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For SARP purposes, Independent means those not a part of a major faction of SARP, meaning they don't reside in or have citizenship in a nation, although they may be allowed to visit, depending each on nation's laws. Out in unclaimed space, independent characters are neither restrained by by or protected by the law.

Laj Vinross Yu Marrisa Cranker Luca Pavone Robert Raggleton Zeta Five Whispering Trees “Panther” Matthew Smith Daxle Demalier

Starter Gear

Where to Find Jobs/Missions As An Independent

You can find missions, jobs, and quests on these pages:

Great Things About Independent Plots

Here are some things players had to say about Star Army's independent plots:

  • “I live and love y'all. Luca's plot has kept me going…”
  • “You're a blast to read, from the insane Phoenix zombie stomp to the complex political exploration of the Yggdrasill, you keep the universe diverse and interesting and your GMs work extra hard.”
  • “Guys guys guys…my second character joined your ranks, and I love it all. From the Phoenix and my crazy but fun convos with Luca, to my oftimes pervy and technobabble ones with Toshiro. Good stuff.”
  • “Luca's plot is comical, but in a good way. If SA was always serious about its roleplay, then we wouldn't have much fun most of the time, now would we? The interaction between the Ygg and Azorea has been fairly interesting, and beneficial for everyone, I'd think. I've also read the other factions here, and I'm proud to admire the effort people put into SARP to make it better as a whole.”
  • “Balls to the wall, guys. A brilliant read. Very varied and refreshing to read.”


Independent Plots

Independent factions/roleplay plots include the following:

DescriptionThose not a part of a major faction of the SARPiverse.
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