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The KS is a unit of currency used within the Yamatai Star Empire. KS is the abbreviated form of Kikyou Satsu. Which means β€œbellflower note.” They are commonly used in electronic form by a KS Card.

Printed Currency

KS are also available in a bill form. KS bills are not made of paper; the bills are made of polymer fibers which are combined under precise temperature, pressure and extruded as a rectangular bundle. This bundle is then sliced to paper thinness. The method of manufacture of the material makes them virtually impossible to counterfeit. After the cutting to proper thinness, the sheets are then embossed and dyed with the appropriate images, denomination, and 14 digit-alpha-numeric number. All hard currency is created by the Department of Finance.

Current KS notes

Note: Yamatai can synthesize bulk molecules, including Silver, from aether forges. Additionally it has access to advanced mining tech and can find metallic asteroids fairly readily. These factors help keep Yamataian metal prices much lower than IRL.

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