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Cassefin Montreal

Cassefin Montreal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Actual Age: 12 Physical Age: Mid-twenties Mental Age: 65
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'8“ (172.26 cm)
Weight: 148 lb (67.13 kg)
Organization Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank None
Occupation Scientist
Current Placement Head Administrator , Cirrus Station

Cassefin in Roleplay

Cassefin Montreal is the loud, proud, mad-scientist Head Administrator of the Cirrus Station plotship. Cassefin's character is played by Moon Man.

Current Events

Currently, Cassefin is working on the final developments in the completion of the Nepleslian Arms and Munitions “Cirrus” Class Research Station.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8” (172.26 cm)
  • Weight: 148 lb (67.13 kg)
  • Measurements: 35-27-32
  • Bra Size: 32C
  • Build and Skin color: Cassefin sports a relatively standard figure with some fairly generous assets. Her skin is a light crème color.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Cassefin’s facial features are a bit on the soft side, save for her piercingly sharp set of ruby-colored eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: Cassefin also sports a crop of mid-back length bright red hair, nearly the same color as her eyes. The hair itself is exceptionally vibrant, voluminous and silky to the touch. Cassefin usually keeps it cropped up in a ponytail, while allowing two layers of her bangs out to fall over the opposite sides of her face.
  • Distinguishing Features:


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Family and Friends

  • ”Mother”: Arilisa Montreal (Nepleslian, Dead)

Other People

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: If one could sum up Cassefin’s personality into a single word, not only would that person have a markedly great vocabulary, but the word that would most likely constantly turn up would be; eccentric. Although really, what is a great scientific mind without a few…unique attributes?

Cassefin thinks herself to be the wisest, most athletic, most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, she believes herself to be the quintessential form of perfection in nearly every area, and is never afraid to say otherwise. Her people skills suffer greatly from this. She often comes off as a braggart, loud, aggressive, childish, self-absorbed, controlling, conceited, condescending, and generally very uncaring for others feelings. Cassefin really doesn’t pay much mind to these objections to her personality, however…she is much more focused on her work as a scientist above all else.

Unbeknownst to many, including much of herself, Cassefin acts this way because she never really had any friends growing up. Due to her nature, many found her either far too mean, or far too odd to befriend. She is, in actuality, a very lonely individual…and although her pride will often refuse to acknowledge this, she more or less has accepted it as what she must endure.

Cassefin is also, in all senses of the word, a health-nut. She absolutely refuses to eat anything with so much as a gram of unnecessary addition…and expects people to follow suit. Upon being assigned administrator to the Cirrus Research Station, she even went so far as to create her own line of health foods and drinks, which are currently the ONLY thing she allows to be consumed while on the Cirrus Station.

  • Likes: Success, spying, being ahead of schedule, healthy foods, professional work environments, having her rules followed by the letter, glasses
  • Dislikes: Failures, people who are smarter than her, having nobody to boss around, physical activities, being alone, alcohol, military people
  • Goals: At the moment, to be one of the greatest scientific minds ever recorded in the archives of history…not matter the cost.


Cassefin Montreal


The Nepleslian Wunderkind, Cassefin Montreal, did not start out as a normal child. Her mother, Arilisa Montreal, was a very eccentric and widely known scientific mind…and perhaps a little on the loony side. At Arilisa’s 51th birthday, the scientist suddenly found herself in the want for a predecessor, and what better person to take up the reigns of her career than an exact clone of herself? Thus, Cassefin was ‘born’, a genetically enhanced clone, given roughly the same amounts of knowledge that her ‘mother’ had possessed.

Cassefin had a well-off childhood, attending higher-class universities and academies with her already-brilliant standards of thought. She passed all of her courses with flying colors and markedly incredible recommendations, as per planned by her mother. Cassefin was more or less a loner in her schools, due to both her proud personality and much higher level of academics. The complex nature of combining a child’s mind and the mind of a full-grown adult also made Cassefin feel very awkward in situations that would’ve demanded an extent of youthful exuberance. By the age of five years old, little Cassefin has essentially skipped her childhood and was quickly catching up to and, eventually, even surpassing Arilisa in all expectations.

This, in itself, led to tragedy. While Arilisa was not exactly a perfect parental figure, her goals stemmed beyond mother and child; Arilisa created Cassefin to succeed her, not live under her thumb. Arilisa’s first and last realization of her daughters’ succeeding brilliance came one evening at the dinner table, when an argument over a complex string of arithmetic ended with Cassefin stating the correct answer, and Arilisa finding herself in the wrong, and bested. Unstable as she was, Arilisa found this as a bittersweet reminder of her own view of how the Montreal ‘family’ should be; there can only be one Montreal. Later that evening, while Cassefin was at her advanced quantum physics studies, Arilisa locked herself in her study and ended her life, firmly proud of Cassefin and wishing her the best for her future. Cassefin was not happy with her mother’s decision.

In the following five years, Cassefin genetically molded her body into an older version, doing her best to live up to her mothers expectations. She did quite well in that sense; she inherited her mothers wealth and estates, and all regarded Cassefin as the new Professor Montreal, welcoming her into the higher echelons of scientific thought. As of right now, Cassefin Montreal is overseeing the final completions of her own pride and joy: a massive Research Station, The Cirrus, which would combine the iron will and greatest minds of Nepleslia, The Free State, and the SCIEA into a single great pursuit of science.


Engineering (Specializing in Weaponry):

Cassefin’s first field of study was the introduction to the wonderful world of experimental weaponry, and over the years the construction and production of new ways to kill things has always been her secret passion. As a result, Cassefin specializes in this area, and is highly knowledgeable about many of the most complex weapon systems found in the current universe.


Due to Cassefin’s violent hidden nature and passion for the creation of a better mouse trap, she did much studying in the field of explosives and their practical weaponized use. She is able to identify most of the bombs and explosive devices in the setting, and can construct them with relative ease given the right materials and tools.


To know how a new weapon will react to an enemy, it is good to know the biological information surrounding your target. To further her knowledge of the effects of her little projects, Cassefin took the time to study deeper into the biological side of science, and as a result is fairly fluent in the finder details of the craft.


What is a scientist without the greatest of mathematical skills? Cassefin is an expert at mathematics, finds plusses and square roots intriguing, and has been known to rename particular equations that come up often in her work very odd, personal names…as if she were naming a pet of some sort.

Technology Operations

You won’t get very far as a scientist if you don’t make use of the technology available to you. Cassefin, through countless hours of studying and trial-and-error sessions, has become well-versed in the use of much of the settings technology. She cannot operate a starship on her own, but with a crew at hand, Cassefin can command a vessel with relative ease.


Although much of her person-to-person communication is severely lacking, Cassefin is quite capable of communicating to others through various methods. She also sports a very detailed vocabulary, and is fluent in several languages. Despite the personality, Cassefin has also been praised on her ability to really drive a point, or deliver a speech.

Fighting and Physical (Hand-held Projectile Weapons):

Cassefin’s very first successful science experiment in her private academy, at the tender age of 3, was her very own version of the classic crossbow. She explained the mechanics of the crossbow verbally in front of the class…before demonstrating by shooting a pomegranate off of one of her classmates head. She has progressed in the use of hand-held weaponry as her knowledge of the area increased, and is fluent with the use of most handguns and rifles, occasionally taking time out of her busy work schedule to make sure she stays proficient in their use.


Character Data
Character NameCassefin Montreal
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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