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LSDF Val'ta

The LSDF Val'ta was a roleplaying plot which took place on an experimental scouting spacecraft called the Val'ta, tasked with exploring the galaxy and finding suitable planets for habitation and expansion of the Lorath Matriarchy. Intended to be a lighthearted, weird and wonderful look into the unknown. It is no longer running.

A Logo is pending.

Status: This plot has ended and is permanently closed and inactive.

The LSDF Val'ta in Roleplay

The Val'ta is a Lorath oriented exploration plot with an experimental ship suited for exploring the unknown for extended periods. The main focus, rather than a cruel and unforgiving void of infinity dotted by the occasional star, is the planets orbiting those stars which are home and host to strange phenomena, which will be documented, catalogued and remarked upon.

Perhaps there may be even more to see and more to do that hasn't been thought of yet, as the universe is only as large as someone's willingness to fly through it and discover more.

The plot's RPG Rating is 222.

Current Locale

The LSDF Val'ta is currently in the Tange System, on Tange IV's Misato City, inspecting it to see if it is possible to retake the city under the Lorath Matriarchy and rebuild it.

Where do I sign up?

PM or IRC contact Luca with your character idea, and he OK's it, submit it to the New Character Biographies forum. Once approved, your character will be taken notice of in the Val'ta's corridors by Porrim.

Generally, users are required to post at least once a week. However, this can be ignored if the GM is given notice. If you're having problems IRL, don't be afraid to give him a heads up so you can deal with them without them breathing down your neck.

Characters who are not played or do not contact the GM for more than two weeks otherwise, will fade into the background of the ship, escaping notice.

You can contact the GM in this IRC Chatroom, #ISCPhoenixII on Sorcery Net.

Characters and Players

Portrait Name Rank Played By Role Theme Music
Captain Mil'ana Porrim 'Sightseer' Lmanel Captain Luca Captain, Expedition Leader Final Fantasy IX - Over the Hills
My'ean "Blackwolf" Idoqu Fyunnen First Lieutenant Osaka/Osakanone Instructor, Frame Pilot Tennis System - Space Age Love Song
Ny'za "Pitch" Hasti Lmanel Trooper Syaoran Frame Pilot/Infantry/Veterinarian Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Calling (Kingdom Mix)
Pilot Nien'isha "Mirage" Rhos'vol Fyunnen Soldier Eistheid Whirlwind Pilot/Vehicle Operator -
Koga Akemi Soldier (Betrayed by DocTomoe)1) Amaryllis Infantry Duetto buffo di due gatti
Ashlinn Freyja Sarn Santo Hei Ashlinn Infantry -
No Active PCs are Engineering Personnel
Nurse Er'red Nny'ust "Cous" Fyunnen Cadet Jimmy Nurse -
Aran'ya "Widow" Lycosa Lmanel Trooper paladinrpg Combat Medic/Biochemist Undertale: Spider Dance - Metal Cover by RichaadEB
Reader J'ann "Pulse" Sulei New Tur'lista Trooper Moogle Morale Officer Confident - Demi Lovato
TBD Aiesu Kalopsia, (52) Overseer Osaka/Osakanone Co-Designer, crew psychologist, reserve doctor, science officer. Making others stuck with different Aiesus envious. A52's themes
TBD c410-13_knight Civilian ShotJon Civilian -

NPC Crew Members

These are recurring NPC characters who can be found on the Val'ta for player assistance and help.

Portrait Name Rank Role Theme Music Basic Appearance
TBD Wil'ahn Bel'meir Captain Executive Officer, Acting Captain when Porrim's on the Ground, Chaplain Gustav Holst - Mars, Bringer of War Fyunnen Warrior, equal in command of the Val'ta. No-nonsense and deeply orthodox, but unfamiliar with the cutting edge technology.
TBD Dol'orr Jil'ha Ensign Avionics, Navigation, Bridge Crew The Neverhood - Southern Front Porch Whistler Ey'tis aspected lmanel woman, bit droopy in the eyes, and ears hanging a little lower than usual. Lazy like a greyhound.
TBD Michael Furze Overseer Co-Designer, Avionics Specialist, Engineering Consultant, Slayer - South of Heaven (as played on Banjos) See Biography. Blonde nepleslian man with gorilla-sized cybernetic arms bristling with tools. Occasionally has burn marks and cuts. Always enthused, all the time.
TBD Ursula Po'kowi Warrant Officer Morale Officer, Barmaid - A lmanel woman of average height, plain features, black dreadlocks, fair skin and simmering, unflappable demeanour. Nice hat, too!
TBD Placeholder NPC Rank Role Theme Music Basic Appearance

Inactive PC Crew Members

These are characters who are currently inactive, but still around on the ship

Portrait Name Rank Played By Role Theme Music
Ji'xa "Bright" Seurik Lmanel Trooper Semjax Engineer/Mechanic/Inventor Majikoi ► Winter Fireworks Big Flower
Corporal Ix'ion "Sentinel" A'kai'nan Fyunnen Corporal Archander Infantry (Sharpshooter) Really Slow Motion - "Aeorien" - Iron Poetry
TBD 46 Soldier Gallant Scout/Survival Expert Exile, by Other View
TBD Ran "Red" Rui Private First Class Kampfer -
TBD Kromi'Temyrci "Rush" Fyunnen Soldier The Real Bames Jond Survival Expert/Extreme Sportsman -

Former PC Crew Members

These are characters who have withdrawn from the plot

Portrait Name Rank Played By Role Theme Music
TBD Placeholder Name Rank Played By Role Theme Music
Menelik Berhane Private Kirkatan Marine/Manservice 3030 by Deltron 3030

Rank Structure

Getting Promotions

Do your job, report stuff, survive, keep your chin up, don't be afraid to say when there's problems. In addition, doing expeditions, performing good deeds for the crew, and representing the Val'ta and its mission well are favourable qualities in personnel on the Val'ta.

Open Positions

The LSDF Val'ta is currently seeking players for the following positions:

  • Armourer/Mechanic
  • Driver/Pilot
  • Scientists/Xenobiologists
  • Medic/Medical Officer

Areas of Interest and Operation

Explored Systems

Here is a list of the systems the Val'ta has explored in detail so far.


In YE 37, the Val'ta project was commissioned by three counsellors of the Lorath Matriarchy, with the express goal of finding more worlds for the Lorath to settle using a custom exploration vessel made to survive many and varied atmospheric conditions. When a bill to build the ship was put to tender and bid upon by contractors, the Lazarus Consortium stepped up to the plate and made their offer.

Though they won the tender, the Matriarchy and Counsel were watching the Consortium very closely during the planning, design and building processes, offering their advice and offering only a small margin for error in light of previous friction with the Consortium. Once the ship was built, christened as the Val'ta, Lazarus handed over the completed vessel, all of the data, and plans to the Matriarchy in a display of apology, expressing interest in a proper exploration of the sector and sincerely wishing the Matriarchy the best of luck.

The Val'ta was handed over to the Lorath Self Defense Force, who fitted the vessel with a suitable ARIA artificial intelligence, weapons and a compliment of smaller ships to assist in exploration, taking advantage of its large internal hangar and runway. All it needed then was a captain either brave or foolish enough to explore the unknown. After an extensive test of survival skills, biology and command, Captain Mil'ana Porrim 'Sightseer' Lmanel fell into the role like a foot fit a shoe through their skill, resolve, some family connections, a favour, and a good service record. Porrim was then given a simple mission in the briefing room:

“For your insatiable wanderlust, for the people around you, and the Goddess watching over all of you - find places for the Lorath people to survive, and in time, thrive. Good luck.”

No sooner than this directive was given, Porrim was already out the door and looking for the keys to the Val'ta.

[Prologue] - Sing about the Valleys

However, guiding the Val'ta needed a dedicated and loyal crew of approximately a hundred strong. Porrim gave her maiden speech to her crew at an assembly hall in an LSDF space station orbiting Lor. Some eyebrows were raised and some rumours bubbled forth about the captain's social escapades. In addition, the mixed crew, composed of Lorath, Nepleslians, and even Yamataians and Nekovalkyrja had some initial ribbing. Fortunately, they had a point of interest in the Captain to keep things from bubbling over. The captain meanwhile outlined their mission plan.

The plan would take the Val'ta to Tange first, to inspect if Misato City was safe to retake first. A sort of test mission to see how the team performed within Lorath borders, with some leeway in case there was a problem. Then, their mission was to explore the systems around the 'southern' side of the Nebula, then making a figure eight back through Lor to report on initial findings, then start exploring the 'north-east' space of Lorath space. The newly claimed systems needed to be properly identified after all.

With that out of the way, Porrim lead everyone to the Val'ta's unveiling. She was able to show off the ship in all of its glory before leading everyone to the 'middle' flight deck and giving the crew an outline of the ship's facilities. She then let them explore and get familiar for a bit as she made the launch preparations towards Tange.

In flight, the crew indeed got familiar with the facilities, as well as becoming familiar with each other. The laid back nature of the exploration mission meant that there was a fairly relaxed protocol in transit until the unknown was discovered.

[Expedition 1] - One from Another

Circling Tange System, the Val'ta sent out a series of probes to do a rudimentary scan of the star system, focussing particularly on Tange IV's Misato City. In addition, the recent history of the planet meant that there could be a chance for survivors, or remnant NMX. Some caution was needed, and Porrim coordinated her team to bring some combat gear, as well as a trio of Whirlwinds - one to provide overwatch, and one to watch over each team that'd be exploring the city.

The freezing Misato winters hadn't been fair to the city that was left behind by the Jiyuuians. While the buildings were intact, a look of disrepair was present throughout as the shuttles touched down on a snowy field, grass growing wild through cracks in the concrete and asphalt. Wild animals were running by too, scared off by the shuttles' descent. Porrim elected to split the team into two, looking at the points of interest, including a carpark with crude structures on its top floor, and what appeared to be a farm with sheep in what used to be a park.

As the two groups split and begun their expedition, they met the locals, both friendly and hostile, including a robot who'd been living as a farmer on Tange since his master's spaceship had crashed into the planet, and a group of ex-NMX(?) Nekovalkyrja who were living in a car parking lot. However, a member of the team was kidnapped and a snowstorm hampered communications and overwatch, making the previously peaceful expedition operate under a white shroud of danger.

Porrim's group had managed to recover their missing teammate, while Er'red's group was able to pacify and diffuse a situation between themselves and the suspected NMX Nekovalkyrja, managing to gain their cooperation. When things had settled down and the snowstorm had subsided, the team began gathering things from around Misato City for discovery and archival purposes. When Porrim got back to the ship, her second in command Bel'meir told her that she needed to adjust how she conducted expeditions.

[In-Flight Interlude] - When you got Religion

Porrim took Bel'meir's advice and tried to use the Launch Deck's extensive Hardlight projection system to create an obstacle course, with some assistance from Mr. Furze. The Val'ta demonstrated its exotic resource gathering capabilities by diving into the Gas Giant in the Tange system. The crew unwinded and socialised after their first expedition, with some of the scientific discoveries being processed and analysed.

During this period of downtime for the exploration team, the Val'ta set course for an uncharted system south east of Miyamae System. A slight deviation from the Val'ta's initially proposed route, but close enough to be included with the rest of the expedition Porrim was planning.

[Expedition 1] - Stickin' in the Camera

The surface scans of the planet revealed that the system, nicknamed Miya-East in lieu of a proper name, had an earth-like planet on it at the outer edge of the Goldilocks belt, and the presence of infrastructure, which appeared to be Lorath or Jiyuuian in design. However, in addition, to the prospect of infrastructure.

So, Porrim decided to put an expedition together to investigate the planet with a team who knew what to expect now. Her hopes were raised since there'd be more unity here than in the last mission as she begun her briefing.


This page started being written on the 5th of June, 2015 at approximately 11:20 PM.

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  • Elder - Spirit at Aphelion, probably the theme song I'd use for the plot as a whole. The opening two minutes sounds so dreamy and wonderful before exploding into hot blooded, sanguine action. Sprinting through a pristine forest wilderness, driving over a dusty plain on a hoverbike, watching a monolith in the distance with your binoculars as you take notes…
Oh pack it in, princess!

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