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Star Army Journalist

Journalist (also known as Public Relations Specialist) is a career occupation within the Star Army of Yamatai. The main task of this occupation is the gathering and dissemination of information via Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency (SANDRA) and other unit specific mediums. They can be found working on ships of the fleet, assigned to the Star Army Rikugun, or working directly for SANDRA.


The role of a journalist has always existed within the Star Army of Yamatai. Before YE 42, the role was filled in by servicemembers of various other occupations such as infantry and logistics that were talented in the art of journalism. But, with the Kuvexian War raging on at the time, it was deemed to be a distraction and misuse of resources. Not wanting to drag defenseless civilians onto the battlefield, the occupation was formalized in early YE 42.

In YE 44.5, the journalist occupations were merged into the administrative division and with according updates to the MOS numbers and occupational panel color. The occupational uniform color was originally #336699; in YE 44.5 it was changed to Mint.


There are no prerequisites for this occupation. Soldiers choosing this occupation are trained at the School of Combat Media located at Kyoto, Yamatai. All are trained in both the basics of Combat Camera and Public Affairs for 4 weeks. Afterward, they pick which one they will specialize in and spend another 9 weeks learning the advanced skills of their specialization.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Taisa.


Members of the Journalist occupation fall into 2 main roles: Combat Camera and Public Affairs.

Combat Camera

  • Occupation Code 02C

Attached to front-line units of the Star Army of Yamatai, Combat Camera Specialists are trained to not only shoot their firearms at their foes but also to shoot their cameras to capture the action. They are the ones that capture the iconic images that are used in media and by Combat Historians' documentaries. But the footage from Combat Camera Specialists is also used by SAINT as a source of imagery intelligence. Due to their nature, Combat Camera focuses more on the 6 interrogatives to collect the best imagery and operate alongside their attached units (PA and non-PA).


Combat Camera Specialist use the following equipment to fulfill their mission requirements:

Public Affairs

  • Occupation Code 02P

Where Combat Camera specialists actively gather footage, Public Affairs Specialists are the authorized channel of disseminating official information regarding the Star Army of Yamatai to civilian organizations. They are also responsible for producing and disseminating official information mention for consumption by servicemembers. Thus a Public Affairs Specialist focuses more on the art of the story and how to present it in the best manner possible. Other Public Affairs Specialists work directly for SANDRA as reporters and spokespersons.


  • Write news articles
  • Shoot combat footage (combat camera)
  • Disseminate official information to civilian organizations (public affairs)

Player Expectations

Players of Journalist characters are expected to write news articles in the forums and Timeline Events on the Wiki.

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