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In the Star Army of Yamatai, Taisho (大将) are admirals serving as the commanding officer of fleets. The rank below Taisho is Chujo. For a full listing of ranks, see Star Army Ranks.

Taisho Kessaku Irim

Taisho Positions


Promotions to Taisho must be authorized by the Empress of Yamatai. This was explicitly stated by Ketsurui Yui in YE 38.

Soldiers must have at least 15 years in service to become a Taisho.


Officers leaving Taisho positions for reasons other than promotions, transfers, or reassignment to available positions must immediately retire from military service; in other words, admiralty ranks are tied to assignments and the Star Army does not keep admirals without assignments.

Symbols of Rank

Taisho can be easily identified by their rank pins or sleeve stripes. They also typically wear an admiral's officer cap. They also have a distinctive rank flag which is used on vehicles and structures.

Rank Pin

The Taisho pin resembles a flower with eight petals and is made of gold.

Sleeve Rank

Taisho wear two large white stripes bordered in gold on their sleeves.


Admirals wear an Officer Cap with two rows of leaves and pearls.

Officer Cap


The Taisho rank flag is sometimes jokingly referred to as “seven stars around the moon” (as in the Cantonese food dish). It is typically flown whenever and wherever the admiral is working and is also used on vehicles, including starships.

List of Taisho

Previous Taisho

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