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RESET WILD is a Star Army of Yamatai operational plan created in YE 39 for a scenario where the Yamatai Star Empire moves to regain territory from the Lorath Matriarchy.


Political Situation

Yamatai entered into a defense treaty with Lor and Nepleslia (Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States). However, Yamatai rendered this alliance void in YE 38. Possible Nepleslian involvement, however, is still a factor.

Yamatai is also already in the early phases of the Kuvexian War and therefore wants to commit as few resources as reasonably possible and to conduct the operation in a short timeframe.


The Star Army is interested in acquiring territory and their populations within that territory. Specifically, the following star systems are of high importance to Yamatai:

Moderately important systems include the former YSE worlds:

Low-importance systems:

  • E-series systems

The Star Army wants to return these worlds to their former status as members of the Yamatai Star Empire. With this in mind, civilian casualties and weapons of mass destruction should be avoided as a rule.

Units Assigned

  • Seventh Fleet is under consideration based on Taisho Katsuko's experience in the region.

OOC Notes

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