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Ninth Fleet

The Ninth Fleet was a Star Army of Yamatai fleet that existed between YE 30 to YE 43.


The Ninth Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai was created in late YE 30.

Although the Star Army began forming its ground forces into Legions in YE 32, the Ninth Fleet made a strategic decision to retain its two Subjugation Groups as a naval infantry/marine formation. The fleet's 8,000 soldiers are veterans of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and many weathered the occupation of Tami, fighting an insurgency there. Unlike the Legions, the Ninth's mandate does not include using its infantry as an occupying force. Rather, they were used for invasion and shipboard combat operations.

In YE 34, the fleet was restructured under Taisho Hokusai Akiyo to bolster the patrol forces in the galactic north of Yamatai. Transferred were 10 Irim-class heavy gunships, 10 Plumeria-class light gunships and 80 Yuuko-class gunboats. Replacing them are 20 Urufu-class light cruisers and 80 Chiaki-class escort destroyers. As well, three Heitan-class carriers were brought in, while three Odori-class freighters were removed.

In YE 36, the 9th fleet welcomed its newest commander Kinsaka Yukiharo, Kinsaka choose to reassign the fleets current operations to the galactic south west, in addition to its original mission the Taisho added a new mission to the fleets operations which consisted of it going after worlds once taken by the NMX and then freeing those worlds. Because of this, 10 Urufu, 12 Plumeria, 2 Nibasha, and 1 Super Eikan were added to the fleet and two new groups were formed. However, although its AO has changed, this change is one that'll be slowly put into effect.

During this year the 9th's newest commander authorized the construction of a new headquarters on a different part of as a headquarters expansion Tami's surface, picking a location of canyons and mountains that would make attacking by ground a rather dangerous task. The canyons were chosen due to their width, allowing most kinds of small ships such as the Plumeria and Urufu to easily pass through and into the ninth's newly constructed hanger bays. Hangars were built into the sides of mountains to allow for much larger ships. Kinsaka also authorized the construction of an orbital station to house the 9th's much larger ships in YE 36.

At the start of YE 37, the 9th Fleet reorganized its forces and took the Odori class of freighters out of service and replaced them with the Nibasha.

In the middle of YE 39, Taisho Suigetsu Kyōku took command of the Ninth Fleet. She moved the fleet's strategic initiative to the far galactic NorthWest in YE 40, where the YSS Hana had discovered an Elefirn installation in YE 39.

In YE 43, after the end of the Kuvexian War, the Star Army began downsizing its forces and consolidating its fleets, resulting in the Ninth Fleet being disbanded. Its assets were transferred to other fleets.

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