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Task Force 282

Task Force 282 is a special Star Army of Yamatai expeditionary reaction force. Some of its ships are capable of Transuniversal Operations. The task force was first created in YE 42 during the Kuvexian War to spearhead military strikes against the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia in Kuvexian territory, and represented the bulk of Star Army forces that brought Yamatai’s fight to Kuvexian space prior to Battle Of Glimmergold. Today it is assigned to the continued investigation of threats to the Empire. Task Force 282 is headquartered in the Tami System.


Task Force 282 was launched in YE 42.31) with the purpose of assaulting Kuvexian planets and military installations scouted by the First Fleet gunship YSS Kaiyō II. It was originally composed of 25 ships from the Third Fleet plus Star Army Rikugun Legions 776, 777 and 778 and their accompanying support ships. The task force served with distinction2) until the end of the Kuvexian war, fighting at the Battle of Glimmergold3) before returning home to the Kikyo Sector with allied forces following victory there.

During the ensuing peace, Task Force 282 saw some of its constituent ships and units demobilized in line with post-war reduction-in-force measures handed down from Star Army Command. However, the task force itself was not decommissioned and languished for a period as the entire Star Army recouped from the grueling war and its climax. Following a year in administrative limbo, the decision was made to maintain Task Force 282 in light of the post-war situation on the Yamataian homefront.

Originally tasked with wartime raiding and invasion, the task force would from YE 44.7 instead exist as an expeditionary reaction flotilla that could reconnoiter, clandestinely investigate, and autonomously strike at emerging threats to the Yamatai Star Empire. With the shuffling out of two legions and a dozen ships plus an addition of Star Army Intelligence assets, the Task Force 282 of today exists as a lean, agile, and elite force pointed at some of Yamatai’s greatest threats. The Task Force’s current leadership remains undisclosed to anybody beyond Taisho Ketsurui Yui. Although the YSS Kaiyō II is its flagship, command and control functions are exercised from the Task Force's headquarters on Tami.


Warriors backed by sun Tides roll out, storms may come For us the black and blue We see our battle’s outcome Victory will ensue!! Victory for 282!! 4)


Uchuugun units of Task Force 282 ships are painted in SAINT black. Sometimes Task Force ships take on the livery of the Kaiyō, a muted wedgewoood blue on the nacelles or wings and silver on the main body of the ship. The following ships and assets are currently assigned to Task Force 282:



Star Army Intelligence

Planetary Installations

  • Former Ninth Fleet partially underground headquarters on Tami
  • Hoshi Ryusei Ranch on Tami is sometimes used for staff meetings and retreats. Unlike "manadatory fun" it is actually quite an enjoyable place to relax with some yaks, farm animals, gardening, or lazing in the ranch house as many Star Army personnel have done before

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