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Ketsurui Sanctuary Palace

This palace, located on Planet Himiko and far from the Ketsurui Clan's home on Yamatai (Planet), is under construction to replace the function of the Empress' Palace as the center of power for the clan. Its location was selected by Ketsurui Yui after her father, Kitsurugi Uesu, gave the throne to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and her clan. Himiko System was one of the many worlds charted by Uesu on his way out of known space and is the center of the Ketsurui Military Sector.


Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall is a rectangular room measuring 80m wide, 40m tall, and 120m long. Huge Roman-style columns run the length of the hall every 20 meters, separating the hall into a large central corridor and two side areas. This entrance of the palace is the first part to begin construction (in YE 30). Its entrance faces out into the entrance gardens and down Main Street. Main Street is a 2km stretch of road that links the Ketsurui Palace (and the North End) with Fort Yui (at the South End). It is lined with shops and restaurants.

On the inward-facing of the Entrance Hall are doorways to a wide hallway that provides access to kitchens, restrooms, and other facilities, while the outside-facing wall contains the main entrance and two smaller entrances. The sides of the main hall are lined with large windows looking out to large ponds with fountains in the entrance garden. It has a floor made of highly polished red, black, and white marble, forming a repeating pattern of the logo of the Star Army of Yamatai, the military with which the Ketsurui Clan is so deeply connected.

Central Hall

The Central Hall is a large circular chamber that is the center of the new palace. It rests beneath a huge golden dome.

Currently, the hall is in an unfinished state, although it does contain four statues:

  • A statue of Yui in her Taisho uniform (in YE 31)
  • A statue of Hanako in her uniform (in YE 31)
  • A statue of Uesu (in YE 30)
  • A statue of Chiharu in her uniform (in YE 26)

The Central Hall connects to the back of the Entrance Hall and to the Living Area.

Living Chambers

The rear of the Central Hall opens into a large hall lined with the entrances to the Living Chambers where Ketsurui Clan members can reside. Currently, this area is unfinished and only contains rooms for Yui.

Yui's Chambers

A recreation of the chambers Yui had at the Empress' Palace in Kyoto, Yui's chambers open into a central foyer with a marble-topped desk, with stairways going from either side up to a balcony area where there is a small table and chairs. Yui's bedroom is upstairs, and her personal dining hall (followed by the kitchen) is on the bottom floor. The well-heated room's walls are painted a dark red. The furniture is a dark golden color; each piece is a masterwork of inlaid wood, encrusted with sweeping curls of gold.

Her giant bedroom contains a giant sleeping nest filled with blankets, pillows, cushions and comforters on one side, as well as a variety of couches and a sturdy-looking bed on the other. A corner of the room is set up as a small office with a desk, printer, and computer.

The room is decorated in various shades of red, white, and gold, with the giant, soft red pit of a nest rising, then dipping in the floor like a crater on some moon somewhere. The hardwood floor shines from beneath carpets and furniture with a rich luster.


The Palace is constructed from an immensely thick frame made from interlaced Zesuaium armor salvaged from nearly 500 Chiharu-class Battleships and other vessels of war, coated with concrete and fine stone from various places throughout the known galaxy. All exterior walls are white. The rooftops are dark blue-gray.

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