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YE 38: Astral Reverie

YE38: Astral Reverie follows the story of an elite group of Star Army of Yamatai special operators as they fight a secret battle to secure a stolen prototype Mindy 4 power armor.

🛈 This article details an in-progress plot.

More about Astral Reverie

The plot is run by raz. It is currently on hiatus and will return at a future date. Roleplay took place via joint posts between his and Revolver's characters.

After coming out of an NMX prisoner exchange with more than they bargained for, members of a Star Army Intelligence operations group race back to Yamatai (Planet) with vital information concerning a possible double agent. Chui Senkou Sakiyama of the Mindy Test Team has been found living as a Mishhu prisoner since before the Battle of Yamatai.

First on the scene is Special Operations Fire Team Usagi, the 676th Star Army Command Quick Reaction Force. After a small scuffle, Usagi Team leader Eikan Taeko-heisho confronted Senkou at Black Sands Test Range and demanded she surrender herself. But with little ability to stop a fully geared power armor soldier, Senkou eluded Taeko's grasp and escaped to the surface of Yamatai.


If you'd like to participate, PM raz with your character idea on the forums. All positions on Usagi Team are open until filled by players, who can easily replace NPCs cycled off of duty.

Thread Notes
OOC Thread Story discussion
Part 1: The Terror1) Won ”Outstanding Original Sci-fi“ in the 2016 ToS

Star Army Personnel

Usagi Team is a Special Operations Fire Team made up of elite Nekovalkyrja soldiers from the Star Army Fleets and Star Army Rikugun. It falls under the purview of veteran SAINT operative Nicholas Saiga-chusa as a Special Personnel Project, attached to his command as a quick reaction force to complement SAINT's Tanuki fire team.

Tactical Command

Special Operations Fire Team Usagi (Star Army Command)

Special Operations Fire Team Tanuki (SAINT)


Star Army Team Leadership
Eikan Taeko
Nicholas Saiga Eikan Taeko Akechi Kiriko

OOC Notes

  • The character “Eikan Taeko” originally appeared as the squad leader in raz's plot Operation Kōzan. After the first post, her name was misspelled by everybody, including the GM, as the male name “Takeo.”
  • Other than working with Saiga-chusa, Sanzugawa Mikan and Akechi Kiriko are known within the intelligence community for running the field station on Koukotsu and infiltrating the IWL cell there.

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