY RankChusa
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Captain
This means that whenever Araena uses an ST machine or artificial regeneration of some way, she will have crimson wings and brown hair for a short time afterwards.
Just after the war had ended
This account has approximately 8000 KS at this time

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