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Origin Security Uniform

designed in YE 32, the OriSec Uniform is very similar to the standard Origin uniform, with some notable differences. The main differences are less or muted colors, darker motifs, and a different optional hat.


The OriSec uniform shirt is a Black or olive green T-Shirt, which can be short or long sleeved. A shirt-color OriSec logo is stitched onto the left breast.


The OriSec jacket is a short, somewhat heavy black Tunic, with green piping around the shoulders, about three inches down, with two blue rings of piping near the ends of the Sleeves. It is worn with a dark blue belt that has gunmetal black buckle etched with the OI logo.


When in environments with harsher weather conditions, a long black hooded anorak similar to the jacket may be worn. The back of the overcoat has a large, black OriSec logo located in the center.


The OI Uniform can be worn with black slacks, or either a long or short black pencil skirt. (females only)


OriSec guards are allowed to choose between a black version of the standard Origin hat, or a black ball cap with the OriSec logo on it.


OriSec officers are required to wear Combat Boots. The boots are mid-calf height and made from either treated leather or a fire-resistant synthetic material which is also waterproof. Both styles of boots come with slip-resistant synthetic rubber soles, and zip up the front with a locking zipper. They come in black, and have green and blue accents on the soles.

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