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Ran "Red" Rui

Ran Rui
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29 Years
Zodiac Sign: ???
Height: 6'3“
Weight: 175 lbs
Organization Formerly Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Former Mid-Corporal (Old Nepleslian Rank)
Occupation Marine
Current Placement Alcoholic Infantryman, LSDF Valta

Theme Song Voice Sample (Guy in red)

Ran in Roleplay

Ran is a Player Character played by Kampfer.



John & Elise Rui: Parents, Ages 30 and 25 Respectively, Killed.

Ran's parents were the usual type; John was the hard-ass military father, reserving his scorn and hard love for his only son, Ran. His mother was his father's exact opposite, often consoling Ran during any times of hardship. One of Ran's fondest memories of his mother would be taking long strolls around the ship that the family lived on. His parents were killed due to a malfunction on-board their ship, which caused the two to die of C02 poisoning.

Selene Rui: Sister, Aged 18 at death.

Seleene wasn't the most loving sister. She would often leave baby Ran alone during her many babysitting jobs while she and her boyfriend had sex in her room. When Ran turned 12, he and the class he was with were on board another ship as a field trip. Selene was caught with her boyfriend and the two ran off to somewhere else on board their ships, to die along with everyone else.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches Weight: 175 ilbs Measurements: n/a

Build and Skin color: Even though he is an average height, the sheer amount of muscles that make up his body make him seem a bit more shorter. Most noted for his wide, muscular shoulders and large,well-developed leg muscles. Facial Features and Eye color: His face seems as though someone could break a brick on it. He is a square-jawed man, with permanently thinned lips. From the look of him, he appears to be a mix of the Asian and Caucasian sub-races, with more emphasis on his caucasian lineage. Contrasting with his slightly narrowed eyes are the icy-blue colors of his pupils, the major indicator of his mixed lineage.

Hair color and Style: His hair is a jet-black color, cut short into a short mohawk, believing that such a hairstyle will be intimidating to his enemies.

Distinguishing Features: Due to wounds sustained during the Kennewes Offensive, Ran used to have a cybernetic right arm. The arm itself was extremely unpolished, and appeared to have been selected for its ability to inflict as much blunt force trauma as possible.

He had a permanent, thin scar running diagonally up and to the right across his lips, gotten during basic combat training from tripping forward and splitting his face open with the butt of his rifle. Three downward “V” shaped rows of geometrically-styled tribal tattoos going were tattooed on his his upper torso, but with his newly constructed body, he has effectively gotten a clean slate.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ran believes in being prepared for the most unexpected, and is rarely seen wearing anything casual around friends. The most-dressed up he will ever be is in his service uniform while on-board, and even then, he wears it rather sloppily. The only thing that seems to overshadow his lack of social skills would have to be his temper. Several years ago, Ran Rui was a typical, angry and pissed-off teenager. At the age of 16, Ran had beaten up one of the caretakers that had taken him in as his son, simply over his supposed “new father” criticizing Ran for his mixed-heritage appearance. Several years later, the lessons of time, maturity accelerated by military life in what was the predecessor of the Nepleslian Military, had taught him how to control his temper. However, he still has that awful tendency to get into huge arguments over nothing, though in a much more comical and non-violent way. Towards his fellow enlisted men and anyone ranking below him, he tends to not throw his rank around needlessly, though he has used it to get his way once or twice. Ran has made it a new tradition to wake his squad up at the wee hours of the morning to have them take two hour long “Morale Jogs” around the NSS Alliance, which essentially amounted to running in place/moving forward slowly. To those of higher rank, he normally treats them with a normal “suck-up” respect. However, to whomever gains his trust and admiration, whatever rank may be, Ran will generally act himself around them. Having being field-stripped several times (demotion) he has a certain dislike towards officers, referring to them as “Goddamn know-it-all motherf—ers” to his fellow enlisted men. He is inherently vulgar, but knows when and when not to cross the line. He treats women with the utmost of respect, and has been known to flirt with some of the female cooks. Ran religiously…and obsessively, follows the belief that “Pain is weakness leaving the body” and as result, is one of the more tough and vocal squad leaders on the NSS Alliance. However, his relationship with his fellow squad mates is that of the tough, but well-meaning older father. And is a jerk. Like all persons, Ran is prone to occasional bouts of depression, especially relating to the death of anyone personal to him. When on leave, Ran is commonly seen hanging out in the most dredge-filled places, usually drinking heavily, having sex with some hooker, or both.

Likes: Meat, Going to the Range, Heavy Metal Music, Women, Grunt Work

Dislikes: Working in an office, Officers (Lieutenants, mostly), Enemies of Nepleslia.



Born to a family of three, his father and mother both served in the Star Army of Nepleslia. On his visit to another ship, the ship that his mother and father and sister were living on suffered a malfunciton in their power systems, causing his family and all of those on-board to die of CO2 poisoning. During the rest of his underage life, he was taken in by a multitude of enlisted men and officers, each giving up on Ran after an average of three years. Signs of his temper had been noted by people early on, where at age 14 he got into a fight with his enlisted foster parent, who thoroughly beat the crap out of him.

One cannot say that he was completely abused during his life, since most of the times when he was beaten up, it was totally justified. When he turned 17, he was handed over to Sgt. O'Donnel, possibly known to be one of the most strict disciplinarians in what was predecessor to the Star Army of Nepleslia. During another angry bout with Sgt.O'Donnel, Ran was beaten into submission by him, and was sexually abused thereafter. One of the most searing memories in Ran's mind would have to be the feeling of a beer bottle being broken over his back, with a drunken Sergeant, half-clothed, scornfully calling him “A f—in' mixed pussy.” Ran would later enlist in the predecessor of the Nepleslian Military, with hopes that he would rise up in ranks and gain enough strength to finally prove to Sgt.O'Donnel that Ran was not a “pussy” and hoped for an opportunity to kick his last foster parent's ass.

After the usual woes associated with military training, Ran was assigned to a caretaker division for several years, an experience which eventually manifested into another bout of anger on Ran's part, while getting into yet another fight with a fellow caretaker, prompting him to be nearly expelled from the military. After the required amount of begging, Ran was placed into the Planetary Infantry, under the leadership of his teenage nemesis, Sgt.O'Donnel. Soldier Third Class Ran, through sheer force of will, rose through the ranks in Sgt.O'Donnel's squad, gaining notoriety for being one of the most antisocial and angsty members of the squad, eventually gaining a seat next to Sgt.O'Donnel as the squad's Soldier First Class.

In YE 21, Ran's Planetary Infantry batallion, based in Ayenee Capital City, participated in the defense of it's capital from invading alien forces. The several weeks of constant, mind-dulling patrol and the obvious shadow Sgt.O'Donnel placed over Ran eventually drove him to the breaking point. Acting as part of a front-line force on the outskirts of Ayenee, Ran's platoon was eventually overrun, prompting the squad he was in to make a hasty retreat to Ayenee Capital City proper. During the retreat, an antagonized and near-broken Ran managed to find Sgt.O'Donnel amidst the wounded. In an act of revenge, disguised as an act of mercy killing during war, Ran Rui shot his teenage tormentor and withdrew from the front, performing exceptionally well in Ayenee's defense in what ever small role he occupied, prompting him a promotion to Sergeant.

In later years, Ran would find himself being demoted and gaining promotions, thus ensuring his perpetual rank of Sergeant. After Ralfaris, Ran would find himself and a small force of Nepleslians assigned to occupation duties, and would later pull out as the Qel'Norans took power. Throughout the majority of his military life, he found himself on garrison in Nepleslia, sometimes helping law enforcement control a few violent outbreaks.

Later, he'd get a reassignment that would change his life forever…

NSS Alliance: Starship Troopers

Ran was then transferred to the DD4 'NSS Alliance' to serve as a squad leader for the Marines on board. His time was spent in anonymity on board with his squad, since all they were really relegated to was simple grunt work; hauling heavy stuff around and getting yelled at by Officers. Ran and the rest of his squad mates celebrated by making total asses out of themselves in the dining hall, especially in their treatment of the caretakers on board.

Under the command of Cadet Willis, Ran's squad was in charge of taking care of the scientific team that was sent planet side along with the Marines. While on patrol, Ran's squad, as well as the entire Marine contingent, were ambushed by the Reds. Following the rest of the Marines into an underground tunnel system, his squad was attacked by the Red's Aetheric weapon, which was eventually destroyed. What followed was guard duty and the amusing sight of Fian beating one of the more scrappy prisoners to a terrible pulp.

After the mission, the Marines of the NSS Alliance found themselves with two days of shore leave. Most spent it to either get acquainted with the other Marines on board, some used it to visit a few key family members. Ran used it to visit the funeral of an as of yet un-named woman. He then proceeded to get drunk and shack up with a prostitute for a few hours.

NSS Alliance: Planet X Marks the Spot

The NSS Alliance was attacked during a repair operation at Planet X, now known as Nepleslia Prime. In true Red fashion, the attack was an ambush on the Marines, and in true Green fashion, the attack was met with a stubborn resistance. Ran and his squad found themselves amidst every Marine trying to defend the NSS Alliance, which had now come under attack. It was then that one of the more popular members of the NSS, Rico Sanroma was killed. Being a little bit hardened, and not essentially very close to Rico, allowed for Ran to continue doing his job in combat. Caught trying to console a Marine, Ran was nearly blown away by the escaping Red Capital ship.

NSS Alliance: The Free Nation

The rest of the Marines on board were busy with a diplomatic mission to a newly-discovered space ship belonging to the Freespacers. In true Ran fashion, he had previously started a fight with the Sergeant of a rival squad, which prompted both squads to sit out on the important mission, relegated to manual labor. Ran spent this time doing so many silly things; hiding pornography, as well as raiding the panty drawer of the Medic Suku Matsobuki

NSS Alliance Post Mission 4: Rest, Rock and Relaxation

Like the rest of the Marines, Ran was treated to an Aethersperm concert. The time spent before getting to the concert included Ran getting some totally kickass tribal tattoos, getting liquor, drinking said liquor, and stocking up on more Nepleslian Greens. At the concert, Ran simply kept to himself, and was then met by the two gigantic members of the NSS Kestrel: Ian McCain and Stromm Kumorok Dekomir. He then proceeded to keep the f— out of sight for the rest of the concert.

NSS Alliance Mission 5: Kennewes Offensive

The Marine Squads on board the NSS Alliance had received their new members from the NSS Kestrel, and were preparing for their deployment to support offensive operations at Kennewes. Broken up into squads, Ran's new Alpha Squad was sent first to get a medical examination and their new Brain Spiders. Nearly getting beaten by Suku Matsobuki, Ran then directed his squad to the Power Armor bay to test out the new ELEMENTAL series PAs. They are now getting back onto the NSS Alliance, and are preparing for their mission on Kennewes.

The Hammer Falls

Charged with the assault and defense of a Water Treatment Plant on Kennewes, Ran's squad hit the beaches hard and caused a retreat of the ill-equipped defense forces there. He was attacked by a Red “Crooked Demon”, and had his right arm blown off after taking successive, weakening hits from retreating forces. For the rest of the Crooked Demon's assault, he would remain unconscious, while the rest of his squad successfully managed to repel it.

During the Red counter-attack, Ran's squad stubbornly defended the facility, employing a “fighting retreat” to take on and destroy forces twice their size. In the battle, the same Crooked Demon who had shot off Ran's was killed by the combined efforts of Alpha squad. After this, reinforcements arrived from the Reds, and were soon poised to cause the Green squad to retreat to their last rally point, where a final stand would have been made, if not for the rescue of General Pyros Thrull Westwood and his Blackguard. Given approval for defending the facility so well, Alpha was extracted from the front lines to re-arm and re-fit on the NSS Hammerfell for a final assault underwater.

With the efforts of Delta and Epsilon squads, however, the Kennewes Offensive was brought to a close, and Alpha was shuttled to the NSS Alliance. Currently, Ran and the rest of his squad are in the shuttle bay relaxing, and waiting for the rest of Delta and Epsilon to arrive.

Post-Kennewes Shore Leave

Ran's Shore Leave after the Kennewes Offensive was uneventful, save for him buying a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. After that, his shore leave was spent locating a captured Kagura.

Nerkat: First Mission

The new crew on board the Nerkat was tasked with destroying anti-aircraft guns on a Red-held planet, as well as a shield generator in preparation for an assault. Currently they are engaged with Red forces. Due to a lack of planning from Command, Marine forces were met with a very large degree of difficulty from Red forces, but were able to accomplish the mission thanks to Green reinforcements.

NSS Acadia: Post-Mission Shore Leave

With the crew now on Fortuna, Ran found himself sharing shore leave time with Adrian and Autumn.

NSS Acadia: Brotherhood and Sisterly Love

With the capturing of the NSS Emdem, Ran found himself leading a platoon of Marines in an attempt to rescue several hostages taken by pirates. During the mission his squad sustained injuries due to enemy fire, as well as making contact with an unknown hostile in the Emdem's Computer Core. During this operation, the Emdem and Acadia were attacked by Mishhu, forcing the Marines to abandon the Emdem. After the mission, the Acadia crew was given R&R to lick their wounds and prepare for a major operation.

NSS Acadia: Between Lambs and Wolves

Ran would later find himself and his squadmates part of a major operation in response to intelligence gathered that indicated a Misshu attack on Rok'veru. Part of a larger brigade, he would be tasked with leading his squad in defense of a city on Rok'veru, buying time for civillians to be evacuated and to inflict casualties on the invading Mishhu ground forces. He is currently setting up defensive operations.

4th AASP: New Beginnings

Following his demotion to Mid-Corporal (Old Nepleslian Rank) after going AWOL, leading to a one-night stand with the daughter of a certain Admiral, Ran rejoined the 4th AASP in combat operations against the NMX. He was KIA while attempting to clear a room.

What's old is new

Several years after hostilities ceased with the NMX, Nepleslia finally gained some time to breathe and start on replenishing its military forces killed in combat. Ran was one of them, utilizing a “backup” of his personality and memories stored away despite the destruction of his brain spider. While awaiting assignment, Ran attempted to reunite with the mother of his child - the daughter of a certain IPG Admiral. Forced out of the Imperium by an extremely enraged IPG Admiral, Ran found himself going from job to job, mostly acting as armed or unarmed muscle for the highest paying employer.

Finding himself seeking a job offer on Tange, Ran was eventually captured and held prisoner in a bathroom for several months, starting the next chapter of his life.

LSDF Valta: One From Another

Discovered imprisoned in a bathroom on Tange, Ran assisted the crew of the LSDF Valta in subduing one of his captors. Evacuated from the planet, he is currently on board the ship.


Fighting and Physical: Due to his naturally large build, Ran was used by the majority of his foster parents (all of whom where military men) as a simple packmule, and as such, is very used to carrying heavy loads for extended periods of time. Known for his unconventional hand-to-hand fighting style, in which he throws off any semblance of technique in order to defeat an opponent, as a result of not having any proper training in any sort of specific style. Ran Rui can be found regularly, and obsessively, sharpening his knife. When asked why he constantly carries said knife around, he will usually laugh and give some terribly stupid answer, followed up by a quick prod of the question-asker. Has had regular training in Basic regarding rifles from numerous Power Armor, excelling mostly with normal “assault” variants, typically staying away from long-range “sniper” or short range “submachine” type weapons. In his early years, he could be found choosing the most heavily-armed PA available to them on any training missions, though now calm and collected, Ran seems to have abandoned his former prejudice for heavily armed Power Armor, instead of looking to more balanced Armor.

Communications: Most noted for being able to keep his head cool during a firefight. This can be demonstrated by his performance during simulated firefights in Basic Training, where he took the time to smoke a cigarette behind cover. He typically despises using the communications radio, in terms of cryptology and protocol, and has known to almost use his radio as a rifle rest for long-range sharpshooting. However, he is very familiar with most squad and platoon-level hand signals. He has a heavy grasp on the English language and demonstrates this familiarity of it by the sheer amount of insults he is able to spit out to one person at a time, as well as his profeciency in vulgar language.

Survival: Ran is able to survive for a decent amount of time on his own without food and water. If need be, he is able to hunt for various kinds of animals, and is known for his “Whatever, f— it” attitude in regards to drinking water from streams. His preferred survival tent is a nice little rock formation with a space in between them, but can survive just fine under a heavy laver of large leaves. Not one for camouflage. His attitude towards Guerilla Fighting is, “I'm a big guy, I cant sneak around to kill someone. I'd rather just hide and fight battles I know I can win.” To be honest, Ran has not had extensive training in guerilla warfare or wilderness survival, as the aforementioned methods of survival chosen by him result from a high level of common sense.

Strategy: Known for disciplining his underlings under fire with a swift slap on the back of their necks. Knows the basics of squad tactics and prefers to keep it that way for now. “Let the f—in' Lieutenants deal with the platoon. Bastards.” Can use a tactical map just fine, and knows enough math to judge distances in a good estimate. Ran tends to be overly cautious in squad maneuvers when approaching an enemy position, while turning extremely aggressive in how he directs his squad when under fire. “TWO TO ONE KILL RATIO BOYS, LETS AIM TO KILL TWO GUYS BEFORE WE DIE, OK!?.”

In recent events, most notably the Kennewes Offensive, Ran's strategy during an assault seems to rely heavily on heavy fire support from behind battle lines, combined with small-squad maneuvers instead of a large infantry rush. In defense, he tends to use a “defense-in-depth” approach, with one battle line stopping the momentum of an initial assault with heavy firepower, then retreating to specific rally points in order to “soak up” the enemy and wither them down, instead of letting them crash on one single battle line for too long.

Humanities: Ran isn't the type to show any outward emotions of affection towards his underlings, peers and superiors. But if the time calls for it, he is able to provide psychological comfort to those in need. He has taken a deep interest in Eastern Nepleslian philosophies, particularly ones based not on the worship of deities but the advancement of the human mind and spirit. Because of his hardships that he endured, he believes in no supreme deity, and merely seeks to leave a good and lasting impression on the world when he leaves. A very strong atheist.

Art and Vocations: He has a strange taste in Anime, and even has the dreaded “pedobear” with a big red X tattoed on his right ass cheek, where his fellow Space Marines will hopefully never find. He is renowned for smacking the clay instructor in the face after getting frustrated during the free seminaries on ship, and frequently giggles at the naked women and sexual images he paints on fellow sleeping Marine's faces.



  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)
  • 1 Rank Patch, Sergeant
  • 1 Rank Patch, Chief (After Mission 4)

Personal Effects

  • 4 Colored shirts with white ”.Addict“ on the front.
  • 2 Pairs of black Jeans
  • 1 Black Hooded Sweatshirt
  • 1 Carton Menthol Cigarettes
  • 1 Bottle Schnapps

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • One Rokheus & Surma H36-1, with two extra magazines.
  • 1 Combat/Utility Knife
  • 1 Knife Sharpening Kit


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart


  • Current: 250 DA
Character Data
Character NameRan "Red" Rui
Character OwnerKampfer
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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