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Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor

The Ke-M2-4 series models of "Mindy" series are self-powered personal combat armor suits created by Ketsurui Fleet Yards and used by the Star Army of Yamatai. It was first deployed in YE 38.

Mindy Armor Illustration


Type 38 Hinomaru Insignia

The “Mindy 4” was developed from late YE 37 to mid-YE 38 with the intention of becoming standard issue equipment for combat soldiers in the Star Army's space fleets. There were several setbacks that resulted its original planned weapons being scrapped indefinitely.

When the design was finalized in mid YE 38, the armor immediately went into mass-production and began to appear in combat units within the month, just in time to be used in the opening stages of the Kuvexian War. The first starship to use the new Mindy M2-4 series armor in combat was the YSS Eucharis.

The Star Army of Yamatai liked the new Mindy design so much that they updated the Star Army Hinomaru (the Star Army's insignia) to include it. Therefore new Mindy 4 power armors all have a small picture of themselves.

In YE 39, the Star Army added 4E and 4S variants for Elysian and Separa'shan body types1).

Star Army command set a goal date of YE 41 for replacing all of the M2-2 armors with the M2-4 series; however, as of the start of YE 41, not all Star Army ships and units have received their M2-4 replacements. Some of the delays have been caused by the way armor suits are now custom-made for each soldier when possible (as opposed to typical mass production), and by logistics delays and military expansions related to the Kuvexian War.

In YE 43, the Mindy 4 design prominently featured in posters for Star Army Recruiting. It also completed its five-year equipment review and its performance and effectiveness got top marks. The review committee did, however, note that it is tremendously expensive because of the teleporter, photonics, and Zesuaium armor and recommended issuing it only to selected combat soldiers instead of all soldiers.

About the Armor

The Mindy 4 Armor is a high-end mass-production model of armored suit intended for the naval forces of the Star Army of Yamatai; that is to say, it is for starships and space fleets. While it is fully capable of being used planet-side, its role is primarily for use in boarding enemy starships. The Mindy 4 makes use of the Star Army's toughest armor technology and cutting-edge defenses against devices that were able to interfere with aether manipulation power sources in the past. It is the also first Star Army armor to include a built-in teleportation system, Although the teleportation module is relatively short-ranged, it charges quickly and is quite small.

List of Models

The Mindy 4 series has been produced in several subtypes:

Model Number Production Dates Notes
Ke-M2-4A 4月 YE 38-present Original production model, primarily intended for Nekovalkyrja
Ke-M2-4E 1月 YE 39-present Elysian variant with wings
Ke-M2-4S 1月 YE 39-present Separa'Shan version; segmented snake lower body

The Ke-M2-4E, designed for Elysian soldiers.


The Mindy 4 brings some new features to the Star Army of Yamatai arsenal:

  • It features a reliable and powerful aether generator that is a significant improvement over previous Star Army power armors.
  • It is the first armor to use photonic technology.
  • It has the smallest and fastest-charging teleportation system ever built.

The Mindy can also use most of the hardpoint accessories from earlier generation Mindy armors.


The Mindy 4 has more parts than previous Mindy armors and is thus more time-consuming to repair than previous models. It also uses Zesuaium plates which have to be replaced when significantly damaged, because they cannot be repaired. The armor also has a a number of glowing parts where aether-powered field projection systems are place, which makes the armor less stealthy in some circumstances.

It is also commonly accepted among the troops that the Mindy 4 seems to fit women slightly better than men (even when custom sized), and is not designed for the overly muscular or overweight. Basically, the more Nekovalkyrja-shaped you are, the better the armor fits.


Mindy armors use a Combined Field System that serves as propulsion and defense by distorting and compressing gravitational fields. They are also equipped with Turbo Aether Plasma engines in the “wings” and a built-in teleporation module. The armor does not impede movement. Users can walk, run, or float as fast or faster than they can without the armor.

  • Turbo aether plasma:
    • Maximum atmospheric speed (For earth-like worlds): 2092 kph (1300 mph), Mach 1.69 at sea level
    • Maximum space speed: .38c - Software-limited to 10 G acceleration
  • Combined Field:
    • Max STL in atmosphere: 200 kph (124 mph)
    • Max STL in space: 0.38c
    • Max FTL in space: 10c
  • Teleportation module:
    • Effectively instant point-to-point travel
    • Charge time: 15 seconds
    • Range: 100 kilometers

Mindy armors are able to ignore gravity and inertial forces. They can hover, instantly stop or shift direction, and can increase and decrease their apparent weight; they can walk up walls, on ceilings, and hover in midair. The Mindy can also operate underwater to a depth of at least 100 meters.

Armor Size

MINDY armors are fairly form-fitting and not bulky. They can typically go in the same places a human can fit, such as passing through ship doorways or sitting in a standard shuttle craft seat. This makes the excellent for fighting in the crowded confines of starship interiors, either defensively or as part of a boarding party. The armor's small size also allows for starships to store large numbers of them.

The Ke-M2-4 series comes in a range of sizes to accommodate different pilots. The armor adds about 8 centimeter's to the pilot's height, mostly from the heels and armor thickness.

Custom Sizes

Most of the time, soldiers are scanned and a computer creates an adjusted version of the armor that perfectly suits the dimensions of their body. This custom armor is assigned specifically to the soldier and follows them from assignment to assignment. Custom replacement parts can be obtained from the fleet depot on planet Nataria or made in a starship's fabrication bay.

Nekovalkyrja Sizes

There are also some standard pre-made armor sizes for Nekovalkyrja, whose body shapes are predictable. These armors can be assigned to starships as spares and or stockpiled in Star Army facilities.

Size Designed For Size of Soldier Size of Armor
NS Neko Short 145cm (4' 9“) 153 cm (5')
NR Neko Regular (Average Nekovalkyrja, Type 33) 160cm (5' 3”) 168cm (5' 6“)
NT Neko Tall 170cm (5' 6”) 178 cm (5' 10“)
NXT Neko Extra Tall (For Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A) 180cm (5'11”) 188cm (6' 2“)

The M2-4a also is the first Mindy to include an optional armored tail attachment.

Damage Capacity Stats

For Damage Rating (Version 3):

  • Tier 4: Light Anti-Armor
    • Zesuaium armor resists electricity, kinetics, heat, and radiation.

Price & Ownership Restrictions

The nominal cost of a Mindy power armor is at least 50,000 KS (plus accessories like the teleporter unit) but they are not sold commercially. They are intended solely for use by the Star Army of Yamatai. All Mindy 4 power armors are the property of the Star Army of Yamatai and unauthorized possession or use of one is a serious crime that is punishable by law.

Because of the sensitive technologies included in the design, the Star Army is very aggressive about preventing it from falling into the wrong hands and will use deadly force if necessary. Mindy units may also occasionally “phone home” to inform the Star Army of Yamatai of their whereabouts, which can expose armor thieves to retaliation (leading to a Plumeria out of nowhere).

Star Army Regulations prohibit allowing persons not in the Star Army of Yamatai to operate or possess a Mindy 4 (like most Star Army equipment).

Restrictions on Modification

The Mindy is easily as sophisticated as a race car or fighter jet and it takes expertise to work on them. It is also one of the best-designed, most advanced pieces of equipment in the Star Army's inventory. Therefore, most attempts at modifying a Mindy will probably make it worse (for example blocking the sensors or photonic emitters by slapping on extra armor) and modifying it should only be done by a highly-trained Star Army Technician (not by Star Army Infantry). It is easier to repair the armor than to modify it to non-standard specifications, as repairs are covered in detailed technical manuals with step-by-step guides.

Additionally, Star Army Regulations prohibit modification of Star Army equipment including certain paint jobs and any permanent modification to the armor, and all modifications to Star Army equipment require the unit commander's permission.


This section deals with how to use the Mindy 4 armor.

Getting In and Out

Armors are normally hung on a rack by the back “collar” piece.

To don the armor, the center plates at the front of the armor's chest and abdomen angle forwards and downward and the user enters feet-first through the armor's chest area. Then the user can close up the suit and put on the helmet. The interior of the suit is a smooth, jet black synthetic material that helps control temperature and control moisture. Beneath this layer, the suit has a warm, fleshy musculature.

The armor can be worn over any tight-fitting garment such as a bodysuit (such as the Type 22 Bodysuit), but any footwear and all sharp or hard objects such as rank badges and belts should be removed first. Many pilots prefer to operate the armor wearing only underwear beneath it, or fully nude, as has been the standard for past Mindy armors. The blue T-shirt or a swimsuit is also fine to wear. The Star Army of Yamatai allows all of the above.

To doff the armor, first the helmet is removed, then the chest is opened and the pilot should lean as far forward as possible and free her arms from the armor's arms. Next the pilot can pull herself up and out of the armor. Typically an armor rack is used but if one is not available, the armor can be entered and exited more easily by having it in a reclined position seated on its butt.

The Mindy 4's legs are detachable around the mid-thigh but are commonly left attached while the armor is in storage. If they are not, they are donned on the same way as a pair of thigh-high boots are.

Controlling the Armor

Controlling the Mindy 4 is done through SPINE. All Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 can instinctively operate the Mindy armor; it is natural to them. Mindy operation is also part of standard Star Army Training for Nekovalkyrja. Basic operation of the Mindy armor is simple, and is augmented by the armor's on-board computer, which will help out when (and only when) it is needed or requested.

Other (non-neko) users will require the helmet for proper operations; in either case, most sensor and long-range communication devices will be unavailable without the helmet on, although if the helmet is nearby (within 10 meters), these features can be used remotely; for example, a soldier could still transmit with the helmet's antenna while holding it in her hands.

Note: As a suit of armor, a Mindy only operates normally when it is being worn. It cannot be remotely operated as a drone while empty.


The sub-components in this armor include:

Armaments and Tools

The Mindy 4 is equipped with concealed energy weapons in the forearms of its gauntlets. The are the same model used on the Ke-M2-1H "Mindy" Power Armor. Its spiked knees and elbows can also be used as melee weapons. Other than that, the Mindy's armament is either attached or hand-held.

Forearm weapons (2):

Typical weapons include the Ke-M4-W4000 Power Armor Automatic Rifle - 40YE or any Star Army aether saber such as the Ke-M2-W2913 Aether/Scalar Submachine Gun.

A Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 can be attached to hang over the Mindy's butt. This is usually used to carry a Star Army Coverall, Type 36 and a Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31A.


The Ke-M2-4 series MINDY armors can also use some Mindy accessories from earlier models. They can accept the following hardpoints:

  • Shoulders
  • Upper legs (most Mindy 2 lower leg items can be used on these hardpoints)
  • Dorsal
  • Waist (this is where hand weapons are stored)


Damaged Mindy in YSS Eucharis Mission 26

The Mindy 4 has an outer armor composed of Zesuaium plates, which are layered over a mesh of Yarvex chain mail and a titanium alloy chassis layer. The Mindy's armor is essentially immune to small arms fire, provides excellent resistance to power armor and vehicle weapons, and fair resistance to light starship weaponry. This armor also shields the interior from heat and radiation, protecting the pilot from the rigors of space travel and atmospheric reentry. As with all armors, it protectiveness can be somewhat bypassed through the use of raw kinetic force due to being a suit of armor.

It is common for ships to carry a set of Zesuaium replacement armor for each of their armor users, but if one is not available, a Standard Star Army Fabrication Area can be used to create Yama-Dura replacements, which are less effective but better than nothing.

Life Support

As of YE 43, the life support system was improved and is now handled in the Ke-M2-F4300 Hemosynthetic Interior Insert. There is also no longer a catheter organ, which previous versions required, due to this improvement. The soft, warm, hemosynthetic flesh helps protect and a life-sustaining environment for the pilot. The hemosynthetic musculature is still responsible for the armor's additional strength. The flesh still continues to function with massage and stimulation to increase pilot comfort and health during deployment.

The Mindy can support a pilot for up to 15 days before replenishment is needed, or up to 10 years in stasis. If needed, the Mindy can filter outside air to replenish its supply (not usually done until absolutely necessary, though).

Photonics Array

The Mindy 4 has a powerful photonics array that can project light in the form of holograpics, volumetrics, and solid volumetrics up to two meters away. This system can be used for optical camouflage and also to create disguises, tools, and protective barriers. When powered, the photonics array is visible as teal lights on the armor's neck, back, and abdomen.

Note: Photonic armor and the combined field system shields cannot be used at the same time, as the CFS shields will destabilize the photonic projections.

Power Systems

The Mindy 4 features a compact aether generator system built into the “backpack” area of the armor. It is shielded with an energized Xiulurium to shield against harmful interference which might otherwise interfere with the normal operation of aether power generation. The generator is coupled with a powerful battery capacitor system that can keep the Mindy armor running for anywhere from an hour to several days depending on how heavily the stored energy is expended.


The Mindy 4 has a built-in Combined Field System that moves the armor through space by distorting and compressing gravitational fields. The anti-gravity system is kept running at all times when the power armor is online, in order to provide protection against scalar electro-gravity weapons.

Mindy armors are are also equipped with Turbo Aether Plasma engines in the detatchable “wings” and a teleporation module.

Teleportation Module

Mindy 4 armors include a Ke-M2-P3802 teleportation module. It has a range of 100 kilometers, which is artificially limited by software for safety purposes. It can activate every 15 seconds and can be used continuously several (7-10) times in a row before requiring a cooldown period of ten minutes or less (for heat dissipation). The teleportation module contains anti-tampering mechanisms and can self-destruct if someone attempts to use it or extract it without the proper authorization codes generated by a PANTHEON computer.

Sensors and Communications

The Mindy 4 uses the Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES), which includes sensors, communications, and computing systems rolled into a standardized package. The system runs a special power-armor-oriented flavor of the Kessaku Military Operating System created by Kessaku Systems for use within the PANTHEON network. Through networking, the Mindy's sensor input is augmented by that of nearby friendly forces.

Its sensors include:

  • Three imaging arrays (1 forward, two side) with nightvision and thermal viewing
  • Ultra Wide Band RADAR
  • Optical tracking systems in the armor's “skin.”

The armor can communicate via:

  • Voice, via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Conventional Radio
  • Subspace Radio (FTL)
  • Laser Beam

OOC Notes

  • Article written by Wes Davis
  • Original artwork by Marwan Islami (commissioned), copyright
  • Approved for canon use by Doshii Jun on May 11, 20162)
  • Damaged Mindy artwork by Protecat, commissioned by Ametheliana and paid for by Wes
  • Mindy animated sprite artwork by Bilgecrank
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Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
First UsedYE 38
Last ReviewYE 43
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