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Ge-Z1-E3300 - Guidance System

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The Ge-Z1-E3300 Guidance System was developed for the Ge-Z1 Series Torpedoes in YE 33.

It has two modes of operation, guided and autonomous. The heart of the Ge-Z1-E3300 is a tiny, advanced, quantum computer, capable of performing super-high-speed data-churning. It can be programmed for a variety of applications.

Ge-Z1-E3300 Guidance System


In this mode the Ge-Z1-E3300 is on autopilot. Depending on the application, it will take the appropriate actions to accomplish its assigned task.


In this mode the Ge-Z1-E3300 is controlled by other system. This can be a console in the device or slaved via communications to another system.

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