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Elysian Currency

The hard and fast rule for Elysian currency is that they use electronic money, using the Aureas as its basic component. This currency is usually carried in the form of a card. This card is in itself a distinction of wealth – while a poor plebeian might carry a plain white card with a simple line of numbers on it, a wealthy patrician is more likely to have an extremely ornate card full with patterns and containing a volumetric projection system for no other reason than it looking good.

Financial transactions can simply be made by waving the card near a scanner, which can come in many different forms. Then the relevant amount of Aureas or 'Credits' (an informal terms, unliked by most Patrician's due to its connotations of Yamatai and Nepleslia) are either removed from your account or placed into it. Depending on the complexity of the cards different situations might need to be met before data transfer – a patrician's might require a certain individuals DNA for example, or a access word in a certain tone of voice.

Amongst the higher echelon the Aureas is not used an enormous amount – instead a form of bartering is used where objects of value are exchanged for services or other objects of value. This appeals to their sentiments. Thus it is not unusual to find a patrician carrying around a purse of gold coins and gems, and these can often be used even when dealing with lower orders. Few Elysians will refuse a patrician's money in any case.

The relative strength of the Aureas is fixed as 5 AR for every 1 KS.

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