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EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The Emrys Industries hirakeru communications satellite is intended for use on worlds to establish communications grid, it became available in YE 33. In YE 34 and YE 36, the Yamatai Star Empire conducted major deployments of Emrys satellites to planets in its territory.

About the EM-O3

The EM-O3 is a full function Communications Satellite designed for planets with large populations. They are designed to work in harmony with other satellites or multiples of the EM-O3 to provide complete coverage. Hirakeru means β€œto become civilized, to become opened up”

EM-O3 Hirakeru Satellite


After the Battle of Yamatai the planetary communications network was a shamble. Emrys Industries went to work to modify their EM-O2 "Houmen" Communication Satellite for a large scale permanent operation. The Tamahagane Corporation donated the first units to the Empire to restore the Capital communications grid.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries, Geshrinari Shipyards Nomenclature: EM-O3-1a Type: Communications Class: Satellite Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Price: 100,000 KS base

  • Additional clusters 5,000 KS ea


Width: 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) Length: 10.5 meters (34.44 ft) Height: 4.5 meters (14.76 ft)


Base: 8,192,000 channels Maximum: 131,072,000

  • Digital video
  • Data
  • Voice
  • Radio
  • Subspace



EM-O3-E3303 Guidance

The EM-O3 uses a pair of Ge-Z1-E3300 - Guidance System for its Guidance and control, it only requires one, but the second one is a redundant backup for reliability.

Guidance System

EM-O3-E3302 Transponder Cluster

The EM-O3 is equipped with multiple transponder clusters. These units are multiplexing communications units, each cluster is capable of handling the bandwidth for up to 1,024,000 multiplexing signals. The EM-O3 is scalable, and comes with eight clusters, however it can have up to 128.


The EM-O3 is equipped with a RADAR for two purposes. To determine its altitude above the surface, and to track any objects approaching it so that Satellite can avoid destructive impacts.

EM-O2-E3300 - Inertial Navigation Unit

The EM-O3 is equipped with the EM-O2-E3300 - Inertial Navigation Unit. It detects any movement in all three axises and provides the data to the control unit for use in correcting.

EM-O2-E3300 INU

EM-O3-P3300 Thrusters

The EM-O2 is equipped with eight Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters which are used for attitude control to ensure proper alignment of the antennae.

EM-O3-P3301 Graviton Engine

The EM-O2 is equipped with a Geshrinari Graviton Engine to maintain its position above the planet.

EM-O3-G3300 Power System

The EM-O3 is equipped with a bank of high efficiency rechargeable power cells. These are recharged by the two large solar arrays located on either side of the satellite. For periods of high energy requirements such as high volume subspace traffic, the power system switches to a compact aether generator.

Products & Items Database
Product Categorieselectronics, space stations
Product NameEM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards, Emrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)100β€―,000.00 KS

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