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Purina Popjoy

Purina is an NPC on the Cirrus Station, played by The Essential Moon Man.

Purina Popjoy
Purina Popjoy
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years
Height: 5โ€™4โ€
Weight: 107 lbs
Organization: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions โ€œCirrusโ€ Class Research Station
Rank: Administrator
Occupation: Biology Research
Current Placement: Administrator of the Bio-Organic Research and Containment facility, Cirrus Station

General View

  • Build: Somewhat thin
  • Skin Color: Tannish skin, with few flaws
  • Facial Features: Delicate features, small nose and soft eyes
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color and Style: Long and bright pink, often formed in extravagant ways

Purina in Roleplay

Professor Purina Popjoy, the Administrator of the Biological laboratories of the Cirrus Station, appears to be a very attractive young woman who cares for her animal and plant subjects as if they were pets.

In Episode 2: Little Problems, Purina assisted Squad 35 with the recapturing of a newly-discovered species of collosal spider-like swamp striders (known of Muck Shamblers), and has since then become indebted to the CSS squad, as well as developed a professional friendship with them.

Character Data
Character NamePurina Popjoy
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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