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Tange System

The Tange System is located in the Misato's Passage of the Ayumi Nebula.

Ayumi Nebula

The Tange System is part of the Yamatai Star Empire and is considered part of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

History and Background

Tange System Flag

The Tange System was discovered and mapped by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 29. It was claimed as part of the Yamatai Star Empire at that same time, the first colony was established on the fourth planet in YE 30. When the United Outer Colonies was formed in YE 30, the Tange System which at the time was under the control of the Tange Clan was one of the first to leave the Yamatai Star Empire. The Tange were known for their radical ideologies and were intensely loyal to Motoyoshi Kiyoko and her hidden agendas that included the torture and slaughter of citizens, and the theft of the The Akuro III.

In YE 33, when the NMX invaded the United Outer Colonies, the Tange Clan left on the The Akuro III with Motoyoshi Kiyoko. The colonists that remained in the system were left to suffer as the NMX invaded and bombed the colonies. During the massacre the 4th AASP Fleet1) from Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia arrived to evacuate the system. Many of the citizens who were unable to be evacuated were executed and slaughtered by the NMX.2)

In YE 35, the Lorath Matriarchy established colonies on the fourth planet.3) The system was then claimed by the Lorath Matriarchy officially in the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States. In YE 37, the LSDF Val'ta visited Tange IV to inspect if Misato City was safe to retake. After entering the system, the Val'ta sent out a series of probes to do a rudimentary scan of the star system and Tange IV's Misato City. They then sent down an away team to the city, which was largely deserted, and interacted with the handful of survivors they found. The Lorath Matriarchy would later abandon the system in YE 39 during Project Checkout. Days later on 4月 30ζ—₯, the Star Army Intelligence ship YSS Kōkatsu conducted an operation in the Tange system.4)

The system was then reclaimed by the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 40. In YE 41, the Yugumo Corporation took over colonial management duties in the Yugumo Cluster. They sent workers and colonies to the system with the intention of repopulating the system. The system was invaded again in YE 42 by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia who deposited a large number of Rixxikor onto the fourth planet. The First Expeditionary Fleet, led by its flagship the YSS Tokyo then liberated the system.5)

In YE 43, the Yugumo Corporation announced that they would rebuild and overhaul all of the colonies in the Tange System. They deployed ships and resources to the system and began Rebuilding Tange.6) The First Expeditionary Fleet then dispatched Task Force 48, led by the YSS Wakaba Plot under the command of Taisa Motoyoshi Kazue to assist with the elimination of remaining Kuvexian Military, relief and rebuilding efforts.7) Also in early YE 43 the Ryu Keiretsu And Yugumo Corporation Agreement of YE 43 outlined a cooperative effort to restore the mining industry in the system.8)


The Tange System is a war-torn frontier system of the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Tange Star

The center of the Tange System.

Tange IV

The Tange Star
System Registry Tange-1
Star Name Tange
Type G (Spectral Class)
Surface Temperature 3,500 K
Average Mass (Yamatai Comparison) 1.7
Yerkes Luminosity Type V
Number of Planets 6

Tange I

A harsh rocky terrestrial world, the Yugumo Corporation has identified several offline automated mining systems on the planet that were abandoned by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards. There is a plan to reactivate these facilities in YE 43.

Tange II

An inhabitable terrestrial world that is the home to many farming communities. As of YE 43 the planet's population is 3,200. As part of the Yugumo Corporation's sustainability initiatives, the Juugoya Cooperative began construction, in YE 42 of farming villages & aquaculture centers on land/water purchased from the government. In YE 43 following the liberation after invasion by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia, who enslaved the local population to produce food for them, the Yugumo Corporation has committed to expand agricultural and colonial complexes on the planet.

Tange III

Tange III is another rocky, unwelcoming world. It shows some promise for possible mining but it needs to be surveyed to determine its composition and value before mining facilities are established.

Tange IV

Tange IV is an unfortunate, cold, and desolate place. The heavily bombed out colonies like Misato City never truly recovered from the Second Mishhuvurthyar War or the neglect from the Lorath Matriarchy abandoning their colonies there in YE 39. Small pockets of survivors little the remains of a once populated city. At the time of the invasion by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia, there were many workers from the Yugumo Corporation that were living and working on the world to restore it when it was invaded. The Kuvexians dumped Rixxikor on the surface. When the First Expeditionary Fleet liberated the world, in late YE 42, they used Nodal Delivery Munition, Type 42 to reduce the Rixxikor infestation and encourage their populations to leave the planet.

The planet has three moons that were once populated during the YE 30s, but they have been abandoned.

The colonies on this world are the focus of the Yugumo Corporation effort to rebuild the system.

The Tange Belt

The Tange Belt is a massive belt of leftover rocks from the formation of the Tange System, it is a treacherous field of rocky debris varying in size from the size of a fist, to the size of a small moon. There is always action in the belt, one tumbles into another, a predestined course set in motion decades or centuries before. Shifting gravitational fields rule with a chaotic hand over all things rock and metal. To most it is a navigational hazard, to the brave, it is a mine of opportunity.

Rich in deposits of iron, nickle, iridium, pallidium, gold, and countless other rare elements not found in high concentrations on terrestrial worlds such as magnesium, osmium, ruthenium, rhodium and platinum. Corporations like Yugumo Corporation and the other major employer in the belt, Ketsurui Fleet Yards have made metal and mineral extraction a major part of the industrial complex.

In YE 43, in the Ryu Keiretsu And Yugumo Corporation Agreement of YE 43 it was outlined:

The belt continues out past the fifth planet.

Tange V

Tange V is a gas giant system with two moons. The area has not been recently surveyed as of YE 43. There appears to be an abandoned United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces space station here, it has not been scanned or investigated since YE 39, at which time its systems were inactive and there were no life signs onboard.

Tange VI

An unremarkable ball of ice in space.


There is a population of Minkan farmers on Tange II, and the population of Tange IV is mostly workers from the Yugumo Corporation, along with a small group of hold out survivors.


The Characters that are located here:9)


PAINT service is currently suspended for this system. The only way to reach the Tange System is by starship or other craft.

RP Opportunities

Tange is a cool place to roleplay.

  • The YSS Wakaba Plot plot intends to use this system for its first mission.
  • A good place to explore ruins and abandoned structures.
  • Discovery a mystery in an abandoned place.


There are a few rumors about this system.

OOC Notes

Andrew updated this article on 2021/02/03 11:06.

  1. Tange Art source not known. Was on the original page. The picture is of Tange IV.
  2. Artbreeder art by Charaa.

Once the Wakaba Plot is done its mission in this system, further locations will be submitted.

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