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Anakes is the second of the new systems which the Elysian Celestial Empire has colonized, not as magnicently rich in resources as Minyas but redeems itself with a magnificently diverse ecosystem on the third planet.

Flag of Anakes

In YE 31, Anakes was captured by the NMX. In YE 34, it was retaken by the Tenth Fleet.

Planet 1:

Is a hot dead world, barren and of little interest.

Planet 2:

Is larger, but even more devoid of any materials. Or interest.

Planet 3:

Planet Three is the wonder of the system. It has a delicate and yet extremely complicated and diverse ecosystem – indeed on two separate continents there appear to have been entirely different evolutionary concepts. While one is an idyllic, almost paradisiacal, area with no predators only planet and herbivores, the second possess a savage bueaty – a mind boggling web of predator and prey. The true diversity of this planet has yet to be explored – but the first colonists will be put down carefully on the β€˜Kind continent’.

Communications on the planet are now provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 36.

Planet 4:

The first gas giant in the system is also the largest and the most interesting. While of no great material value it is exceptionally aesthetically appealing – it appears to be a great sphere of metallic blue with a great white eye travelling across the surface. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the Elysian national symbol.

Planet 5:

A completely generic gas giant.

Planet 6:

An almost completely generic gas giant with a belt of orbiting matter.

Planet 7:

A rather uninteresting gas giant which while potentially useful in the future is currently of no great value. It has a belt of orbiting matter – although not in high enough densities to merit a mining investigation while there are more available resources.

None of the gas giants have moons for some reason the Elysians can not fathom.

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