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Tami System

Tami is a star system in the Yamatai Star Empire with one habitable planet of the same name. Despite being just 6 light-years to the Galactic North of Yamatai Star System, it is sparsely populated and considered relatively sleepy despite being the northernmost populated world before the Yamatai North Frontier. As of YE 45, the system has a modest population of only 1,283,529 residents.

The forests of Tami


Originally catalogued as System 13e6f68c689f1eee, Tami was first explored and charted in YE 26 by the GSS Celia. Initial scans showed that the system contained 16 planetoids orbiting around a bright sun, with two of them capable of supporting life (although neither were home to any sentient beings). Kessaku Sakai Yuuko, then a crewmember on the Celia, chose the system's name. Today, only the system itself and fifth settled planet are referred to as “Tami” without further notation.

Quote from [GSS Celia] Discovery at the Doorstep
“We should name the system!” Yuuko grinned excitedly. “Let's name it Tami. It means abundance.”

Tami was the site of a massive offensive by the Mishhuvurthyar in YE 28. The Star Army of Yamatai eventually pushed them back from the planet.1)

In YE 31 it was captured by the NMX. The then-newly formed Ninth Fleet, which had just finished construction of a new underground headquarters complex on the planet, left behind a contingent of infantry soldiers who fought guerrilla war against the invaders until the world was retaken.

Quote from Taisho Hokusai Akiyo The Hidden Fortress
“All of the infantry stationed at outlying installations have been informed that you are in command, Major,” Hokusai said, stopping to speak with him before she boarded the shuttle. “Send those Mishhuvurthyar foolish enough to stay after the fleet is gone to Jigoku — show them no mercy whether they be possessed citizens or monstrous abominations.” She looked out towards the complex’s mustering ground where Yamatai’s banner waived in the evening breeze. “I expect that to be here when I return, Akechi-san,” she told him, turning on a heel to enter the small craft that would take her to the fleet’s flagship, YSS Amagi, and the safety of a faster-than-light jump out of the fallen Tami system.

In YE 34, Tami was invaded and recaptured by Fifth Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai. This action was followed up by Ninth Fleet's return to its system headquarters at that time. The Ninth Fleet Transitional Authority was set up and became Tami's postwar government with Maeda Yusuke, a staff officer from the fleet, installed as its senator. He still represents Tami in the Senate of Yamatai as of YE 45.

Communications on the planet are provided by a network of Emrys Satellites put into orbit in YE 36. In the middle of that year, the Ninth Fleet began construction of a new headquarters expansion that was built into the side of a canyon whose outside was large enough for a Urufu and other ships to easily fly through, matching the underground format and large capacity of the original complex.

While Origin Industries no longer has a manufacturing presence on Tami, it does have an Origin Mart in every major city.

Star Army captain Taiyou Hoshi established Hoshi Ryusei Ranch in YE 39 on approximately 250 acres received by way of a land grant.

In YE 44, Task Force 282 was stationed here and put its headquarters in the Ninth Fleet's former base complex.


A heavily forested planet, Tami is used by the Yamatai Star Empire for little other than occasional Star Army training. Though some of the planet's trees are harvested because of their general strength for use in the construction of precious buildings, Tami's woodlands are otherwise left alone. Ranching became increasingly frequent after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, and other than logging and ecotourism, is Tami's largest industry. The Star Army of Yamatai's Ninth Fleet was headquartered here from its foundation to its deactivation, and the planet was formerly the home of Origin Industries.

There are only a few civilian colonies on the planet with most located around the capital Twilight City's Shiroboshi2) Region. This area has been extensively developed in the years following the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and contains within it most of the planet's infrastructure.

Flag of the Tami System

  • Planet: Tami
  • Type: Terrestrial (Mostly forest)
  • Stellar Radius: About 0.5 AU
  • Circumference: About 30,000 km
  • Surface gravity: 1.4 G
  • Length of Day: 28 hours
  • Length of Year: 400 days


Tami is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Amatsu-Yamatai, Yamatai (Planet) every two hours. Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has a storefront in Tami's capital city.

Most of the planet's roads connect the capital Twilight City to its outlying settlements. Although personal vehicular transport is permitted on Tami's roadways, a firm majority of the planet's citizens prefer to make walking treks between their destinations. Tami's roads are well lit by a series of lanterns, and are meticulously maintained by the planetary government. This transportation network is served by many roadside convenience markets and inns. Beyond the central Shiroboshi Region exists generally untamed wilderness containing very few permanent settlements that include remote logging operations, ranches, and Star Army bases that are only accessible by way of off-road travel or shuttle.

The Shrioboshi Region

Rolling forested hills dominate Tami's Shiroboshi Region. It stretches over an area of approximately 4,500 sq/mi (11655 sq/km). Outside of the sprawling Star Army base complex first established by the Ninth Fleet 150 kilometers to region's south, this area holds the only collection of widespread development on Tami. Shiroboshi was where the planet's first settlers landed and set out from as colonists, with their efforts eventually coalescing around the civilization that would become Tami's largest city.

Architecture across the region incorporates combined stylings from several inspirations, but is particularly influenced by traditional Yamataian construction methods and Nepleslian Craftsman aesthetics that can sit side-by-side with nature in a way that does not blemish it. Most buildings on Tami include from locally-sourced timber within their construction that, combined with wide open porches and verandas that sit under the sloped tiling or thatched gable roofs, work to seamlessly bring the outdoors inside each home or business.

Twilight City

At the Shiroboshi Region's heart lies Twilight City, which serves as both planetary and system capital. This highland metropolis sits on a hilly plateau tucked within the peaks of a low-lying mountain range and is Tami's biggest and longest maintained colony. Nonetheless, Twilight City lacks very many buildings that stretch upward more than four or five stories tall.

The Ninth Fleet Transitional Authority Building, also known more commonly as the Twilight Imperial Palace,3) dominates the city's skyline and rises high above the shorter buildings and foliage that surrounds its prominent hilltop perch. As is the case everywhere on Tami, urban planning has taken great consideration for the maintenance and integration of existing vegetation, and so Twilight City seems to spring out from the trees themselves rather than be a place where plants are installed for decoration.

Twilight City houses a full array of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, medical facilities, schools, department stores, grocery shops, and anything else a discerning starfarer could want from a contemporary Yamataian settlement. Likewise, Twilight City is the only place on Tami where civilian transportation on- and off-world can be chartered. Varied housing options ranging from stout apartment towers to single family homes can be found in Twilight City. Still, Tami's largest city maintains a comfortable population density on its wooded hillsides, and even at its most bustling would be considered somewhat tranquil compared to most of the Star Empire's other destinations.

Akechi Riverfront

More of a district within Twilight City than a completely separate settlement, the Akechi Riverfront is so named in honor of Major Akechi Ikkyu, the Ninth Fleet garrison commander who remained behind to fight against the Mishhuvurthyar when the planet was overtaken in the early stages of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Sitting in the shade of the Twilight Imperial Palace on the opposite southeastern side of the hill from most of Twilight City's developed neighborhoods, the Riverfront area is an idyllic highland valley popular with tourists and locals alike. It hosts luxury hotels, fashionable cafes, and fine restaurants, and is a manicured forest oasis within the relative development of Twilight City. Several campsites only accessible by rented canoe exist a few hundred meters up and down stream, with each hosting a campfire area and self cleaning bathroom on-site.

Pristine glacial waters flow through the town's namesake river, and its calm currents make for ideal swimming, boating, and other waterborne activities (although, on top of strict planetwide environmental regulations, no engine powered craft are permitted in the river within 15 kilometers to maintain its clarity). Drinking the Akechi Riverfront's waters is said by some locals to provide rejuvenative benefits and bottles of it can be purchased at a dedicated shop along the riverfront's main promenade.

Suitable for weddings, special occasions, or even just a quick weekend stay, the Akechi Riverfront is an idyllic and relaxing place enjoyed by many of the Kikyo Sector's denizens. Each year, around 500,000 off-worlders allow the shade and quietude of Akechi Waterfront's forests to soothe their traveling souls.

Phoenix Landing

On a low plain approximately 40 kilometers to the northwest of Twilight City sits the municipality of Phoenix Landing. Most of Tami's heavy industry is based here within the planet's second largest city. Very few factories and industrial plants exist on Tami at all, and the vast majority of them — businesses associated with logging and the processing of animal byproducts from local ranches — are in Phoenix Landing.

Fewer luxuries exist in this working class city, but its citizens are served by extensions of Twilight City's Empire-class medical and education systems. Additionally, there is a large Bravemart location here as well as the planet's biggest OriMart showroom. Most restaurants here are associated with a brewery or a bar, meeting the needs of local workers more than the capital's fancier establishments would.

Trees still dominate the landscape in Phoenix Landing, but grasslands and wide, dusty thoroughfares that make way for heavy logging machinery and cargo loads give it a less shady and more open atmosphere. There is an industrial starport here that ships the planet's goods and commodities off-world for sale throughout the Kikyo Sector, which also serves remote forestry operations across the planet that are not accessible by road.

It is called Phoenix Landing because a ship of famous adventurers visited the place once a long time ago. Local children get told stories of Luca and his crew, and the populace takes some minor amount of pride in the association.


To the east of Twilight City lies Flammendalen, the “Flaming Valley.” It was the site of a great battle during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War fought between the Ninth Fleet's stay-behind resistance and the vile Mishhuvurthyar occupiers that resulted in the entire valley being set ablaze in a successful attempt to surround and burn the invaders as they sacked the previous settlement there.

This midland town is today a crossroads for many of Tami's ranches and provides them with a hub for veterinary and supply services. As is the case with Phoenix Landing, citizens of Flammendalen are provided with basic amenities such as access to the planet's excellent medical and education systems. Additionally, Flammendalen is home to many ranching experts whose firms handle the business and logistics side of livestock handling, as well as the sales and allocation of products from Tami's many ranches.

Every summer, Flammendalen is host to the White Star Planetary Fair and Rodeo where people from all over Tami and the sector come together for an exposition of the planet's livestock and agricultural businesses alongside music, carnival style games, and general revelry. Part of the Tami Fair's festivities include competitions between local ranchers for things like the biggest naturally grown pumpkin, finest animal in several livestock categories, or best chili recipe.

Lark's Hill

Nestled against one of Tami’s easterly mountains is Lark’s Hill, a quaint one-road town populated by handicraft artisans and business owners. Because of its natural springs and quiet mountain beauty, it is a popular stop for visiting hunters and local ranchers alike. It lies approximately 24km to the northwest of Flammendalen, and is close to several ranches including Hoshi Ryusei Ranch.

The town gets its name from the small birds that frequently sing their songs before dawn, much like its rural residents who generally start their days well before sunrise.

Most of the businesses in Lark's Hill are aimed at those traveling through and range from hot spring inns and hunting lodges to restaurants and bars. The local savory dish is venison udon served in an egg-laden broth, which is particularly enjoyed during snowy winters. The town is also known for a cornbread recipe that is taboo to share with non-locals, and restaurants will serve a piece with most meals. Locally caught boar and elk are sold in the shops and are a popular prize amongst the hunters that pass through in the hunting seasons. Woodworking is a popular craft in this mountain town and many ranches and homes in the areas can be seen adorned with large carved animal statues made from the local tree trunks by the artisans of Lark’s Hill.


Most Yamataians who call Tami home are Star Army veterans who served there with the Ninth Fleet or the children of those individuals. The people of Tami largely hail from the Star Empire's core human-derived designer species, the Minkan and Nekovalkyrja, as well as Nepleslians and other standard humans. A handful of individuals from other species including Phods, Kodians, and Iromakuanhe have also taken up residence. Everyone who lives on Tami shares a love for the outdoors, nature, and a quieter life away from the frantic march of Imperial progress (while shying away from none of its helpful technological developments).

Owing to Tami's lengthier 28 hour days as well as the planet's history of Mishhuvurthyar occupation imposed upon its small population, the evening and nighttime have become socially favored hours in the planet's civilizational functions. Tami's long evening hours are its most active with the populace engaged in both business and leisure activities while the daytime is reserved for particular work that by necessity is performed during daylight hours. Travel in particular, most often undertaken on foot or atop working animals, usually takes place on Tami as sunset approaches.


Here's an automatic list of all characters currently in this place (based on structured data from their character pages).

Additionally, these characters make their primary home upon Tami and are considered citizens of the planet, but may not always be present due to their career or travels elsewhere in the gaalxy.

Hokusai AkiyoTaisho of the Second FleetFemaleNekovalkyrja
Maeda YusukeSenatorMaleMinkan

RP Opportunities

Tami would be a good place to do some camping roleplay. Much of Tami is a wilderness so there is plenty of opportunity for forest exploration. Additionally, players might enjoy visiting one of the cities or towns in the populated Shiroboshi Region.

Local Rumors

Put plot hooks and local rumors in this section.

  • There is a popular underground cowboy bar in Lark's Hill that requires an invite and password to access.
  • The Akechi Waterfront is often visited by members of the Ketsurui Clan Imperial family.
  • Phoenix Landing got its name because Luca Pavone and his crew carved their names into a tree near the city's townsite.
  • Some feral Mishhuvuthyar still live out in the wildnerness.

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In Yamataigo, “白星” translates to “white star” or sometimes “victory.”
By any name, this building is the seat of government for Tami and all Star Empire administration happens from within it today.

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