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Star Army Operations

Star Army Operations is the division of Yamatai that deals with the planning of military operations. It is commanded by the Chief of Star Army Operations.

Star Army Operations Emblem - Mindy Power Armor suit with gray background

“This galaxy is a hundred thousand light-years across, containing over three hundred billion stars. For all the expansion Yamatai has done so far, we have been effectively isolationist. We know too little of what lies outside of the Kikyo sector, even though our drives can take us there. Within known space, there are dozens of sapient species and governments. Imagine how many others are out there in those hundreds of billions of star systems. That is what the Star Army of Yamatai is up against. The unknown enemy.”


The role of Star Army operations is to:

  1. Identify the Star Army's specific goals and objectives
  2. Identify intelligence requirements for Star Army Intelligence
  3. Plan force requirements
  4. Administrate preparations for operations
  5. Administrate execution of operations
  6. Terminate operations as required by completion or circumstances



See: Strategy and Tactics of the Star Army of Yamatai

  1. Shape
  2. Deter
  3. Seize Initiative
  4. Dominate
  5. Stabilize
  6. Exit

Operational Plans

The following is an incomplete list of Star Army operational plans and contingency plans:

  • ABUZZ AIMS (vs. the Free State)
  • FLAME RUSH (a plan for large alien fleet invasions)
  • QUIET RAGE (vs. Iromakuanke)
  • RESET GULL (vs. Lorath; deactivated)
  • RESET WILD (vs. Lorath)
  • SPIKE BALL (vs. Independent Worlds League)
  • TABLE FLIP (Mutual Assured Destruction)
  • UNION MAZE (vs. Nepleslia; deactivated)
  • UNION FURY (vs. Nepleslia; inactive)

Previous Operations

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