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Star Army Fleet Admiral

Commanding the mighty fleets of the Star Army of Yamatai, Fleet Admirals are the most experienced and senior commanders in this Yamatai Star Empire. They oversee the overall command, operation, strategy & tactics, and all other aspects of a fleet.

The MOS code for a Fleet Admiral is 10F and the panel color is command white.


In YE 22, Ketsurui Yui became the Star Army's first fleet admiral when she was promoted to Taisho and given command of the First Fleet.

In YE 24, Chujo Ketsurui Mayame served as acting Fleet Admiral for the First Fleet until the position was taken by Ketsurui Chiharu. During the Second Draconian War that year, Fleet Admirals included Imai Ai of the Nepleslia-Based Third Fleet, James Myamoto of 6th Fleet, Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori of the Yamatai Reserve Fleet, Muru Parasparta of the Second Expeditionary Fleet and 21st Nekovalkyrja War Fleet, Nori Maki of the 1st Nekovalkyrja War Fleet, and Noriko Naga of the 6th Nekovalkyrja War Fleet.

In YE 25, Kessaku Irim became Fleet Admiral for the Second Expeditionary Fleet until she was made commander of the Star Army of Yamatai when Ketsurui Yui ascended to the throne as Empress of Yamatai. Jal, Araiah become commander of Third Expeditionary Fleet until YE 26.

In YE 26, Henry Chen became Fleet Admiral for the Third Expeditionary Fleet until his resignation in YE 29.

In YE 29, Aurore Branard became Fleet Admiral for the Third Expeditionary Fleet and Shinobu Megumi was Fleet Admiral of First Fleet1).

In YE 30, Hokusai Akiyo became Fleet Admiral for the newly-formed Ninth Fleet, Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) became commander of Fourth Fleet, and Shizuka Endo became admiral of the Eighth Fleet.

In YE 31, Second Fleet became the commander of Second Fleet and Eikan Minato became the Fleet Admiral for Sixth Fleet until its destruction in YE 41.

In YE 33, Fujiki Kaori became commander of the Fifth Fleet until YE 34.

In YE 34, John Fitzgerald Whitmoor became Fleet Admiral of the Fifth Fleet.

In YE 36, Hokusai Akiyo became Fleet Admiral for Third Fleet and Kinsaka Yukiharo became fleet admiral of Ninth Fleet.

In YE 39, Suigetsu Kyōku became Fleet Admiral for the Ninth Fleet.

In YE 42, Eikan Minato, former commander of Sixth Fleet, as transferred to Second Fleet to replace Fleet Admiral Fensalir Kelrina, who was killed in action during the Third Battle Of Nataria.


In the Star Army, Becoming a fleet admiral requires previous service as a Star Army Starship Captain.


The required rank for this occupation is typically Taisho (the highest rank in the Star Army).


Fleet Admirals direct fleets and are typically found on a star fortress or a large flagship vessel. They also may tour the various ships in their fleet to inspect readiness.


Fleet Admirals are able to command large numbers of people in stressful situations. They have broad knowledge of military strategies and tactics, personnel, and logistics. They are experts in management and starship-based warfare of every scale.

Player Expectations

Players are expected to maintain their fleet's wiki page and issue orders in the Yamatai Government forum and to regularly maintain contact with the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai.

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