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Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22

The Type 22 bodysuit is a Star Army of Yamatai uniform that was introduced in YE 22. It is one of the oldest and most distinctive uniforms in the Star Army.

Hanako wearing a Type 22 Bodysuit Uniform


These female uniforms of the Star Army of Yamatai were worn from late YE 22 to YE 29 before being replaced by the unisex Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31. In YE 33, the Star Army reauthorized the bodysuit for wear again, due to wartime supply shortages and an influx of recovered older Nekovalkyrja from the returning Second Draconian War Fleets. The other reason was because bodysuits were the only uniform tight enough to be easily worn inside environmental suits. In YE 35, regulations clarified that the bodysuit was limited to use by females only, which is exceptional because almost every other uniform in the Star Army is unisex.

In YE 42, the bodysuit uniform began to be replaced by the similar Star Army Bodysuit, Type 42. In YE 44, production of the Type 22 ceased, although it is still authorized for wear for those who still have one.


The bodysuit uniform was designed with the original NH-7 Nekovalkyrja in mind. It consists of two layers: A full-body mesh suit (in cadet blue, a light blue-gray color), and a bodysuit that goes over it.

In order to allow heat to escape from the heat exchange ports on the Nekovalkryja arms and thighs, those areas were left uncovered except for a breathable mesh. The cutouts on the thighs are also useful for attaching clips for small equipment like knives, grenades, ammo pouches, and communicators.

Soldiers have complained that using the bathroom is inconvenient in this uniform, as the bodysuit has to be almost entirely removed before the tights can be pulled down.


The bodysuit is regal blue in color with colored panels on the chest, back, and shoulders that vary based on the wearer's occupation. For the color panel on the torso, see Star Army Uniform Colors. It has a high neck and a zipper that runs from the neck to the waist. It is made of a stretchy, spandex-like material.

Mesh Tights and Top

The bottom of the mesh layer is a set of standard Type 22 Star Army Tights. The top is made of the same material and has a Star Army Hinomaru patch on the left upper arm halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.


Early uniforms and accessories for this uniform were manufactured across the empire and were often inconsistent in the color and shade, resulting in various blues and in boots and gloves in white, gray, black, and brown. The official standard issue specification called for gray boots, belts, and gloves; however, the boots and gloves were often white. Additionally the front zipper was sometimes found on the back instead. You can see some of these in the Art Gallery for the Star Army Bodysuit Uniform.

Janna and Hanna Madsen

Proper Wear

The Type 22 Bodysuit uniform is worn with a pistol belt (Star Army Belt, Female, Type 22 or Star Army Belt, Type 35) and a sidearm (Originally the GP-13 Pulse Pistol, now probably a Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33) and with matching jet black boots (see Star Army Footwear) and optional Type 22 Utility gloves.

A rank pin goes on the left breast. Unit patches (e.g. a Starship Patch) may be worn on the right colored shoulder panel. Medics have a Star Army Medical patch on the left colored shoulder panel. A Star Army Fleet Patch can go on the left arm but is now optional.

The bodysuit should be worn fully zipped. In extreme hot weather, it is permissible to remove the mesh tights and top and use only the bodysuit.

As of YE 37, the Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37 may be worn with the Type 22 Bodysuit. Since YE 38, the standard boots can be replaced with Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38 (use the correct tights with the toe notch).

In YE 41, the Star Army began using the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41 on the bodysuit.

In YE 42, the Star Army authorized the Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32 as a permissible alternative to the Type 22 belt.

OOC Notes

This is the original uniform of the Star Army of Yamatai, created in 2002.

“It's skin tight and cheesy as heck, but you gotta admit that there is just something very iconic between both Yamatai and late 80s anime that makes it work. No wonder the design just won't die.”Primitive Polygon

Personally I think bodysuits are the [best uniform] because they won't get hooked on things even if your character is a Neko hovering at high speeds, you can slide straight into a power armor easily and you don't get much more feminine or masculine when people are baring their attributes openly. Plus they're sleek and easy to draw and you can extend a volumetric images over them…“Amaryllis

Art Credits

  • Uniform design by Wes
  • Hanako art by Hyeoii (paid commission for Wes)
  • Misakura and Hiroshiko Mizumitsu art by Hyeoii (paid commission for Demibear)
  • Madsen sisters art by Hyeoii (commission)
  • Flanna Rose art by Wes using base pack by Waitress purchased by Wes from Cozy Cat Studios
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