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Origin Security Corporation

Company Statistics
Established YE 32
Associated Factions Independent,Origin Industries
Headquarters Dawn Station
Nicknames OriSec


Origin Security corporation, normally known as OriSec, is a paramilitary security organization created to protect Origin and Origin assets, utilizing Origin Starships and Combat gear, OriSec trains their members in a way similar to that of both the Nepleslian and Yamataian star militaries, but isn't quite as strict. In practice, OriSec is much more laid back than a real military, and exists for the sole purpose of guarding and/or escorting Origin assets and products.

Mission Statement

OriSec is devoted to the highest in personal security for origin Industries. Using nothing but the best equipment, OriSec will protect and serve against any threat and any danger, in any condition.


As Origin Industries expanded, their security forces needed to expand as well. Instead of being the normal band of low-ranked employees whom merely patrolled against intruders, OriSec was created as a highly-trained, highly-skilled group of individuals who would not only protect against enemies, but be capable of handling many different job profiles.

OriSec was also created for two other purposes: To showcase the effectiveness of Origin's equipment in real world situations, and to work closely with national militaries in order to harbor ties between both the corporation and its clients, as well as multiple nations.

OriSec briefly entertained the notion of being a for-hire PMC, but a lack of numbers and a couple of jobs that fell through showed that the venture was not profitable, and it was quickly abandoned in favor of providing better protection for Origin's assets.


Strength, Honor, Security.

Important figures

None at this time

OriSec Standard issue

OriSec has two sets of standard issue items, depending on what your job is. The differentiating factor is Starship crew versus Security crew.

Starship Crew uses: Origin Standard Issue

Security crew uses: OriSec Standard Issue

OriSec Fleet

The OriSec fleet is a small fleet of ninety-seven ships split into several groups. Its primary purpose is defense and escort, but it also is used as transport for Infantry security forces. OriSec's fleet uses only Origin Industries craft, and is not structured for heavy combat.

Origin Group

The Origin group is the second largest group of OriSec ships. This group is stationed at Dawn Station, and serves as escorts to ships to and from the area, as well as general security. Generally made up of older ship-types, the Origin group is also a test of the longevity of Origin designs.

The following ships are all of the Jinkan Escort type.

Reg # Name Status
JK-01 OIF Anatolia Standby
JK-02 OIF Eden Standby
JK-03 OIF Mesopotamia Standby
JK-04 OIF Babylon Standby
JK-05 SS Nanashi Destroyed
JK-06 OIF Concorde Standby
JK-07 OIF Sundog Standby
JK-08 OIF Nilfheim Standby
JK-09 OIF Muspelheim Standby
JK-10 OIF Cashew Standby
JK-11 OIF Hope Standby
JK-12 OIF Iktomi Standby
JK-13 OIF Coyote Standby
JK-14 OIF Trickster Standby
JK-15 OIF Strawberry Standby
JK-16 OIF Camare Standby
JK-17 OIF Township Standby
JK-18 OIF Ghoul Standby
JK-19 OIF Persistance Standby
JK-20 OIF Ake Repairs
JK-21 OIF Nanashi II Standby

Yamatai Group

Based around Sunrise Station, the Yamatai group is generally smaller, but the number of ships is expected to grow if necessary. This group is more of a token force, as the station they protect is also protected heavily by the SAoY.

The following ships are of the Justicar type

Reg # Name Status
JC-02 OIF Atlas Standby
JC-03 OIF Crimshaw Standby

The following ships are all of the Jinkan Escort type.

Reg # Name Status
JK-22 OIF Yamago Standby
JK-23 OIF Valkyria Standby
JK-24 OIF Nekon Standby
JK-25 OIF Gesherina Standby
JK-26 OIF Ningen Standby

Nepleslia Group

A small group that mostly does escort work for Origin shipments in the area, the Nepleslia group is available to hire out directly to Nepleslian citezens. Their work includes Security, both in space and on the ground.

The following ships are of the Kouken-class.

Reg # Name Status
KC-21 OIF Brawn Standby
KC-22 OIF Steel Standby
KC-23 OIF Durandium Standby
KC-24 OIF Nerimium Fist Standby
KC-25 OIF Wilco Standby
KC-26 OIF Golden Standby
KC-27 OIF Mutant Standby
KC-28 OIF Crush Standby
KC-29 OIF Crash Standby
KC-30 OIF Rammagain Standby

Abwehran Group

The Abwehran group is the Third largest group in OriSec, Created to defend against pirates in the Abwehran star empire, as well as general escort of ships to and from their area. They generally have less mercenary work, and are more focused on Origin's holdings.

The following ships are all of the Jinkan Escort type.

Reg # Name Status
JK-27 OIF Hilde Standby
JK-28 OIF Kronos Standby
JK-29 OIF Abelard Standby
JK-30 OIF Aksel Standby
JK-31 OIF Baldric Standby
JK-32 OIF Elgar Standby
JK-33 OIF Garion Standby
JK-34 OIF Garvyn Standby
JK-35 OIF Hadumar Standby
JK-36 OIF Hardtman Standby
JK-37 OIF Idetta Standby
JK-38 OIF Malene Standby
JK-39 OIF Odette Standby
JK-40 OIF Romhilde Standby
JK-41 OIF Zelinda Standby

Independent Group

The Independent group is the third largest group, containing all the surplus ships of OriSec. These ships are often used as reinforcements to other groups, as well as backup when it is needed. As their name implies, the Independent group sometimes works independently of all the other groups, and is also called upon when internal investigations and police work is needed.

The following ships are of the Kouken-class.

Reg # Name Status
KC-01 OIF Kouken Standby
KC-02 OIF Strong Standby
KC-03 OIF Kriss Standby
KC-04 OIF Draug Standby
KC-05 OIF Gremlin Standby
KC-06 OIF Halberdine Standby
KC-07 OIF Spitz Standby
KC-08 OIF Barras Standby
KC-09 OIF Skretzchin Standby
KC-10 OIF Koku-Tan Standby
KC-11 OIF Shiloh Standby
KC-12 OIF Fildrenten Standby
KC-13 OIF Kaiten Standby
KC-14 OIF Tasim Standby
KC-15 OIF Gini Standby
KC-16 OIF Daisler Standby
KC-17 OIF Stricklen Standby
KC-18 OIF Parahando Standby
KC-19 OIF Genteel Standby
KC-20 OIF Alstanto Standby

The following ships are of the Justicar type

Reg # Name Status
JC-01 OIF Atuan Destroyed
JC-04 OIF Icarus Standby
JC-05 OIF Avalon Standby
JC-06 OIF Victoria Standby
JC-07 OIF Redwood Standby
JC-08 OIF Brave Standby
JC-09 OIF Emerson Standby
JC-10 OIF Sardine Standby
JC-11 OIF Pickler Standby
JC-12 OIF Fausten Standby
JC-13 OIF Madaridas Standby

The following ships are of the Serendipity Class

ED-01 YSS Genesis Standby/Space Trials
ED-02 OIF Atuan II Standby

Logistics Group

The Logistics group is the only non-combat capable group of OriSec, and works to make sure all the other groups remain supplied. Their jobs are to run cargo and other supplies to OriSec groups, as well as repair and maintenance on OriSec ships. Based out of Dawn station, the Logistics group is often tasked with traveling from one side of the Kikyo sector to the other, and back. Usually, the Logistics group is escorted by members of the Independent group.

The following ships are of the Courier-class Type

Reg # Name Status
L1-10 OIF Pride of Tami Standby
L1-11 OIF Lemming Standby
L1-12 OIF Almond Standby
L1-13 OIF Caruso Standby
L1-14 OIF Monolith Standby
L1-15 OIF Sagebrush Standby
L1-16 OIF Courier Standby
L1-17 OIF Griffin Standby
L1-18 OIF Salinas Standby
L1-19 OIF Torrent Standby
L1-20 OIF Vibe Standby

The following ships are of the Mule Ultralight Freighter type.

Reg # Name Status
MF-01 OIF Bucket Standby
MF-02 OIF Tranahan Standby
MF-03 OIF Sheila Standby
MF-04 OIF Barnacle Standby
MF-05 OIF Twister Standby

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