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Star Army Uniform Colors

These are the colors used in uniforms worn by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Base Uniform Colors

Color Color Name Hex Used For
Star Army Regal Blue #223460 Duty uniform jackets, skirts, flags
Star Army Cadet Blue #AEB6CA Pants (trousers), tights, some gloves
Periwinkle #CCCCFF Detail piping on duty uniforms
Nataria Green #373D2C Utility uniforms
Olive Drab #A0906E Utility uniforms, webbing, bags
RIKUPAT pattern (see page) Utility uniforms, tactical gear

Occupational Colors

These are the 13 uniform panel colors for YE 31. This new color panel scheme replaces an older older scheme based on rank and/or occupation with one based purely on occupation. It adds black and teal and restores yellow and blue (not used since YE 23).

Color Color Name Hex Occupation
Command White #F4F6F6 Starship Captain, First Officer
Starship Ops Gray #647474 Star Army Starship Operator
Intelligence Black #171517 Star Army Intelligence
Technician Red #96081C Technician/Engineer, Information Technology
Supply Orange #EE9516 Logistics/Cargo Handlers
Kitchen Yellow #E5D307 Star Army Cook
Safety Green #81F832 Emergency Services
Science Green #098721 Science, SSS Liasons
Admin Mint (added YE 40) #9ADBC9 Admin, Personnel, Finance, Clerks
Medical Teal #00C0C0 Star Army Medical
Pilot Blue #4040FF Pilot
Dark Blue #000040 Investigator
Infantry Cornflower Blue #8B79EB Star Army Infantry
Caretaker Coral #FF8080 Star Army Caretaker
Dark Magenta #990099 Star Army Musician

Accessory Colors

Color Color Name Hex Used For
Hull Paint #ADADC6 Star Army Hinomaru patch (Mindy)
Maroon #800000 Star Army Hinomaru patch (background)
White #FFFFFF Star Army Hinomaru patch (circle)
Glaucous/“Gunmetal” #6677AA Small arms metallic finish
Brass #CCAB5C Belt buckle on Duty uniform
Black #000000 Glossy formal shoes
Jet Black/“Gunbelt Gray” #343434 or #333333 Boots, belts, shoes, and gloves on duty uniforms

Color Palette

Use these colors to correctly color Star Army uniforms:

Examples of Uniforms


This section is presented for historical purposes and talks about the color schemes used in previous versions of Star Army uniforms.

Colors from YE 22 to YE 23

Originally, the uniform system included purple (pilots), yellow (technicians), and pink (intelligence); these colors were dropped when gray was added in YE 23. Some Star Army Intelligence soldiers have also taken to wearing black versions of the uniform, although these are not authorized for wear in public. During this time period, orange was used for communications officers.

Colors from YE 23 to YE 30

Colored panels on the chest and shoulders indicate a soldier's position.

Red was the default for all enlisted soldiers. If the soldier is not in the combat arms (midnight blue) or is not a medic (green), then she would have worn red.

Any medical or science personnel wore green, regardless of rank.

The cornflower blue was still in use, but for combat arms personnel only: specifically, it was worn by infantry and power armor pilots who are carried by a starship as “marines” but who were not part of the ship's operating crew. They're generally considered a lot more expendable.

Orange paneled uniforms, the only color worn without a rank pin, was a special case used to denote temporary soldiers created by a computer system to perform some task (such as defend the ship from boarders, or fix a damaged section). See Sprites.

Steel gray was the default for all officers, including warrant officers. If the officer was not a ship commander (white) or doctor (green), then she would wear gray.

White was used for starship commanders and special high-level staff of the Star Army of Yamatai.

YE 40s

YE 40 saw the addition of “Admin Mint” for clerks and administrative personnel of the Star Army.

In YE 42, Dark Magenta and Lapis Lazuli were added for the Star Army Musician and Star Army Journalist occupations, respectively.

Journalist was changed to mint in YE 44.5.

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