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Stromm Kumorok Dekomir

Ensign Stromm Kumorok Dekomir is played by Bilgecrank.

Stromm Kumorok Dekomir
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 7' 7โ€œ / 231.14 cm.
Weight: 312 lb. / 141.52 kg.
Organization Origin Security Corporation
Rank Ensign
Occupation Security Officer
Current Placement OIF Halberdine

Stromm's Voice and Theme

Stromm in Roleplay

Stromm has always been a bit of a Sergeant Rock in the time he's been played. When interacting with different PCs, he would do his best to establish as sense of space between himself and those PCs; whether this space put him above, below, or just distanced himself. It was clear that his only concern was making the next mission complete and done. However, this labeled him cold and iron-hearted, and would cause many to dislike or hate his authority. At least, until they saw him lead in combat. These days, Stromm has changed minorly in response to is mother's death and the shift in his family. As a Civilian Security official, he still carries his air of authority, but without the hate he seemed to spew on everyone when he was a Marine.



  • Father: Lamoco Vekume Dekomir(Nepleslian, Age 49)

The stern hand of the Dekomir Family, Lamoco is an old veteran of the Star Army of Yamatai. A born and raised Nepo-Nepleslian, he left the Star Army of Yamatai and joined the Star Army of Nepleslian at it's declaration of independence.

  • Mother: Nemeli Ohaka Dekomir(Maiden Name: Suboi, Nepleslian, Age 47(At her death))

Known the 'The Hag', 'Momma', 'Mommy', 'Mama' and 'Grammy'. Nemeli is the 'super-mother', a very caring person. She's spent most of her life taking care of her children and now, her grand children.

  • Twin Brothers: Vidermok Mills Dekomir(Nepleslian, Age 25), Wesley Tomin Dekomir(Nepleslian, Age 25)

The twins of the family, they are almost freakishly alike in their existence. Their lives are almost similar in about every single way. They're almost perfectly identical, Vidermok tends to have longer hair, Wesley tends to have short hair. Being pretty childish, they often exchange hairstyles to confuse people(especially Victor.)

  • Brother: Victor Lice Dekomir(Nepleslian, Age 26)

Victor was always a quiet fellow, his nose always in a book, in a computer screen or on a pillow. It wasn't surprising to find that his true goal was to become a scientist as all he ever did was read, research, and sleep.

  • Brother: Lamoco Vekume Dekomir the II(Nepleslian, Age 28)

The Inheritor, the name carrier of the family. Lamoco the II is the first of the family to get married and have children. Like Victor, Lamoco the II didn't speak much. His mother, Nemeli, said it best.

โ€œOh, that's just his way of thinking, sweetie, and apparently he does a great deal of thinking.โ€

* Sister-in-Law: Konoki Dekomir(Maiden Name: Sakume, Geshrin, Age 26) The other four brothers of the Dekomir family always oggled Lamoco the II's wife more than any other woman. Geshrin women were often more beautiful than their Nepleslian counterparts, Konoki put truth to that. She and her husband recently had children.

  • Nephew: Lamoco Vekume Dekomir the III(Neplo-Geshrin, 3), Somatsu Dekomir(Neplo-Geshrin, 2)

Nemeli's 'Little Angels'(The 5 brothers and sister were called, the Big Angels), the Dekomir family had a new inheritor and a new silent type. Out of their 4 uncles, they enjoyed Stromm the most. They often called him 'Uncle Ironjaw' or 'Uncle Shiny Teeth', and for some odd reason, also loved how he could make his lower jaw suddenly 'dissappear'.

  • Sister: Valise Melnu Dekomir(Nepleslian, Age 19)

The baby of the family, Valise was born a little while after her brothers, and is often treated like a kid. Of course, like any stereotypical teen, she really hates it. Growing up, she often got along best with Vidermok, and Wesley. Even at the ages of 25, the two Nepleslians still act like 12 year olds.

Physical Appearence

  • Species: Nepleslian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 7' 7โ€ / 231.14 cm.
  • Mass: 312 lb. / 141.52 kg.

General View

  • Build: Wide shouldered, Long Burly Arms, Wide Chest, Medium Waist, Long Burly Legs, 17 Size Foot.
  • Skin Color: Flesh-Colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Medium forehead, low brow, pronounced cheekbones, medium nose. His jaw is cybernetic, made of steel, and uncovered. It is a smooth design, curved nicely to form a pronounced chin. As it was, he had lost most of his teeth and nearly the rest were cracked or jagged, so all the teeth were replace by silver, synthetic ones. The jaw is able to lock into place, and has a strong hold. On one last note, the jaw can be detached with only a few clicks, twists, and another click.
  • Eye color: Dune Spice Blue
  • Hair color and Style: Ceaser style brown hair, medium eyebrow hair.
  • Distinguishing Features: Stromm's arm is an uncovered cybernetic implant with a hidden blade within the forearm. The arm is detachable and can be replaced with an assortment of different with his unique arm slot.

Mental Characteristics


Stromm, was a wonderful guy, nice to all, and calm. He made other people think highly of the Dekomir name. However, this all changed the day he lost his jaw and arm. After then, he became paranoid, and distrustful of other people. He is quick to anger, and easy to rustle up into a fight. Stromm, is in all, a horrible diplomat, his distrustful nature would mostly cause him to put a knife to the other man's throat. This has developed a fighting nature within him, he enjoys a good slog. He shows respect and nothing else to higher ranking officers. However, he is his formal self to those he trusts, his nature, and humor return among friends, family.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • Likes: A good fight, combat, his family, trying to be an example to his nephews, being around trusted people, familiar places, women he can talk to.
  • Dislikes: Strangers, strange places, strange women, traitors.
  • Goals: To make something of himself, after the incident.



Birth and Teachings

The City of Funk was alive a bustling as always with its usual sorts when Stromm Kumorok Dekomir was born into the universe. Stromm came into a loving family, in a mean place. He grew tall, but steadily as he got older. Seeing all of his younger and older brothers getting shorter as he shot up was almost uncomfortable for the healthy Nepleslian.

Even though influenced by the street life of Funky Town, Stromm was a well-mannered Nepleslian. He kept himself in check, mostly due to his father's stern hand. Though he was all straight backed, and well presented, his older brothers and even his mother taught him to live a little. His brothers often taught him street signs, how to pick locks, and how to keep to the shadows(Lamoco the II taught him this one.) His mother often taught him how to use devices, as she was rather tech savvy. Even though a loose mother, she became strict when came to teaching him Japanese and English. Words to say, and words not to say. She would tell him stories of how she would get lost in a forest and put some complicated explination of how she got of it. She thought she was cleverly teaching how to survive, but what she really taught him was better skills of how to sleep while standing.

The Rougher Part of Life

His relationship with his father was iffy at most, Lamoco the I was often off on some distant ship on Yamatai's business. Though, when his father was home, he would be stern and strict on him. He was like a whip, cracking at the boys first mistake, and kept on cracking until he got it right. His father took the liberty of teaching the boy how to fight. This would often leave Stromm with rough bruises and a black eye when they finished. Even though Stromm would get his ass kicked, he learned steadily. Through his father, he learned how to lead. His father would give him strategies of battles, and often would conclude them on results based on his decisive leadership and strategy. The lack of a normal Father-Son relationship often made Stromm regret having a father, for he seemed more a teacher than a dad.

It wasn't long before Stromm decided it was his time to find some part in the world. As a teenager, he joined one of Funky Towns many small time gangs. It didn't take much for him to earn respect, with his enormous size and all. He was at an enforcer sooner than he thought he would've been. The boy knew how to survive among his peers, his fresh skills of talking, and 'other communication' allowed him to do things right. He made a good deal of friends in his gang, he enjoyed their company. Most of them were to be his most trusted allies as he helped the gang move along. Of course, the family couldn't help but worry about Stromm.


They would be soon proved wrong as the street wars lit the city in a hail of gunfire. The smaller gangs began choosing sides and became increasingly hostile towards one another. It was soon that Stromm's gang to choose a side, however this gang viewed Stromm's connection to the military as a threat. What they meant was how his father was in the military, and how they believed Stromm could probably rally and organized fight. They didn't want this, and so, ordered his friends to get rid of him. It was a bit quiet the night Stromm was trying to make it home, since it was a tad dangerous to stay out after night. He took at as goodwill as his friends showed up with baseball bats to 'protect him'. It was long though, until he found one of those strong, metal bats striking his face, breaking his jaw. Other strikes made to his jaw caused his some of his teeth to come missing. They broke a few of his bones and shattered his right arm beyond recovery. Though, they never had the guts to finish him off, the left him there in the night, wondering if someone would just pick him off.

Stromm went through weeks of recovery, his jaw replaced by a cybernetic one, along with his arm. His bones healed steadily, but his mind was run down with thoughts of anger and distrust. His mind warped, so many emotions running through a Nepleslians mind and not enough room for them. Confusion, Rage, Sadness, Revenge, all fought each other, causing him to come to a conclusion that not everyone can be trusted. He was going to try and live by that rule, everyone would only see the ugly side of Stromm Kumorok Dekomir, and only his close ones would see the kind of Nepleslian he was before. He left the care of the hospital with this resolution, hoping the world was ready for him.


A Quick Rise

The Cyborg joined the Star Army of Nepleslia shortly after his father did. He started on a small ship bordering Red territory. Stromm was often surprised how other Marines welcomed his assery. He felt that the change he had undergone was for the better, since now he was fighting in an organized military. The large P3C stood out among the soldiers, his superiors often noted his ability fight, his ability to coordinate, and eventually his relentless command when he was promoted up to P1C. They saw a man who could break a soldier, and either turn him into water, or turn him into steel. Stromm was harsh on his men, and any man who could come out of his reign, would come out tougher. His attitude, made him intimidating, his physique and size only made him more so.

This ability put Stromm in the position of Sergeant, shortly before he was transferred off into reserve and into a little leave time. When he returned home, his family saw a different man. At first, his brothers thought that their father had just burst through the door, until the realized their father was already there. They could crack jokes about how many years he had jumped over their eldest brother, which pissed Lamoco the II greatly. His nephews were awed at how much their uncle had changed, still calling him 'Uncle Ironjaw'. His mother was impressed at how much a man her son had become, yet found it almost an uncomfortable fact. He was his old self in front of his family, yet he was different to his father. Stromm put on the student to the teacher physique, while his father put on the teacher to the student physique. It made them both uncomfortable at the fact they seemed to be staring at a mirror. His father, found this disturbing, but pleasing. He had finally turned one of his boys into a true Dekomir. So, for the first time ever, he actually as a father to his boy.

The family moment was not to last as the young Sergeant was to be given his next assignment a few days later. His father, a high ranking superior himself, personally handed it down to him over the dinner table. His nephews, of course, were awed by this. When surveying the data pad of the assignment, Stromm took note of the name of the ship.

The NSS Kestrel.

Training For War

Stromm's duties were clear on the Kestrel, train the greenhorns so they'd be less likely to get killed out in the fight. However, this part of is military was short lived. The training had to be cut short and he was transfered off quickly to join the NSS Alliance in the Kennewes Offensive.

The Kennewes Offensive

The Alliance was a seamless transition into battle as Stromm led an underwater assualt into a Red held submarine pen. There he encountered underwater turrets, suicidal reds, nanite-infested zombies, and finally, the heart of the entire Red defensive.

The Cir-- Ah, Nevermind

After the offensive, it was revealed to Stromm that his mother had died in a gruesome car wreck back on Nepleslia. Struck heavily by this, he desired to return home, but could not as he had to answer a call of duty to the Cirrus Station. There, he spent a total of a week before Cassefin Montreal fired him for destroying one of the vending machines with his bare hands.

So A Marine And A CEO Walk Into A Bar...

With end of his service at the Cirrus, Stromm decided to quit the military, and search for a job in the private sector. The first few months were fruitless, as he could only find low-class groups willing to hire him for anything, and anyone else with more of a reputation was into piracy. That was until he met a woman named Aerin Tatst, in the Drunken Neko, the slummiest, and dirtiest bar on all of Morant. After a short discussion, and a short fight with some of the near-by security detail, Stromm found this woman out to be one of the most powerful Yamataians in the galaxy, and owner of Origin Industries. Aerin wanted Stromm to be apart of her new security force, and despite his suspicions of a CEO hiring from a dirty bar, he was in a suit and tie the next day.

The Halberdine

After his personal review, background check, and initial physical testing, Stromm was approved to work in OriSec under the starting rank of Ensign. For the first few months of his service, Stromm spent his time becoming familiar with the equipment available to all OriSec employees. Further on, he served as a guard in private installations around the various weapons departments of Origin. It wasn't until mid-way in YE 32 that he was assigned to a ship, the OIF Halberdine. It was there that he would be assigned under one of the most unsuspecting commander he had ever met, Dyna Shevi.

Service Record

Master Sergeant(Military)


Medical Record

  • No military injuries.



The military taught Stromm many new things. He learned hand signals, morse code, light signals, and how to operate some of the military-based communication devices. However, his mother had already taught him things, like speaking and writing both English and Japanese. The Nepleslian also learned how to make use of headsets and other cheap devices, and even learned the finer points of a signature and writing.

Fighting and Physical

Stromm could never count the number of times his father brutally took him down in 'training'. Their hand-to-hand combat skills often left him with many bruises. The boy learned to read the moves of his enemy, and often would try to figure a pattern, but would be too focused on actually defending/attacking. In the military and in his gang, he learned how to use actual weaponry. Assault rifles, pistols, knives, explosive devices, and even learned how to use the blade built into his arm. Stromm is also physically active, to make it in a world that's always one step ahead, he's put himself in tip top shape.


Stromm could probably never count the number of times his mother tried to use her own unique way of teaching him to survive either. Mostly due to the fact that he slep through a lot of them. Though some things to make through, like making a shelter, starting a fire, finding food sources. The Military taught him in more detail how to do this, like what things are safe and not safe to eat and what makes excellent shelters, and even blend in with the enviroment.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Being a man of high rank and discipline, Stromm's father taught him the finer points of strategy. How many things can apply to a situation, the squads morale, if they were working together, if you've recognized proper combat conditions. He taught him the basics of flanking, and form teams to accomplish tasks. The Military taught him how to read maps, and to recognize points of ambush, cover, and infiltration.

Fighting(Power Armor)

Something that only the Military could give him, piloting Armors. Through the basics of land piloting, he learned the more advanced art of spacy piloting. He became familiar with the different assortments of armor and weaponry to be used for them. It was also important for him to know how to make the more basic repairs in the field, or on his own to keep his armor going. His ability to move and attack in space enviroments improved as he moved along on his first assignment.


A trait he seemed to have inherited from his father. Leadership was one of the things that made Stromm a sergeant. His rough nature of weeding out his weak soldiers and testing the limits of the ones that remained, made him a key in any assault. Combined with his strategy skills, Stromm can make coordinated plans based on the scenario, how many men he has, their supplies and morale, and even the weather conditions and terrain. As long as his attitude can keep the respect of his men, he is proficent.


Trully, most would guess his jaw and his arm came from some sort of military combat. They would've probably never expected it came from some sort gang related incident. Yet, it did, and it was that gang and his brothers that taught him him abilities of how to pick certain locks, talk his way of situations, what signs are needed for certain gangs. In a darker note, the gangs also taught him that an attack from an unexpected direction was better than slogging it through. They taught him how to use the shadows/fog/any masking presence to his advantage, and come behind and cut their throats.



  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate\
  • 2 Origin Industries Standard Issue Jacket
  • 2 Origin Industries Standard Issue Overcoat
  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 White button up, collared long-sleeve shirt, with the OI logo over the left chest
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 4 Black Slacks
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 Origin Industries Garrison Cap
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, Origin Industries standard issue(synthetic material)
  • 1 pair boots, black
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green pants
  • 1 Rank patch, Sergeant

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines
  • 1 NAM 12mm RPB Pistol belt, brown, with holster
  • 1 NAM 12mm RPB Pistol, 12mm, with 2 extra magazines


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart


  • Current: 6000 DA
  • Income: None
  • Expenses: None
Character Data
Character NameStromm Kumorok Dekomir
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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